Best Winter Outfit for Dogs

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Best Winter Outfit for Dogs

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If you caught your little bundle of love shivering, have short hair, or even if your dog just needs that extra layer of warmth, it is a great idea to look around for some winter clothes. Most dog apparels are just purchased for their stylish photos on social media. But the addition of winter clothes, especially in colder climates, can help your furry friend conserve more body heat and protect themselves from cold temperatures and other bad winter conditions. Below, we’ll go over some of the most popular and best articles of clothing that your dog can benefit greatly from.

Coats and Jackets

Although not necessary for all breeds, winter jackets and coats are the most obvious choice that comes to mind when we think of keeping out the cold. The best way is to take your dog’s measurements and use them to determine the style of fit for their coat rather than using generic “Large” and “Medium” orders. Most, if not all, sites and stores should have a sizing chart for dog apparel that translates to the naming of their sizes, so make sure to pay extra attention to that.

There are a wide variety of styles for coats and jackets. There are those with, without, and removable hoods. There are Fleece-lined coats, Parkas, and even blanket coats. The best fit for your dog would be personal, but it’s good to consider your dog’s breed, age, and temperament. Some dogs do not like the fit of their clothing and need some getting used to, so remember that when dressing them. If it feels very restrictive, go slowly and remember to have patience with your little one as they adapt to their new attire.

A fleece-lined jacket, for example, is handy for small dogs and those who shiver a lot and even have short hair. In contrast, a bigger dog breed with long hair may only need a blanket cover jacket to keep them dry and reduce the mess of falling snow, rain, or sleet.

winter outfit for dogs

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Dog hoodies are one of the most versatile articles of clothing that your bundle of joy can wear. Like above, make sure to get your dog’s measurements and correspond correctly with the site’s sizing chart or store you purchase from.

When purchasing a hoodie, it’s important to remember that dogs have preferences just like us. For example, most of us prefer more baggy hoodies with the option to make them snugger when it’s colder, or there’s some inclement weather. Hoodies are great for many different things, as they provide warmth and cleanliness without much of the zipping and piecing together of a vest or jacket.

Hoodies also offer a lot of visibility, as you can get them with detachable hoods and fit nicely around our furry friend’s body and leave no pieces or appendages hanging out to reduce visibility on walks and runs with their favorite person in the world, you!

Dog Hoodies are also extremely fashionable and can come in many different designs. It makes for great pictures and matching outfit opportunities while keeping your friend warm, safe, and dry.

Knit Sweaters

Sweaters have the added adaptability that they can be worn year-round, and a set of sweaters can be used through different seasons if your pup is especially chilly or close to the ground. Sweaters are great for smaller breeds and even large breeds with short hair (such as a greyhound).

There may also be underlying health reasons, and a dog could be immuno-compromised or older and have difficulty generating body heat. Remember that even though they are cute, please take them off if the dog is indoors for longer periods! Dogs can overheat quickly and should only be used outside.


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Be mindful of their comfort level, and choose the style appropriately. The great thing about knit sweaters is that they come in different weaves. The perfect knit sweater would have very soft fabric, be stretchable to fit most dogs, easy to wash, and leave enough room for legs, head, and bum. A breathable and absorbent material is also a good sign that the sweater is of great quality.

Hats and Beanies

You can’t forget the headwear! Some dogs would benefit greatly from a beanie-style hat with their outdoor jacket. Some pups may not like hoods, as it obscures visibility, and most won’t have the patience to deal with it, especially if it covers their ears. In this way, a beanie with cut-outs to allow for ears is the best choice instead of a hood or detachable hood. It can sit securely on your dog’s head and tie around to sit in place while leaving complete visibility and hearing capability.

When looking for hats, on top of leaving room for the ears, make sure to measure the head girth, as it will be needed for measurements. Also, don’t forget the pom-pom, as it makes a great matching opportunity and, most importantly, some awesome pictures for memories with your loveable friend.


Colder temperatures can bring about uncertainty with you and your dog as you think about going outside for their regular walks. You want them to keep their regular exercise and potty schedule, but you may be thinking that they can get very cold outside.

As we spoke about above, smaller breeds, older dogs, and short-haired breeds will benefit from dog apparel in different styles because while being fashionable; it can also keep them warm, safe, and dry on the long winter walks. Make sure to have patience always and take your time when putting your dog’s clothes on for the first time, as some dogs may take adjustment and a little love before they are snug as a bug.

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