Top 10 Dog Pools for Your Dog to Take a Splash

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If you live in a hot climate and your dog has issues cooling down then it can be a great idea to get a dog pool. The reason for buying a pool specifically for your dog is that it’s both smaller and cheaper than a human’s pool. If your dog likes water then they’ll definitely enjoy splashing around on a hot summer’s day. Not only will it cool them down, it’s great exercise too.

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You might be tempted to just buy a kiddie pool instead, but these are never as durable as one designed specially for dogs. A good dog pool should either be made from polyurethane, PVC, or metal. Obviously metal ones are going to be the most expensive, but they will last the longest, even with the most boisterous dog.

When it comes to size, it’s pointless buying one that your dog won’t fit in. Take this into consideration when choosing the right dog pool, as you’ll probably have fewer options if you own a bigger dog. Many dog pools will only be designed for them to paddle in, and so if you want one for swimming you’ll expect to pay a lot more money. One last thing to consider is ease of use, and whether you want it to be a permanent structure or one you can take down. All of this can be quite a lot to take in, so here are some of the best dog pools currently on the market.

1. Jasonwell Foldable Dog Pool

This great dog pool from Jasonwell is collapsible, and so will be ideal for storing seasonally, but still has a rigid structure. This also means you can take it with you on holiday, and it folds away to a very small size. It‘s easy to drain too because it has a valve on the side, making it simple to use. It comes in several different sizes, so make sure you choose the right one.

The sides are made from a high-density fiberboard, which means they can take quite a lot of abuse from energetic dogs. The actual pool is made from thick PVC, and so will be very durable. The bottom is made from a thicker material and so is fine to be put on a wide range of surfaces. It’s also got a slip resistant coating on the bottom, meaning your dog will be safe jumping in an out. The pool is perfect if you don’t want to keep it up all year, and its size means it’s ideal for storage.

2. One Dog One Bone Paw Shaped Dog Pool

One Dog One Bone has designed this pool in the shape of a paw, and it’s ideal for dogs that just want to have a splash around. It holds around 20 gallons of water, and so isn’t massive, but would be fine for cooling down your dog. It’s made from polyurethane, and so isn’t collapsible. Bear this in mind when choosing your dog pool, as this one will be difficult to store if you don’t have much space.

While the material means it can’t be folded, it does mean the pool is both chew and puncture resistant. It’s still reasonably flexible, which means you shouldn’t have a problem draining it. The material is also UV resistant, and so won’t bleach, and should stay a bit cooler. The pool measures around 39” x 38” x 6”, and so will only really be suitable for smaller breeds. That said, you could buy it for bigger dogs, they just wouldn’t be able to splash around as much.

3. FurryFriends Foldable Dog Pool

This dog pool is made from a high quality PVC, and so is reasonably resistant to damage. The side panels are made more rigid by using fiberboard. This is a much better option than buying an inflatable pool because it can withstand dogs playing in it. The pool is collapsible and can be folded up into quite a small size. It comes in a few sizes, with the biggest having a diameter of around 50”, and a depth of 12”. This should mean that even big dogs should fit comfortably in it.

The pool is easy to drain because it has a valve on the side, meaning you don’t have to mess around trying to drain it manually. It’s also really easy to wipe down once your dog is done playing in it. The fact that it’s foldable means you can transport it on vacation with you, and that it’s ideal for storing over the winter. It’s quite a deep pool, and so would be a great choice if you have a bigger dog.

4. Petsfit Leakproof Portable Dog Pool

Like several others on the list this pool is collapsible, but it’s a slightly different design. It’s slightly less rigid, but is apparently no less safe for your dog. It’s design also means it can be folded up into a much smaller size, and so will be ideal for those with very little storage space. It has a diameter of 41” and a depth of 12”, which means it will be suitable even for big dogs.

Rather than being made of PVC, this pool is made from a thick and waterproof nylon cloth stretch around a wire frame. While this might sound less durable than some other pools it’s actually quite the opposite. The wire frame means it’s got slightly more resistance and will bounce back instead of breaking. The material also means it can stand up to dogs scratching or digging it because their claws will just slide off. It’s also incredibly easy to drain; you simply hold the side down and the water will pour out.

5. Alcott Inflatable Pool for Dogs

Alcott has made this dog pool from a durable PVC material, but unlike others on this list it’s actually inflatable. This might seem like a bad idea with dogs, but because it’s made from PVC it can still withstand some damage. This also means you can just push the side down for easier entry and exit, and for easier draining. The pool will fold down to a much smaller size than collapsible models because it hasn’t got any rigid parts inside it.

The pool measures 48” in diameter and 16” in height. This actually makes it quite a lot bigger than other pools on this list, and so would be ideal for even the largest dogs. The fact that it folds up easily means it can be transported and stored when you don’t need it. Not only can be it drained simply by pushing on the sides, it also has a plug fitted in the bottom. The bottom is made from thicker PVC and can withstand some rougher surfaces.

6. One Dog One Bone Bone Shaped Pool

This is a very large pool made from a sturdy polyurethane – the same material they use to line truck beds. This means you can be guaranteed that it can take some damage. Although the material does means it’s more sturdy and durable, it also means it can’t be folded up and stored away. So this would be a better choice if you want to keep it up all year round, or if you don’t have a problem with storage.

The pool measures 66” x 44” x 11”, and while it might not be the deepest pool on this list, it is a good size. It would be ideal for big dogs that would be more likely to damage a PVC or fabric pool. The material is also chew resistant, so there shouldn’t be any problems, even from the most playful pups. It can hold 85 gallons of water, and can be drained either by tipping it over or by using the brass tap fitted on the side. This pool might not be great for storing, but it would certainly be a good choice for big, energetic dogs.

7. KOPEKS Rectangular Swimming Pool for Dogs

This pool is made from an industrial strength PVC, which means it’s very durable and a very high quality. It’ll be very resistant to scratches and chews, and will hopefully last you a very long time. Like many other pools on this list, this one is collapsible with the sides being made from fiberboard. This is ideal because you don’t have to inflate the pool and it can still be put up in just a few seconds. It’s also ideal for taking anywhere because it’s lightweight and folds up into a small size.

The pool measures 43” x 27” x 12” and will be a suitable size for smaller and medium size dogs. It’ll be perfect either for using in the summer, or simply as somewhere to bathe your pooch if they get dirty. The pool is incredibly easy to drain because it has a valve fitted on the side. This means you can have it drained and stored away in only a few minutes, and so is perfect for any time your dog wants to cool down.

8. Intex Mini Frame Pool

If you’re looking for a slightly more budget-friendly pool, then this will be the one for you. It’s closer in design to a kiddie pool than a dog pool, and so probably won’t be suitable if you have a particularly playful dog. That said, it does come with a puncture repair kit in case anything does happen. The pool is made from a metal frame that holds up the actual pool and so won’t be as sturdy as some other models. However, if you have a smaller dog that just wants to splash around, then this pool will be fine.

The pool is still quite large, measuring 48” x 48” x 12” and it can hold around 89 gallons of water. If you feel confident that your dog won’t cause too much damage then this will be a good cheaper option. It is still made from PVC; it’s just not as thick as some other dog pools. Its design means it’s easy to collapse and store, and it has a valve on the bottom for easy drainage.

9. Pettom Foldable Dog Pool

This dog pool from Pettom is a great design that is incredibly durable. It’s made from super-strong PVC material and MDF paneling in the sides. This means that it can be stored away, but it’ll also be nice and rigid when it’s in use. You can also transport it easily, and so it’s ideal for taking down the park or to an event. The material is not only puncture resistant; it’s also chew and scratch resistant. There shouldn’t be any problems with playful dogs and energetic puppies.

The pool comes in several sizes, and the biggest measures 63” in diameter and 12” in height. There are smaller options available and so you should be able to find the perfect one for your dog. It’s really easy to drain too, and so is perfect for getting out on a hot summer’s day. The only downside is that the inner lining is dark blue and so might get a bit warm.

10. Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool

Alvantor has designed this pool to be able to withstand more bouncing around than other designs, and it has a wire frame instead of MDF panels. It measures 42” x 12” and so will be suitable for medium size dogs. It’s a pop-up design that will be really quick to put up. This also means it’s really easy to fold away and store.

The pool is made from a durable fabric with PVC backing, meaning it’s scratch resistant. It’s an ideal pool for transporting because it can be folded up into a much smaller space than a more rigid one. While the pool doesn’t have a valve fitted, it can be drained simply by tipping it over. Considering the price and ease of use, this is a great pool if you only want to use it occasionally.

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