How to Keep Your Dog Healthy? 4 Expert Advice

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How to Keep Your Dog Healthy

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Keeping a dog and maintaining its well-being is significant because there is no greater gift than health. It is a member of your family, and it has the right to live healthily and happily.

The basic thing is that if we can follow some discipline in real life, then that is enough for our paw friends and us. However, based on the dog’s breed, there are certain requirements that we need to understand.

For safety measures, you may have to be strict about exercise, deworming dogs, and grooming them in a clean and hygienic way.

What are the Ways to Keep Your Dog in Good Health

The basic pillars of care are given in the following section, where you will find all the right things to look out for. Your dog is your responsibility, and careless maintenance can harm it without any delay.

1. Proportionate Diet

Well, loving a dog is not enough, and showcasing your love through incessant feeding is definitely not the way to go. Every dog, based on its breed, size, and health condition, comes with different dietary requirements. So, that has to be clear in the first place. As a dog parent, you should know what kind of food it will need.

Also, the interval between the meals is very important. Many dogs, especially the bigger ones like German Shephard, Labrador, and many similar ones, have the tendency to gain weight and become obese.

That is not at all a good thing for the dog because the excess weight is detrimental to their hearts and other vital organs. So, you have to be careful about their diet, mostly the quantity.

Many commercially available dog food products act as protein and calcium supplements; those are good too. It takes a little research prior to owning dogs when it comes to their diet.

2. Adequate Physical Activity

Another significant thing that must be on their daily regime ensures that your dogs are energetic and they are active. If you take your dog for a walk and then play with it, that acts as a serious form of exercise. This will keep their digestive system in good condition.

They will not gain weight uncontrollably because of these physical activities. You can learn how to train your dog breeds and then help your dog friend with all those tricks. The main thing is to keep them active so that they don’t become lazy.

3. Timely Grooming

The problem of shedding is not unknown to any dog parents; rather, it is a nightmare. But if you can comb well, and wash them well, then this problem will not be there anymore.

Still, if you think you don’t have time for such elaborate processes, then take them to dog parlors and spas. Your dog can enjoy and relax at the parlors and spas while some expert hands can take care of them. Also, trimming their nails and deworming them, all kinds of fall under this care category.

You don’t need to take your dog to these parlors every day; rather, once a month or every two months is also okay. Though this is again largely based on the dog breeds.

Brushing the teeth is also an important part of the dog’s care. It is also important to keep it clean, especially when it gets untidy due to outdoor activities or eating. For further grooming, deworming your dog is also crucial. This way, you can ensure that there is no worm infection on its body.

4. Health Check-up

The routine check-up is mandatory, and take your dog to a vet, preferably the same one, so that your dog can be comfortable in front of the vet. The health check-up is important to know if there are any underlying issues that might affect the dog later. If there are certain vaccines or some preventive medications, continue this as suggested by the vet.


Whatever you do, you have to consider that every dog is different, and there is some unique trait in all of them. Make sure there are always some kinds of backup plans for your dogs, like a dog daycare and all.

When you are going out, don’t keep the dog lonely, as this can lead to serious psychological issues. Also, you have to keep a close watch on whatever is happening around the dog; if it is behaving in a certain way, that could be a concern.

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Connect with a verified veterinarian in minutes. Licensed vets are available 24/7 to answer your questions. No need to worry about your furry family member.


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