How To Make a Doberman Gain Weight

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Do you have a Doberman that may be too skinny? Does he have trouble putting on weight? Then you’ve come to the right place!

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As a responsible pet parent, it’s necessary to make sure your dog is at a proper weight. This can be challenging. In this article, we’ll take a look at what could be causing your dog to be too skinny, as well as ways to help your dog gain a healthier weight.

What’s the Right Weight for Your Doberman?

It can be difficult to determine the right weight for your Doberman, so we’ve created this handy weight chart to use as a guide. The chart includes the dog’s age, along with the average weights for each age for male and female dogs.

Dog’s AgeMale Average WeightFemale Average Weight
2 months19 lbs17 lbs
3 months 30 lbs26 lbs
4 months40 lbs34 lbs
5 months49 lbs43 lbs
6 months59 lbs50 lbs
7 months 65 lbs56 lbs
8 months 70 lbs60 lbs
9 months 75 lbs65 lbs
10 months79 lbs68 lbs
11 months 81 lbs70 lbs
12 months84 lbs72 lbs
13 months85 lbs74 lbs
14 months86 lbs74 lbs
15 months88 lbs75 lbs
16 months 88 lbs75 lbs
17 months88 lbs75 lbs
18+ months 88 lbs75 lbs

Remember that each dog is an individual, which means they may not fit exactly into these weight categories. Your vet is the best guide as to how much your dog should weigh at any point. Plus, Dobermans’ weight can vary widely.

When Do Dobermans Reach Adulthood?

Dobermans tend to become adults when they reach the age of 18 months to 24 months. Some dogs may continue to grow a little bit after this, but not too much when it comes to their weight. In addition, different types of Dobermans can have variations in weight, too.

For example, consider the American Doberman. These dogs can weigh anywhere between 75-100 lbs for males, and 60-90 lbs for females.

On the other hand, a European Doberman’s weight is a little different. These dogs tend to be larger and more muscular than American Dobermans. Here, males can weigh between 88-89 lbs, while females weigh between 71-77 lbs.

Is Your Doberman Too Skinny or Too Heavy?

You can use a visual inspection of your dog to determine if they’re too heavy or too skinny. Keep in mind that some dogs will have a smaller build, while others will be larger. Dogs that do strenuous activities will have more muscle mass, while those that don’t have a strenuous exercise or work routine will have less muscle mass.

Underweight dogs can end up with many health problems including mental wellbeing, and more. You can tell your Doberman is underweight using these guidelines:

If your dog is at his ideal weight, you will see:

You can also tell if your dog is overweight by a visual inspection:

Why is my Doberman Not Gaining Weight?

There are several reasons that could be keeping your dog from gaining weight:

Underfeeding: if your Doberman doesn’t receive the right amount of calories, he can become skinny. Because Dobermans are active dogs, they need more calories to stay at a healthy weight. Your vet is the best source when it comes to how many calories your fur baby needs.

Picky eater: just like us, some dogs are picky eaters. Rest assured your dog will not starve himself, however, he will eat better if you give him food he prefers.

Poor quality dog food: the food you give your Doberman needs to provides the right nutrients to keep him at a healthy weight. Consult your vet about which dog foods would provide your canine companion with the nutrition he needs.

Internal parasites: your dog can become infected with internal parasites that can keep him from gaining weight. You may also notice other symptoms such as your dog scooting in the yard or on the carpet inside your home. They may also have vomiting, diarrhea, and a bloated or distended abdomen. You may also be able to see worms in your dog’s poop. These are all signs that your dog needs to see the vet and be treated. The right wormer will kill the worms and allow your dog to gain weight.

Illness: there are many diseases that can cause weight loss in your dog. If you notice your dog is losing weight, then it’s a good idea to have him checked by the vet.

Dental problems: another common problem is that your dog may have broken, decayed teeth or other dental problems. These can make eating painful and difficult. This also needs to be checked by the vet.

Over-exercising: this can be another problem that keeps your dog from gaining weight. Too much exercise uses up all your dog’s nutrients and fat. While your canine companion needs the right amount of exercise, too much can make him sick and underweight.

If you’re concerned about your dog’s weight, then be sure to contact your vet right away. They will have the best advice on how to handle this situation.

How to Help Your Doberman Gain Weight

Here are some tips to help your Doberman gain weight and be healthier, too.

Consider activity levels: here, review your dog’s activity level. Normally, Dobermans need about 2 hours of activity a day to stay at a healthy weight. However, if your dog is also jogging or hiking with you, it may be time to stop these activities. Or you can choose to increase his meal portions to compensate for the level of activity he needs/wants. Here, be sure to ask the vet for their guidance before making drastic changes to your dog’s activity level or food portions.

Avoid table scraps: table scraps are not really a good way to put weight on your dog. For one thing, human food isn’t usually healthy for dogs. Another problem is that table scraps can ruin your dog’s appetite for his own food. Your fur baby should be eating his dog food. This is the best way to ensure he receives the right type of nutrients and gains weight.

Use high-quality dog food: whether you choose to feed your canine companion kibble or canned dog food, be sure to choose the highest quality dog food you can afford. Yes, this type of dog food is usually more expensive, but it’s also healthier for your dog. Look for dog foods that use whole meats, vegetables, and is processed less. And check to see if the food provides the right amount of nutrition for your Doberman.

Choose proteins and fats: instead of carbs, look for dog foods and treats that are primarily made with protein and healthy fats. This is a great way to help your dog gain weight. But again, make sure the food and treats provide the right amount of nutrients and protein to help your dog stay healthy and at the right weight.

Add plain cooked meat: you can also add plain cooked meat to your dog’s meals. It’s important to avoid adding too many calories, so stick with meats that are lean such as chicken or turkey. These meats will help your dog gain muscle mass, which also means more weight.

Change the feeding schedule: another option to consider is adding more meals each day. This can especially help if you’re feeding your fur baby once a day. Instead, try to break that amount of food into three or four smaller meals.

Dog Foods to Help Your Doberman Gain Weight

Here are some dog foods you may want to consider when it comes to increasing your dog’s weight.

Bully Max High Performance Super Premium Dog Food

This is a meat-based formula that contains real meat—it’s number on the ingredient list. In addition, this dog food contains more calories than other formulas. It provides about 535 calories per cup. Another great thing is that this dog food has never been recalled, so you can rest assured it’s safe and healthy for your Doberman.

Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance

This dog food is a high calorie, high protein dry dog food, which contains real chicken as the number 1 ingredient. It is 30% protein and 20% fat, which ensures your dog has a balanced diet that provides all the nutrients to stay healthy and gain some weight.

Wellness Complete Natural Food

This is a dog food specially created for large dogs. It provides high-quality proteins and grains as a balanced diet for your Doberman. This food does not contain meat by-products, fillers, or artificial preservatives.

It proves plenty of antioxidants that work to keep your dog’s immune system healthy while providing just the right number of calories to help him gain weight.

As you can see, helping your dog gain a healthy weight can be challenging. However, don’t give up. You may need to try balancing your Doberman’s activity, with better food that provides more calories, and more. Work with your vet to find the best way to help your Doberman gain weight. And if you’re worried about your dog’s weight, always check with the vet. You’ll have the right advice and guidance that will ensure your canine companion’s health, as well as help him gain weight.

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