Pure Balance Dog Food Review

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Pure Balance Dog Food Review

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When you have a dog, as a pet parent you want to find the best dog food for him! But how can you choose the best dog food when you’re faced with so many choices at the store? It’s challenging, to say the least.

This is where reviews can help. Reading reviews of various dog foods can lead you to the right choice for your canine companion! In this article, we’ve done a review of Pure Balanced Dog Food. The information in this article can help you decide if this is the right food for your dog!

What is Pure Balance Dog Food?

Pure Balance Dog Food is a product produced by Walmart that came out in 2012. The company saw there was a need for premium dog food that was affordable yet that provided high-quality ingredients. Walmart also wanted to ensure all the ingredients in this product were natural, organic, contained real meat, and more.

Pure Balance dog food is available in wet and dry food formulations, along with some other options. Each recipe uses all-natural ingredients that are meant to promote a dog’s health and well-being. Each type of food says it provides your dog with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients a healthy dog needs.

In addition, Pure Balance dog food has been approved by the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). The food also uses human-grade ingredients in each recipe.

Who Makes Pure Balance & Where is It Produced?

Pure Balanced is produced by Walmart; the store giant create the brand in 2021. However, Walmart doesn’t manufacture Pure Balanced products. Instead, the products are produced by Ainsworth Pet Nutrition LLC. The company produces most of the Pure Balanced products and is owned by J.M. Smucker.

Ainsworth is located in Meadville, Pennsylvania and its products are all made in the USA. The ingredients for their products are sourced within ten miles of their plant.

However, it’s essential to note that while most of the Pure Balance brand’s products are made in the US, not all of them are made here. There’s no definitive information on where some products are sourced; however, some of the product labels seem to indicate that certain ingredients are sourced from various places around the world.

Pure Balance Product Overview

As we noted earlier, Pure Balance dog food includes wet and dry dog food formulations. However, the brand also offers other products, including fresh rolls, wet food in gravy, and dinners.

Each of these products is made with natural ingredients and includes added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The dog food line also includes grain-free, LID meals, and food for puppies. However, in this article, we’ll focus only on the dry and wet dog foods offered by Pure Balance.

Dry Dog Food

Recipes include:

Flavors offered:

Wet Dog Food



Gravy & Dinners



Nutritional Value

Now, we’re ready to review the health benefits of Pure Balance, which is made with all-natural ingredients. The brand doesn’t include soy, corn, and artificial ingredients in any of its dog food recipes.

A Look at Pure Balance Ingredients

Here, we review each ingredient and if they’re healthy or not.

Ingredient Recipe Purpose
Omega 3 & 6 All Helps protect against dry skin & fur, as well as inflammation of the joints
Taurine All Helps the immune system, eye, and heart
Biotin Canned & Wet Helps vitamins & minerals soak into a dog’s system
L-carnitine Dry & canned Helps energy levels and metabolism
Pea protein Dry Used to replace wheat fillers; however, it doesn’t offer much nutritional value for dogs
Lamb meal Dry ?
Pea starch Dry See pea protein (above)
Yeast Dry Can cause gas, bloating, and a serious health issue such as torsion.
Corn starch Wet Is often used to thicken sauces
Chicken meal Wet ?
Salt All Salt isn’t good for dogs (depends on where it falls on the ingredient list—look for formulas that have salt listed low on the list)
Added color Wet No information on the type of color used.
Sodium selenite Wet Helps normal cell function; however, in large amounts, it can be toxic

As you can see, most of the ingredients are healthy for dogs. In addition, added vitamins and digestive enzymes are also beneficial for your canine companion. In addition, the products do not contain artificial preservatives, soy, flavors, BHA, or other harmful ingredients.

Recall History

As far as we could find through research, Pure Balance products have not had any recalls. However, Ainsworth Pet Nutrition LLC has had a voluntary recall of five formulas from the Rachel Ray pet food line. The reason was that elevated amounts of vitamin D were found in these products.

Review of Pure Balance Dog Food Recipes

In this section, we’ll take a look at three recipes from Pure Balanced dog food!

1. Pure Balance Grain-free Wild & Free Bison, Pea, Potato, & Venison

This formula seems to fulfill all the healthy nutrients a dog needs. The recipe is also free of wheat, corn, and soy. And there are no artificial colors or preservatives.

The dog food is formulated to boost a dog’s immune system, improve heart health, and support the dog’s digestive system. However, if your fur baby has joint problems, this formula does not contain ingredients to support joints.

2. Pure Balanced Chicken Canned Dog Food

Here’s a great choice for dogs that love wet food! We’re sure your canine companion will enjoy this chicken-flavored wet dog food. It comes in a 12.5 oz can, you can try it as a single test dinner or buy it in a six-pack. This Pure Balance product contains everything that’s healthy for your dog, including plenty of vitamins and minerals.

In addition, the product contains no fillers, wheat, corn, soy, or other harmful ingredients. If your fur baby is on a grain-free diet, you’ll be happy to learn that this product also comes in a grain-free version.

The only thing we noticed about this dog food is that it contains high amounts of sodium (salt).

Summing It Up

We have given Pure Balance a 4.5 out of 5 stars. We’ve concluded that Pure Balance is an affordable, healthy dog food that contains plenty of natural ingredients. The products are easy to find at Walmart stores or online on Walmart’s site and on Amazon.

Their product line is varied, making it easy to find dog food your fur baby is sure to love!

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