My Dog Ate an Emergen C packet What Should I Do?

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Sometimes our dogs get into things they shouldn’t, and then choose to eat some of the strangest things! There are stories of dogs who have even eaten an entire packet of Emergen-C!

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Could this pose a health problem if your dog ate a packet of this supplement? Possibly.

What is Emergen-C?

Emergen-C is a vitamin supplement for humans, which contains a high dose of vitamin C and other vitamins. The supplement is taken to boost the immune system and increase a person’s energy levels. The packet of powder can be mixed with water and taken during cold and flu season.

The product comes in various flavors, with each package containing about 4-6 oz of powder. The formula contains the following ingredients:

It is strongly recommended to contact a Pet Poison Helpline or your veterinarian.

These are all nutrients dogs need to stay healthy; however, the dose of vitamin C could be a problem.

Is Vitamin C Toxic to Dogs?

No, not when given in the right dose. However, most healthy dogs don’t need to have vitamin C supplements. The reason is because dogs are able to produce this vitamin in their bodies, unlike their pet parents. Humans don’t have this capability.

Vitamin C is sometimes prescribed by holistic vets for times when a dog is under some type of environmental or psychological stress. For example, vitamin C may be given when a dog is diagnosed with kennel cough, cancer, respiratory infections, bacterial infections and more.

Some veterinarians also suggest dogs should be given vitamin C supplements after they’ve been vaccinated, are pregnant or lactating, etc.

Taken in doses that are too large, however, your fur baby could develop diarrhea, stomach upset and vomiting. The amount of vitamin C that causes these symptoms will vary, depending on the dog’s size and weight. For instance, 1000 mg of vitamin C could affect a smaller dog more than the same dose would a larger dog.

What is Intestinal Blockage?

So, if your fur baby happens to eat a packet of Emergen-C, then he may develop some degree of diarrhea and nausea/vomiting. However, the packet could cause a serious medical problem called an intestinal blockage, and this is a medical emergency that needs the prompt treatment of a vet.

The Emergenc C packet (or packets if your dog ate more than one) can potentially cause an intestinal blockage. Intestinal blockage is when the stomach or intestines become partially or completely blocked. The blockage can happen anywhere within the digestive system. This condition can cause several serious complications, such as food and water not passing through the GI tract.

Intestinal blockage in dogs can cause the following symptoms:

If your fur baby shows any of these symptoms, call the vet as soon as possible. Intestinal blockage can be a life-threatening condition.

The vet will use different methods to diagnose this health problem. The vet will perform a physical exam, and they may order blood work. Your dog may also need x-rays or other imaging to determine where the blockage is located.

This condition is usually treated with surgery. The vet will remove the blockage and repair any damage it may have caused.

However, if your fur baby has eaten the Emergen C and the packaging within the last two hours, the vet may be able to perform an endoscopic procedure to remove the packaging.

Should I Give My Dog Vitamin C Supplements?

It’s best to ask your vet if your dog needs vitamin C supplements. Never give your dog vitamins, supplements, or medications made for humans without checking with your vet first. Some products made for humans can be toxic to your dog.

In addition, your fur baby may not require additional vitamin C. So, check with the veterinarian

We hope your fur baby hasn’t eaten a packet of this product; however, if he has then he will be OK. Just watch for any vomiting and diarrhea. And if you have any concerns at all, then please call your vet right away.

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