4 Things To Consider When Shopping For Cat Collars

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4 Things To Consider When Shopping For Cat Collars

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Cat collars can be controversial for most cat owners as they don’t feel like the collar is necessary. However, these collars are far more critical and might be what your cat needs. Significantly, cat collars can help bring a missing cat home and prove that the cat isn’t a stray. 

In addition, these collars can scare away potential prey. Furthermore, you can get a collar to reduce your cat’s hunting skills. Moreover, some cat collars reduce the risk of your cat being in a dangerous situation. 

With all the benefits cat collars provide, you must choose wisely. Although you may think that all you need is a durable collar, there’s more to consider before picking one for your pet. And with all the variety of cat collars on the market today, it can get overwhelming. However, this doesn’t mean that choosing a cat collar should be hard. 

Here are four important things to remember when shopping for cat collars:

1. Collars For Large Cats

As a cat owner, you must consider the collar’s length and size before settling for an option. It’s important to note that large cat collars should extend up to 29 cm, to ensure they can fit larger cats including Maine Coon and Ragdoll breeds. This way, your cat won’t have difficulty moving around and dealing with restricted breathing.

Cat Collar from Supakit.co

Cat Collar from Supakit.co

To be safe, conduct the two fingers test where you have the allowance to slide two fingers between the collar and your cat. Consequently, confirming that the collar fits your pet will help ensure its safety.

2. The Right Type Of Collar

There are numerous types of collars that serve different purposes depending on your cat’s needs. However, to avoid getting overwhelmed when settling for an option, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect one.

4 Things To Consider When Shopping For Cat Collars

3. The Functional Design

Now that you know which cat collar suits your pet, you must choose the right design. Below are some of the functional designs you can choose from: 

These types of collar designs, also known as quick-release, are made to snap automatically whenever you tag them with enough force. The quick-release mechanism makes this collar the safest, especially if your cat gets trapped.

These collars use adjustable buckles to fasten them. In addition, they’re much more robust and less likely to break. Buckle collars are safe and secure, especially if you’re looking for a collar suitable for leash walking or long-line training. On the other hand, this type of collar is best for outdoor cats and can be personalized. 

If you’re feeling a little extra and want to spoil your favorite feline, decorative collars might just be what you need. These collars have a personalized touch with festive patterns, silver accents, woven designs, rhinestones, gold accents, etc. 

When buying decorative collars, you should consider the personality of your cat. However, remember that these collars are more visual than functional and might lack vital features. 

These collars work the same way as breakaway collars, allowing your cat to get away when trapped. However, they’re less safe as cats can get stuck in them, which might lead to injury. 

4. The Material Of The Collar

When choosing the collar’s material, you must ensure that it’s comfortable, breathable, easy to maintain, and non-allergic. 

Here are some of the best materials that make the best option:

Collars made of cotton are great because of their softness and comfort. These collars are lightweight and strong enough to last long. In addition, cotton is friendly to your cat’s skin, making it a preferred choice. 

If you’re looking for a soft and breathable collar, the mesh is one of the best. It can keep your cat warm during the winter and cool in the summer. As a result, your cat’s fur can breathe freely regardless of the weather. And apart from being made from high-quality and durable materials, mesh collars won’t hurt your cat. 

This material is excellent for safety as it can be reflective and allow the cat to be seen in the dark. In addition, this material is easy to maintain because it doesn’t retain much water. With the lack of water retention, your cat won’t have to carry extra weight around its neck.

Bottom Line

As a cat owner, your feline friend plays an essential role in your life. They’re your friends and company, so you must ensure they get the best. Once you choose the suitable collar, you must constantly check the fit. You should take time every couple of weeks to check the collar.  If it’s loose or you notice discomfort, you might have to change it.

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