9 Things To Know When Using CBD For Your Pet

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If you’re one of the pet owners who plan to use CBD products for your beloved fur friends, there are various things you should know before you decide to incorporate it into your pet’s daily routine.

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Although CBD may have good benefits for humans, it’s a different story when it comes to pets; the benefits that humans experience may vary from what your pets experience. So, it’s wise to consult your vet first and ask this question: is CBD good for my dog?

If your vet suggests it, make sure to follow the instructions they provided. Below are the things that you should know when using CBD for your pet:

Pick CBD That Doesn’t Contain THC

CBD is found in both hemp and cannabis plants. But in cannabis plants, the CBD contains more than 0.3% THC, which is the psychoactive compound that gives the user the ‘high’ feeling. On the other hand, CBD from hemp plants is within the legal and standard limit, which is 0.3%.

Even if CBD won’t give you a high feeling, any amount of THC can be toxic for pets, like dogs, hence it must be avoided at all costs. This is because CBD in dogs may also result in diarrhea, vomiting, and some adverse reactions. So, always double-check if the CBD for dogs has zero amount of THC.

Pay Importance To The Certificate Of Analysis (COA)

One of the things you should know when using CBD for pets is the importance of checking the COA on the label. The COA provides lab test results, like the amount of THC, in the products. In addition to that, there are several tests you must look for on the COA, including the microbial test, pesticides test, and heavy metals test.

A microbial test ensures that a product is free from any pathogens, like salmonella, while the heavy metal test shows the results for pollutants like lead. On the other hand, a pesticides test is necessary since some organic CBD products are contaminated by some crops.

If there’s no COA on the CBD seller’s website or the product’s label and the manufacturer didn’t provide any information, you should look for another seller. Do note that authentic CBD for pets has COA. If you want to find a legit CBD seller, don’t hesitate to ask your vet, search online, and talk to other pet owners.

Avoid Using Hemp Oil

A lot of manufacturers would label their CBD products as hemp oil and would describe it as advantageous to your pet’s health. However, know that hemp oil doesn’t contain CBD and isn’t therapeutic for pets.

If the products are labeled as hemp seed oil, it’s acceptable to provide your pet if CBD is added to it. Just check the COA to ensure that the product contains a certain amount of CBD.

Check The Dosage

Since CBD for pets isn’t regulated by the FDA yet and there’s no dosage established, ask your vet to have knowledge about the CBD dosage.

In a study, CBD is both effective and safe for pets, and researchers suggest the dosage for pets must be in accordance with their weight, which is usually 2mg per kilogram.

Pick Broad Spectrum CBD

CBD isolates, which only contains CBD, and broad-spectrum products are best for pets. The use of broad-spectrum CBD oil is most advantageous to dogs since it doesn’t contain CBD and has many natural terpenes and cannabinoids. 

To know more about this, don’t forget to read the COA.

Read Labels Carefully

Before purchasing and using CBD for pets, always read the label carefully. There are some companies that have misleading labels. For instance, they claim to contain 1700 mg or higher in their items.

But it’s essential that the label says the amount of active CBD and full-spectrum CBD since, in most cases, that number may be just the amount of hemp seed oil or hemp oil, which doesn’t contain active CBD. This means that you may have products that claim to have a total of 1700mg of hemp oil and only 150 mg of active CBD, which is less effective than products with 1100 mg of active full-spectrum CBD.

CBD For Pets Offers Some Health Benefits

One of the health benefits that CBD may offer to your pets is to keep them stress-free. Some pets exhibit stressful behaviors, including defecating and urinating in the house, chewing up furniture and shoes, and some forms of acting out. A lot of pet owners may use CBD to help their pets stay in their natural relaxed state and avoid anxiety or stress.

When it comes to inflammation and pain relief, CBD for pets may also be beneficial. Some conditions such as mobility, joint pain, arthritis, and digestive problems in pets may result in uncontrolled inflammation. CBD tinctures for pets are made with the pet’s wellness needs in mind, which may provide mobility support for your pet.

Shop For CBD Pet Products Wisely

These days, you’ll be able to find CBD pet products everywhere. From checking out high-end stores for cannabis products to a gas station, you can find your preferred CBD products for pets. However, you have to take note that not all CBD pet products are the same.

In fact, improper storage of CBD products may have an impact on its composition. Excess heat can make a difference in how the product works. So, make sure to shop for CBD items wisely to ensure quality control. If you’re not sure about the product, don’t hesitate to ask.

CBD Oil Is The Best Form Of CBD

While there could be CBD pet capsules or treats on the market, a good delivery method of the CBD is through the use of tinctures or oils. For one, CBD oil is easy to dose compared to edibles. 

Much like with humans, if you consume edibles, it may have some effects that are more intense compared to what you signed up for. The reason behind it is that it can be challenging to measure the cannabis being consumed in edible form as you can’t actually see it. With tinctures, the measurements are precise so your pets may get what they require whenever they need it.

Bottom Line

There’s only relatively little research regarding the benefits of CBD for pets. However, there are promising CBD pet products that you may consider in the market. Just make sure to follow the instructions provided on the label and choose a quality-made product. If your pet experiences something from taking CBD, immediately bring them to the nearest vet clinic for a checkup.

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