Schnauzer Haircuts

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Schnauzer Haircuts

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Are you the lucky pet parent of a Schnauzer? Congratulations! Along with having such an amazing family companion, there’s a lot of care and maintenance that goes with a Schnauzer, including hair care.

Schnauzers need to be groomed on a regular basis to keep them looking dapper and cute! Keeping your fur baby trimmed also helps him feel better. Think of how you feel when your hair’s too long. It’s not pleasant! Your dog may have a similar feeling when his fur’s grown out.

Are you looking for cute haircuts for your Schnauzer? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together a list of cute haircuts for all types of Schnauzers. But we’ll first take a look at some basic grooming advice for Schnauzers. Let’s get started!

Schnauzer Grooming Advice

It’s important to keep your Schnauzer looking his best, which means regularly having his fur groomed. It’s true these dogs don’t shed like other dog breeds; however, it’s essential to keep the dog’s fur in good shape. You can do this with the following tips:

Keep his fur trimmed: these dogs don’t shed much, so it’s important to keep your dog’s food trimmed on a regular basis. Doing to ensure your fur baby is comfortable and it keeps his fur from snarling.

Brush often: another way to keep your dog’s fur in good shape is regular brushing. Some recommend brushing a Schnauzer each day because the fur mats easily due to the breed’s double coat. It’s important to brush the legs, “armpits,” and your canine companion’s belly to keep his fur in good shape.

Keep beard brushed: most Schnauzers have a beard, which can also tangle easily. In addition, dog food may become stuck in the dog’s facial hair. So, keep your fur baby’s beard clean and brushed each day.

Wash dog’s face: another way to help your dog look his best is to keep his face clean. Dogs can be sloppy eaters, getting food and drool caught in their fur.

Hand-strip coat: hand-stripping is also important to keep a Schnauzer’s hair looking great. A special brush is used to remove dead hairs from the dog’s coat. This process keeps the hair from matting. However, don’t do this at home unless you’re a professional dog groomer. This work needs to be done by a professional as it can be painful for your dog.

Now, we’re ready to move on to our list of cute Schnauzer haircuts!

1. Traditional Cut

The traditional cut is one that’s often seen on Schnauzers. If you’d like to go for this appearance, just keep the hair on your dog’s head, neck, and body a little shorter, with fur on the legs layered and longer.

In addition, the dog’s bread and eyebrows are left long, and the hair on the paws is rounded.

2. Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is one that’s used for other dog breeds, including Poodles. However, it can also be a great cut for Schnauzers! For this style, the fur is cut all the same length all over the dog’s body. The fur is usually left about an inch or so long. This gives the dog a fluffy look, so he almost looks like a plush stuffed animal!

With the puppy cut, it’s possible to leave the beard, but it should be trimmed a little bit. It can be kept longer or shorter as desired.

3. Long Pants Schnauzer Cut

The long pants cut is a dapper look, making the dog look easy to care for. The haircut looks a little bit freeform and is somewhat similar to the traditional Schnauzer haircut. The main difference is that the hair on the legs is left longer.

If you choose this haircut, it’s essential to brush your dog’s legs, so they don’t become matted and dirty.

4. Kennel Clip

The kennel clip is even more low maintenance than the puppy clip! This clip gives your Schnauzer a great way to stay cool in the summer. The haircut is short and keeps the dog from overheating. And the clip keeps fur from matting or tangling.

For this haircut, the fur is trimmed about ½ an inch (or shorter) all over the dog’s body. This is a great clip if you live in a hot, humid location during the summer.

5. The Natural Haircut

What happens if you’d like to let your fur baby’s hair grow out? Well, that’s also possible! Your Schnauzer can sport his natural fur with no problem! So, you can allow his hair to grow out naturally. However, it’s still necessary to trim the hair around the dog’s face to keep it clean.

You may also want to consider clipping the tip of your dog’s head, some fur around the neck, and maybe on the ears. This gives your Schnauzer a neater look while allowing him to be natural and comfortable in his own fur! This is a great cut for winter that helps keep your dog warm!

6. Schnauzer Poodle Haircut

Sometimes, you may want to consider borrowing haircuts from other dog breeds. So, why not consider the Poodle haircut? While the Schnauzer’s fur isn’t as curly as the Poodle’s, it can still be cut in the Poodle clip.

Your Schnauzer’s hair can be styled in many of the same ways as a Poodle. Use your imagination or ask a groomer for a specific Poodle cut that would be a great fit for your canine companion.

7. Outline Cut

This is another common haircut that’s popular for Schnauzers! For this haircut the back legs and belly are left long; however, the rest of the dog’s coat is trimmed short (except for the muzzle, where the hair is left longer).

With this haircut, your fur baby will look as if he’s wearing pants!

Facial Haircuts

These haircuts are focused on the Schnauzer’s face! You can give your fur baby a unique facial look, as his facial hair is also fun to trim.

8. Schnauzer Moustache Cut

Schnauzers have plenty of fur on their faces and snouts, and some pet parents prefer their dog to have a long mustache!

For this cut, all you do is allow the beard to grow out and keep it brushed downwards (the beard will hand downwards). It will look like a full mustache and be quite handsome for your canine companion!

9. Schnauzer Eyebrows

You can also trim the Schnauzer’s eyebrows in different ways. The dog’s eyebrows naturally grow straight out and down from the face. Just trim the eyebrows on top and let the hair grow out underneath. The fur can then be brushed downward toward the snout.

You can also style the eyebrows into a triangle or rectangle over their eyes for a unique look. And if you’d like to see more of your fur baby’s face, cut his eyebrows shorter! He’ll look adorable!

10. Schnauzer Bangs

The hair in between the dog’s ears grows long unless it’s clipped. Some people allow the fur to grow and then style it in different ways.

Mohawk: this is a trendy look that harkens back to the 80s! Allow the dog’s fur on his head and the back of his neck to grow. Then trim the fur along the rest of the neck and body for a complete look. The longer the mohawk hair, the more it will be visible to everyone else. Your dog will be the coolest on the block!

Summing It Up

Schnauzer’s fur can be styled in so many ways! We’ve shared some of the most common clips for this dog breed. However, you can also find inspiration from Poodle clips and more!

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