My Dog Drank Apple Juice Will He Get Sick?

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Apples are considered a part of a healthy, balanced diet. Who doesn’t just love apples? Dogs also love apples, but are these fruits safe for our fur babies?

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Can Dogs Eat Apples?

The short answer is yes. Apples are harmless for dogs. They contain a high amount of dietary fiber, along with vitamin C, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

However, there are some things to be careful about. For one thing, apples seeds contain a substance called amygdalin, which is a form of cyanide. Cyanide is one of the most potent poisons in the world, and it’s very bad for dogs and humans. It’s important to ensure your fur baby does not eat the apple seeds.

But what about apple juice? Can your dog have that?

Can Dogs Drink Apple Juice?

The answer here is no. The reason is that apple juice tends to contain high amounts of sugar, which is very bad for dogs. In addition, apple juice can cause diarrhea in dogs. And the added sugar to lead to weight gain, obesity, diabetes, and more.

If your canine companion does manage to drink some apple juice, he will be OK. He may suffer from diarrhea and that’s about the worst that will happen.

In the future, it’s a good idea to make sure your dog can’t gain access to apple juice. Instead, he can enjoy the sweet flavor of an apple, which is a healthy treat for him!

Human foods tends to contain preservatives and other ingredients who can lead to constipation for your dog. Fruit juice contains antioxidants and can have health benefits for humans but it is certainly not dog food. Dog’s health and healthy bowel movements require to avoid artificial sweeteners and any food with high sugar content. Apple slices are certainly a better choice has they are low calorie food that a dog’s diet and digestive system will prefer. Dog’s teeth will also suffer from the added sugar and juice may increase yours dog’s water intake.

When a dog eats a fresh apple, it is less likely to include a lot of sugar and ingredients like lactose that your pooch may not be able to digest. Grape juice is also not recommended as it can cause health issues as well. Small doses or small quantities are typically ok but it should certainly not become a habit.

Apples as a Reward & Treat

It’s completely safe to give your dog apples as a reward or a treat. Before you let your dog have some apple, be sure to cut the apple into slices or small pieces. This way it’s easier for your fur baby to chew this yummy snack. Be sure to remove all the seeds. And remember to also remove the core and the stem, as these can become choking hazards.

While apples are healthy for dogs, too many can make a dog sick. The dog may develop an upset stomach and diarrhea. So, only give your dog a little bit of apple as a snack.

Another way to allow your fur baby to enjoy apples is to include them in homemade treats you make for him. Many recipes, such as doggie birthday cakes, would be a great way to make a healthy snack for your canine companion.

So, there you have it! Apples are safe for dogs in moderation, with the seeds, core, etc. removed. However, apple juice is never a good thing for dogs. And if your dog does manage to gulp down some juice, it’s not toxic, but he may end up with a case of diarrhea!

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