Can my dog eat Rhubarb?

By Tom •  Updated: 11/05/19 •  2 min read
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Can my dog eat Rhubarb? Not safe for dogs to eat


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Rhubarb resembles celery, but it has red stalks instead of green. We think of this plant as a vegetable, but it’s actually classified as a fruit and is used in many sugary desserts. It has a tart, bitter flavor that makes adding sugar a necessity for some. This fruit/veggie is full of nutrients including vitamins C, K and B, along with calcium, potassium, manganese and magnesium. Rhubarb is healthy, but it should be noted that the leaves of the rhubarb plant are poisonous. They contain extremely high levels of a substance called oxalic acid. The entire plant contains this toxin, but only very low levels of oxalic acid are found in the stalks. The main concentration in rhubarb leaves.

Can my dog eat rhubarb? Can my puppy eat rhubarb? No, rhubarb is not generally recommended for dogs, because of the oxalic acid found in the entire plant. Oxalic acid can cause pain when ingested. First the mouth and then other parts of the body after the veggie is swallowed. Oxalic acid poisoning can lead to other severe medical conditions including kidney failure. What if my dog ate a lot of rhubarb in the garden? If you suspect your fur baby’s eaten even a little bit of rhubarb, take your dog to the vet right away.

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