Choosing The Best Brush For Your Cat

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Cats love grooming themselves, and can spend anywhere up to 15% of their day doing it. While grooming is an essential part of their routine, it can help to brush your cat once every week or so to help. Brushing not only removes knots and tangles, it helps get rid of loose hairs that would otherwise be shed around the house. Brushing your cat is particularly important if it has long or thick fur.

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Choosing the right brush depends on your needs, and the type of coat your cat has. There are different brushes for shedding and grooming, as shedding brushes usually have a razor blade to help pull out the loose hair. Some types of brush will be suitable for all your needs, although it helps to know the market a bit in order to pick up the right one. So here are some of the best cat brushes available on the market now.

1. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

This slicker brush is designed for medium and long coats, and will work even on the thickest fur. It has small, thin bristles to maximize its effectiveness on thick coats, and will help to remove loose hair and get rid of tangles. The bristles are made from bent wire to help reach the undercoat without scratching your cat’s skin. In fact, it helps to massage their skin, and your cat will love it.

The best feature of the brush is that it’s incredibly easy to clean. You simply press a button on the back of the handle and the bristles retract into the brush’s head. This means that all the fur is left behind and can be wiped off. This is so handy if you’ve got a particularly hairy cat because you won’t have to spend ages cleaning the brush. The handle has ergonomic rubber padding for comfort and a thumb grip for extra control. If you’re looking for an all-round grooming brush for longer-haired cats, this would be ideal.

2. Pet Neat Anti-Shedding Grooming Brush

This brush is perfect if your cat sheds all the time because it’s specifically designed to help reduce the amount of loose hair in their coat. This is because it has a stainless steel blade inside the teeth and this helps to grip and comb out the loose hairs. This might sound like it’d be uncomfortable for your cat, but it’s fine. As long as you don’t comb too hard it won’t remove hairs that are still attached.

The blade and teeth are made from stainless steel, so there’s no worry of it breaking at any point. This also means the blade will stay sharp for a long time. The handle is easy-grip and comfortable to use for long periods, although it won’t take very long to groom your cat with this brush. This brush will help with tangles and knots but it won’t be as effective as other models. It’s more designed to help with shedding.

3. Delomo Pet Grooming Glove

Delomo have come up with a great design that saves you having to use a brush; you just use your hands. The gloves are covered in 255 grooming tips that make light work of even the hairiest cats. Plus, they’ll probably be easier to use than a brush because it’ll feel just like you’re stroking your cat. The gloves are suitable for using on any fur length, and they will quickly remove dirt, loose hair, and anything else lodged in your cat’s coat.

The grooming tips are made from silicone, which is not only non-toxic, but also helps pull out loose hairs. The fact that they’re made of rubber means you can use the grooming gloves when you’re bathing your cat too. Also, the small tips mean you can reach more sensitive areas like the face and ears, areas you wouldn’t want to do with a normal brush. To clean the gloves, all you need to do is wipe the hair off them. The actual glove will fit most hand sizes because it has an adjustable wrist strap to hold them in place.

4. JW Pet GripSoft Cat Slicker Brush

This brush is ideal for regular use because its metal bristles are designed to remove knots and tangles, but also trap some amount of loose hair. If your cat sheds a lot you might want to look at a different brush, but this one would be suitable for long and short coats. The bristles will also help to distribute the natural oils in your cat’s coat, which will help to keep it soft and shiny.

The brush is designed with a non-slip rubber handle that can be used for a long time and still be comfortable. The head of the brush is smaller than some others on this list, but this means you can have more control over your brushing. The bristles have small balls on the end which helps to massage your cat while you brush, and means you won’t hurt their skin. This is a great brush for everyday use on all types of coat.

5. Celemoon Ultra-Soft Cat Grooming Brush

Rather than a traditional shape, this brush is designed to fit ergonomically in the palm of your hand, which allows you to mimic a stroking motion while you groom. This would be ideal for cats that might not like brushing because it won’t even seem like you’re doing anything. The brush is around 3.5” in diameter and is covered in small, ultra-soft bristles that aren’t sharp and are quite flexible. This means there won’t be any danger of hurting your cat while grooming them. In fact, this will be the closest to a massage you’ll be able to give them.

The brush is made from silicone, and so is really soft and completely non-toxic. This also means that loose hair sticks to the bristles, making it ideal for shedding cats. Even though it’s really easy to clean by just pulling the hair off, you can even run it under water if you needed to. The handle is non-slip and really comfortable to use, and will make brushing time fun for both of you.

6. Thunderpaws Professional Cat Grooming Brush

If you need a brush for a cat that sheds, or has long, fine hair, this one would be ideal. It has a 4” blade in the comb, and so helps to reduce shedding massively. While it is particularly effective on longhaired cats, it will be fine for shorthaired ones too. The blade helps to trap loose hair and remove it from the coat, but doesn’t damage the top or undercoat in the process. It also helps to brush natural oils and so will promote a healthy, shiny coat.

The blade and teeth are all made from stainless steel, and so the brush will be incredibly durable. This is helpful when grooming your cat because there’s no danger of bristles snapping off in their fur. However, because of the blade, it wouldn’t be suitable to use this brush around their face. The actual brush has an ergonomic handle with rubber cushions, meaning it’s incredibly comfy to use for long periods of time. It’s also very quick to use, and you should be able to groom your whole cat in less than 15 minutes.

7. HaloVa Double-Sided Pet Brush

HaloVa have designed this brush with two different brush heads, meaning you have even more choice over the type of grooming you give your cat. One side is metal bristles that are perfect for untangling coats and removing loose hair, and the other side has soft bristles that are perfect for bringing their coat out in a beautiful shine. This would also be a great choice if you have several cats because the two sides could be used on different coat lengths.

The brush handle is made from bamboo and looks very similar to a traditional human hairbrush. While this isn’t the most ergonomic or modern design, it’s still very comfortable to use and shouldn’t give you any problems. Both sides of the brush will be very soft on your cat’s skin, but the metal one will be good if you want to give them a massage while grooming. This is also a more eco-friendly option because much of the materials are sustainable and it uses much less plastic than other brushes on this list.

8. Hetko Pet Bath and Massage Brush

Although this brush can be used as a normal grooming brush, it’s also suitable for using in the bath. This is because it’s made of high quality silicone, and so is fine to get wet. The bristles also help to attract loose hair and dirt, especially when wet. Rather than being pin-shaped or spikes, the bristles are a rounder shape. While this means you won’t be able to get as deep into your cat’s undercoat as with other brushes, it does mean it’s great for giving them a massage.

The back of the brush is a comfort grip, and so you can use it for a long time without any problems. It’s incredibly easy to clean; all you need to do is run it under water and the hair will come right off. The massaging brush heads also help to stimulate blood flow in your cat’s skin, which in turn will give them a healthier and shinier coat. If you find you need to bathe your cat frequently because they have a long coat that gets smelly easily, this brush will be perfect. You can use it to incorporate grooming into your bathing routine.

9. GoPets Dematting Comb for Cats

If you need a brush specifically for untangling your cat’s hair, then this is the one for you. Rather than being a traditional brush design, it has special metal rake teeth that remove tangles and knots incredibly easily. You won’t have to worry about hurting your cat either because it does this very gently. The rake teeth are also suitable for using as an undercoat brush, and won’t harm your cat’s skin. The undercoat brush means you can also remove loose hair before it drops, but it won’t be as effective as a bladed brush.

The handle is coated in a non-slip silicone that’s filled with gel, so you’ll have maximum comfort while grooming your cat. This also means it’s fine to run the brush under water, and this is the easiest way to clean it. This brush won’t be the most effective for removing loose hair, but is much better at untangling fur. The brush is very easy to clean because it’s metal, and so you can run it under water once you’re done. You would be best considering this brush if you have a longhaired cat.

10. Dasksha Cat Grooming Brush

Dasksha have designed a brush that’s not only suitable for grooming your cat, you can also use it for removing pet hair from your carpets too. This is because it has multiple brush heads, including a blade for scraping hair out of the carpet. While you might think it sounds bad using the same brush on your cat and the floor, the bristles are ultra-soft silicone, and so it won’t harm your cat at all.

The silicone bristles help to attract loose hair, meaning it’s ideal for cats that shed lots. To clean the brush, all you need to do is run it under water. That said, you could just as easily pull the hair out of the bristles without too much problem. This brush would be great if your cat gets on the upholstery, as it has a range of different sides that are suitable for using on most furniture. It also means that you can groom your cat on the sofa and then just as easily collect the hair you’ve combed off.

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