How To Cook Eggs For Dogs

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How To Cook Eggs For Dogs

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After seeing your dog wag its tail earnestly as you emerge from the kitchen with a plate of scrambled eggs, you did quick research (knowing there are things dogs can’t eat).

You soon found out that eggs are safe for your canine companion to consume. Well, the next question is, can I share my egg at the next meal? Erm, maybe not! There are ways you should cook eggs for your dog which are entirely different from conventional human styles. Our first stop, however, is the benefit of eggs for dogs.

Egg benefits for dogs

One of the elementary things many knew while growing up was food classification. So, there is no telling that egg is protein. Dogs need protein. Besides, an egg contains other nutrients that are beneficial, such as vitamins, iron, selenium, and fatty acids, just to name a few. The nutrients found in eggs help the fur of a dog to glow and become radiant.

How to cook eggs for dogs

Just like you enjoy eggs in a variety of ways, your dog can too! Dogs can enjoy boiled eggs and scrambled type. But there are ways to prepare it. Let’s delve straight to it.

Boiled eggs

Boiling eggs is a safe way to get your dog to enjoy this tasty meal. Many also call it hardboiled eggs.

Keep these three crucial cautions in mind when preparing a boiled egg for your dog;

Here’s how to do it:

Now you must be thinking,” can a dog eat the shell?

Is it safe for my dog to eat eggshells?

Yes, a grown dog can eat an egg alongside the shell. But for a puppy, it’s best to peel it. In recent years, many are now open to the idea of consuming eggshells due to the health benefits. The eggshell is rich in calcium, magnesium, and selenium, all of which an adult dog can also enjoy and help build muscle and bone strength.

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs can also be prepared for dogs. Although not the typical style, scrambled eggs for dogs are easy to make. Put these important things in mind:

Here’s how to do it:

As you serve the eggs, you can pair it with fish and meat should you feel it’s too light. Dogs can use eggs as a change of taste and as snacks different from their usual type of meals.

What of raw eggs?

Can my dog eat raw eggs? Well, perhaps you’ve seen it done in cartoons, or you are just curious. Whichever it is, the answer is not a convincing yes. Dogs can eat raw eggs, but some veterinary doctors sometimes suggest against it. Considering this, it’s best to be on the safe side and stick to other alternative methods of feeding eggs to dogs- hardboiled and scramble eggs.

Will the egg white result in biotin deficiency?

Now that you have realized as a pet parent that your lovely dog can eat eggs, you may have yet another concern. Will the white part cause biotin deficiency? Well, no is the answer. While it is true that egg white contains a biotin inhibitor, it will only take excessive and overwhelming consumption of eggs to have a deficiency. So, don’t fret, remember ” everything in moderation. ”

Can all dog breeds eat eggs?

No scientific research has shown that some specific breeds of dogs can eat eggs while some can’t. The vital thing to keep in mind is not to overfeed dogs with eggs, especially puppies. And also dogs with digestive problems.

Note: If you notice any strange response to any food you are feeding your dog, please visit the vet.

Can puppies eat eggs?

Yes, but in moderation. Puppies have quite a complex way of digesting food items. For some puppies, they are liable to weight gain, and as such, it’s safe to feed them eggs moderately.

Final words

Eggs are easy to come by and very much available. So, do not hesitate to add eggs to your pet’s diet. Let your dog enjoy the tasty yummy egg you also enjoy. Due to the nutritional value of eggs, you will see positive results in months. Your fluffy companion will look agile and pretty.

Remember that unless your pet is still a puppy, do not hold back from including the shells. The shells have lots of benefits as much as the inner part. So, keep cracking, and stay healthy!


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