NomNomNow vs Ollie vs Pet Plate: The Best Dog Food Delivery Service?

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When you live a busy life, you may find it difficult to find time to go to the pet store. But your dog has got to eat! Perhaps it is time to consider a dog food delivery service. This is a good way for your pooch to enjoy quality food as they deserve. The good news for you is that you do not have to go shopping; the food is delivered straight to your door. Easy and you do not have to go to the pet store. Sounds good, right?

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Dog food delivery services are on the rise. This can make it hard to know which one is going to be best for your furry friend. But do not worry. We have picked three of the most popular dog food delivery services and reviewed them for you. Check out our results.


If you want to give your furry friend the best fresh food every day, check out NomNomNow. This is a dog food delivery service that focuses on providing fresh, individually portioned meals that are healthy and convenient for you and your pup. They want to help your dog live a long and happy life. Their mission began when their dog was sick and they found that commercial dog food made this worse. Instead, they wanted to create dog food that was rich in nutrients, easy to digest and free from damaging by-products. So, this is exactly what they did!

There are four fresh dog food recipes for your pooch. This includes a Heartland Beef Mash, Tasty Turkey Fare, Chicken Chow-Wow and Porkalicious Potluck. They all exceed AAFCO standards and use real, whole food ingredients. What’s more, they are portioned for your pet. You can tell them about your dog’s diet goals and they will create personalized meals for you. All of the food is vacuum-sealed for freshness and you can serve it as a full meal. It is so convenient and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your dog is enjoying healthy ingredients.

All of the food is prepared days before it is delivered to you. This makes sure all of your dog’s food is fresh and good quality. Dr Justin Shmalberg created the recipes to make sure they were nutritionally balanced. He is a professional veterinarian with many years of experience. All of the food is prepared in the USA and there are samples of food you can try before signing up for a subscription. If you decide to go ahead with the subscription, you can decide how often you receive the food. This could be every week, every two weeks or every four weeks. this is your decision and whatever is best for you. All of the meals are packed in premium insulating liners to keep them fresh.

Customers are impressed with NomNomNow too. Pet Food Sherpa have reported that their beloved companions are excited by the new food, are experiencing more energy and have a shinier coat. In addition, this means they could achieve weight loss goals, control allergies and enjoy fewer trips to the vet over time. In fact, NomNomNow are so confident with their food that they offer a care-grade guarantee. This means if you do not see a difference in your pet after 30 days, they will buy your pet’s next batch of food. We would say this is a pretty good deal!


Next up is Ollie. This is another dog food subscription that focuses on delivering fresh meals to your door. Their meals were created with canine nutritionists and the formulas are designed to be healthy and tasty for your pup. What we like about Ollie is that it is a dog subscription service that is tailored to your pet. They base your meal plan on your dog’s age, breed and activity levels. They also take note of their ideal weight and allergies. This makes sure they are getting the correct portion. All you have to do is create a profile.

The food offered by Ollie is human-grade and uses quality ingredients. All of the meat is sourced from family-run farms across the US and Australia. This makes sure it is the best quality meat. In addition, the meals include superfoods, such as chia seeds, and fruits and vegetables. We like that there are no filler ingredients included in the meals.

This means no artificial ingredients, preservatives or by-products. The recipes are vet-formulated and fresh for your pooch. This includes beef, chicken, turkey and lamb.

All recipes are created with AAFCO nutrient profiles in mind. They say that their food is so fresh that it is safe for humans to consume. This means minimal processing, with whole foods being gently cooked to preserve the nutrients. There are no fillers, including no soy, corn or wheat so that you can manage allergies. Plus, there are no artificial flavors. Just the amazing taste of fresh food!

Customers seem to be impressed by their Ollie food subscription. For example, they have said their dog has more energy, their coat is shiny and their immune system is better than it was before. These are definitely good signs. You can also choose when you want your dog food to be delivered. This can be a regular schedule that always means you have meals available and you do not run out. They are stored in your freezer for freshness. You just have to thaw them out in the fridge to serve to your canine.

Another thing we like about Ollie is that they give back to animal charities. This means that you can enjoy feeding your furry friend, as well as helping pups in rescue shelters.

Pet Plate

Pet Plate began because the founder did not like the ingredients in traditional dog food. We do not blame them! Indeed, there are pet foods out there that are full of unhealthy ingredients and minimal protein for your pooches. Unfortunately, not a lot of people realize this. So, Pet Plate began to create healthy, freshly cooked dog food available for all furry friends. They have sold over 9 million meals since they first started and they continue to be popular with dog owners.

Like a lot of dog food subscription services, Pet Plate lets you create a profile for your pup. You can share their personal characteristics so that the perfect meal plan can be created. This includes calorie-based meal plans. They ask you questions such as their name, breed, age, weight and ideal weight.

There are four delicious recipes to choose from. This includes chicken, beef, turkey or lamb with a mixture of fruit and vegetables. A veterinary nutritionist has created the meals so that they are balanced and healthy for your furry friend. Of course, they are also tasty! We like that your dog can enjoy a range of meats for variety in their diet. This is going to offer them a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Pet Plate cook all their meals using human-grade ingredients. This means that you could technically eat the food too. But the good news is that you do not have to! They are also created in a USDA facility, which ensures safety and quality. You can enjoy peace of mind and know you are getting the best for your pooch. In fact, every batch is tested. Then the meals are flash-frozen so that they stay fresh all the way to your home. They are delivered like this so that you can put them in your freezer All you have to is thaw the food out in the refrigerator before you serve them.

The benefits of choosing Pet Plate meals include less itching and problems with allergies, a healthier weight and shinier coats. In addition, pups are excited about mealtimes due to the great taste of fresh food. This is something you will have to see with your own pet. But it is reassuring that this is what Pet Plate can offer. They claim that even the pickiest of pups love their food. This is why they offer a Clean Bowl Guarantee. This means that they guarantee that your canine will lick their bowl clean. If this does not happen, you will receive your money back for your first box. We like this subscription service has resealable containers. This allows you to safely store a meal if you have not used it all in one go.

Who Offers the Best Dog Food Delivery Service?

There is no doubt that a dog food delivery service is easy and convenient. Perhaps you spend a little more on your pup’s meals that you would. But the simplicity and ease of ordering the meals and having them delivered to your dog are worth it. But the difficulty begins when there are so many options out there. Hopefully, after our review, you have a better idea of the company you would like to choose for your pooch.

So, who do we think offers the best food delivery service? There is no doubt that NomNomNow, Ollie and Pet Plate offer good food for your dog. But there is one company that we would choose. Overall, we would choose Pet Plate.

NomNomNow offers some delicious food for your canine. It focuses on offering whole food ingredients without by-products or any nasty ingredients. We like that you can serve this food as a full meal and it is all vacuum sealed for freshness. Food is prepared just a few days before it ships to your dog. The meals are created by a professional veterinarian and made in the USA. There are four recipes to choose from. Another bonus is the care-grade guarantee. If you do not see a difference in your furry friend after 30 days, they buy your pup’s next food batch.

We were also impressed with Ollie. This is another dog food subscription that wants to give your pup fresh meals. There are four recipes to choose from and the meat is sourced from the USA and Australia. They are balanced by canine nutritionists and there are no artificial ingredients. They list the benefits of their food that are similar to NomNomNow and Pet Plate. We cannot find any faults with this company and we love that they give back to animal charities.

With minimal processing and whole foods contained in these dog meals, we really do believe that this is still a good option for your beloved companion.

We have our winner, Pet Plate.

Their healthy, freshly cooked meals are just what your pup deserves. They’re customized to your dog and with four delicious recipes, you can offer your canine a treat, as well as nutrition. The four recipes were created by a veterinary nutritionist and use human-grade ingredients. USDA facilities ensure their quality. Plus, they are balanced for offering your dog full meals. Pet Plate asks a lot of questions during the profile stage, which we think helps create the best meals for your pup.

But one thing we notice about Pet Plate is that they offer their food in resealable containers. That is an additional feature that we think is practical. Dog foods that are served in bags can get messy. Often, owners do not want to use their own storage tubs or mix the food in the refrigerator. But with these resealable containers, you no longer have to worry. They are easy and hygienic to use for your dog’s meals. Another thing that we like about Pet Plate is its Clean Bowl Guarantee. The fact that your dog can try the food before committing to a long-term plan is great. If they do not like it, you will be refunded. It is simple and makes sure that you do not waste your money. Although, by the look of reviews, we think your pup will love Pet Plate meals.

There you have it. We say the best dog food subscription is Pet Plate. But it is important to realize that NomNomNow and Ollie are also fantastic choices. It is going to be what you like best!

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