My Dog Ate Puppy Chow Will He Get Sick?

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Do you have an adult dog and a puppy? Congratulations! Having more than one fur baby to love and care for is a very good thing! When it comes to food, though, can your adult dog eat puppy chow? Will puppy chow make your adult dog sick?

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In this article, we’ll take a look at puppy chow, what’s in it, and whether or not it’s OK for your adult dog to eat puppy chow. Let’s get started!

What is Puppy Chow?

Puppy chow is a dog food that’s made especially for puppies! There are many brands of puppy chow available at the grocery store, pet shop, and online. They’re pretty much the same, though they may contain different ingredients depending on the formula used.

Puppy chow contains more calories than regular dog food for adult dogs. This is because puppies need higher calories in order to grow, have plenty of energy, and more. In addition, the nutrients are different between puppy chow and adult dog food.

It is strongly recommended to contact a Pet Poison Helpline or your veterinarian.

But is it OK for an adult dog to eat puppy chow?

Puppy Chow & Adult Dogs

Can an adult dog eat puppy chow? Yes, it certainly isn’t toxic to the adult dog! However, an adult dog really shouldn’t be eating puppy chow, at least on a regular basis. And puppy chow should never be the foundation of an adult dog’s diet.

One problem with puppy chow is that it contains a higher amount of calories. Puppies need these extra calories to grow and stay healthy. However, an adult dog doesn’t need this many calories. If they eat puppy chow on a regular basis, the adult dog will gain weight. This could lead to obesity, which is a dangerous condition that can lead to other serious health issues.

Having said that, there are some situations where an adult dog may benefit from eating puppy chow:

Dog is underweight: in cases where a dog is underweight, the vet may suggest feeding puppy chow to the dog. This can help the dog have more calories and gain the necessary weight to become healthy. It also helps a skinny dog to build muscle.

Dogs that need more calories: there are times when an adult dog may need more calories. For instance, working breeds. Regular dog food may not have enough calories to keep the dog healthy. In this case, supplementing with puppy chow can provide the energy the dogs need.

Pregnant & nursing dogs: pregnant and nursing dogs also require more calories and nutrients for their puppies. Supplementing their diet with puppy chow can help mother dogs have plenty of calories for her and her growing puppies.

So, if your dog grabs a mouthful of puppy chow every once in a while, that’s OK. If he has a habit of doing this, however, you may want to consider keeping the puppy chow away from him. Your adult dog may also need more exercise to keep from gaining weight! But if he and the puppy play together quite often, he’s probably burning off those extra calories with no problem!

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