American Journey Dog Food Review

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American Journey Dog Food Review

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American Journey dog food is a fairly new dog food brand. However, they seem to have created a product that many pet parents love for their dogs. Their food is geared toward the main life stages of our canine companions, from puppyhood and adult to senior dogs.

This dog food brand also has food available for dogs with stomach sensitivities, grain-free & grain-inclusive recipes, and more. Pet parents have a wide range of dog food to choose from, a brand they can trust. The company also offers wet dog food for dogs that need or prefer a wet diet to kibble. The brand’s adult dog foods are made for all life stages.

American Journey Dog Food History

American Journey Dog Food was established in 2017, with the brand quickly becoming a competitor for the leading dog food brands. The brand is put out by Chewy, which is a trusted brand for pet parents and their fur babies. So, from the beginning, the company has built on a tradition of excellent products and customer care.

Most of American Journey’s dog food is made in Kansas; however, their grain-free formulae are made in California. The company sources the ingredients used in its products from reputable suppliers in the US and around the world.


American Journey offers a wide range of dog food formulae, including the following.

Dry Dog Food

American Journey offers a wide range of dry kibble dog food, including:

Puppy Food: the company offers three puppy formulae, with two grain-free puppy foods. Pet parents then have a variety of foods to choose from for the puppies, including those needing a special diet. The company’s grain-free puppy foods are a little more expensive; however, this is due to the more complicated manufacturing process. These puppy foods provide all the nutrients a puppy needs to grow and thrive. And the grain-free formula is best for puppies that have sensitive stomachs.

Grain-inclusive dog food for adult dogs: these dog foods are specifically formulated for adult dogs and provide the carbohydrates a healthy dog needs. Plus, grains also provide the fiber that dogs need for a healthy digestive tract. The company offers four grain-inclusive adult dog foods, with the main ingredient being real meat.

Grain-free dog food for adult dogs: American Journey has one adult dog food grain-free formula that seems to be pretty popular. This is great dog food for canines who have sensitive stomachs and includes ingredients such as sweet potatoes. This formula contains all the nutrients a dog needs to be healthy and happy.

Limited-ingredient adult dog food: American Journey also produces limited-ingredient formulae for adult dogs. These are great for dogs that have allergies and sensitivities to certain foods, such as grains, fillers, and more. These dog foods come in five different flavors, including salmon, duck, lamb, turkey, and venison. While these dog foods may contain fewer ingredients, these dog foods still contain all the nutrients a dog needs to be healthy.

Senior dog foods: American Journey also produces three different dog foods geared to senior dogs. Senior dogs have different nutritional requirements than younger dogs. These dog foods include grain-inclusive chicken, grain-free chicken, and grain-free salmon. Senior dog foods are usually made not to have as many calories as dog food has for other age groups. Senior canines are not as active as younger dogs.

Active life dog food: American Journey also creates an active life dog food. These recipes are made with a blend of nutrients and antioxidants that support a healthy immune system and overall health.

Wet Dog Foods

American Journey also produces wet dog foods for dogs that prefer moist dog food. It’s also possible to mix in wet dog food with dry kibble to add more flavor.

The company’s wet dog foods come in two different formats: premium loaf and stews in gravy. Each one is grain-free and comes in different flavors, including:

You can also find some limited-ingredient wet dog foods from American Journey, including:

Why Choose American Journey Dog Foods?

There are many reasons pet parents choose American Journey dog food products for their canine companions. For one thing, they can easily purchase dog food online from Chewy. That’s way better than running to the pet shop and lugging home large bags of dog food. What’s more, buying online is also more convenient for pet parents who have busy schedules.

Is There a Gap in American Journey’s Dog Foods?

American Journey has done an excellent job in creating a wide range of dog food products that takes care of most dogs. However, they have not come out with brand-specific dog foods that may be better for smaller dogs.

Even so, the brand’s dog foods offer a healthy balance of nutrients for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Has American Journey Dog Food Been Recalled?

So far, there have been no recalls of American Journey dog food brands. Remember, this is a relatively new brand that was first out in 2017. However, considering the quality of the dog food and Chew products, it’s apparent why there have been no recalls so far.

What Dogs is American Journey Product Best For?

American Journey’s dog foods are formulated for dogs of all ages and sizes and include dogs that have special needs. It’s easy for pet parents to find a dog food their dog will love and one that fits the dog’s health issues, such as having a sensitive stomach, dogs that have food allergies, and sensitivities. The company also offers dog food diets that are grain-free and grain-inclusive.

With such a wide range of products, pet parents have a better chance of finding the right food for their dogs made by a brand they trust.

Summing It Up

Is American Journey’s dog food right for your dog? While they are fairly new company, American Journey is backed by a larger pet supply company, Chewy. American Journey offers a broad range of dog foods and flavors, so it’s easier for pet parents to find the right food for their canine companions.

What’s more, pet parents seem to love this brand of dog food for their dogs. So, we believe that this is a great food for most dogs, even those who have special needs.

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