How to Shave a Goldendoodle

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Shave a Goldendoodle

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If there is anything Goldendoodles inherited from their Labrador Retriever parent, it’s the long and ever-growing fur on their body.

If you see a Goldendoodle before and after shaving, you’ll marvel in disbelief. The fur on a Goldendoodle can make this dog breed look twice their real body size.  While the full hair may feel lovely and pleasant to touch, there are few disadvantages. When the fur grows too long, it can start to tangle and form knots. Some even may shed strands of long-term dead hair.

The good news is that you can take care of your Goldendoodle by giving a periodic shave. But then how can you shave your Goldendoodle? Let’s delve right into it. As we do a step by step guide, don’t feel overwhelmed. The steps are easy to get and the process doesn’t take the whole day (they are fun).

 Step 1

Get the necessary dog grooming tools.

So we are here! The first step is simple (as promised). Get a clipper, scissors, grooming table, thinning shears, and treats.

A clipper

The clipper you will purchase is a dog clipper. It will be used wholly on the body for your dog, except for some places.

A pair of scissors

A pair of scissors is the next tool. It will be used to shave the hair off some parts of the head and face since a clipper will not be appropriate.

Thinning shears

The thinning shears will serve as a tool to blend the hair after cutting. In this way, your Goldendoodle won’t look like a clown; the fur will be the same height without a part higher than the other.

A grooming table

A grooming table is essential. It’s a table where your dog will sit on as you shave. The dog will sit steadily on the table while you shave.


Yeah, yeah! You saw that right- treats! Treats are also essential to keep your dog still and not get bored, especially when it’s the first time.

Step 2

Bathe your Goldendoodle

You must bathe your dog before shaving. By having a bathe first, the fur gets softened and makes shaving easy. After bathing, ensure to dry up, you can blow dry or use a towel.


Step 3

Start to shave your Goldendoodle

Put your clipper to use and start shaving. You can use a clipper and the accompanying blades. Alternatively, attach a comb to the base of the clipper.

Use a 10inch clipper blade, preferably.

The back and sides of the body

Here’s how to shave a Goldendoodle: 

The limbs

The head

The face

Now, move to the face. A clipper can be used on the cheeks and forehead. Then move to the jaws and down to the neck.

The nails

The nails are up next. Use a manual nail clipper to reduce the length of the nails. However, do not cut the nails too short, else, it may start to bleed.

The finishing touch- Trimming

You’ve done a good job so far. Trimming is the next stage of the shaving process. Trim the body to make sure the hair is same lenth in all areas.


Now the final stage! Get a comb again and use it on the body to remove excess hair.

From the steps outlined, shaving a Goldendoodle may look a lot less stressful. In reality, however, it can be time-consuming for a first-timer. And this is why many choose to visit a professional to get it done. Don’t fret, though, after the first time, the subsequent times will be easier. So, shave that doodle!


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