10 Best Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs

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Best Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs

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Dogs love treats! But what can you give a dog that has a sensitive stomach? You want to give your pup treats without making him sick. However, regular dog treats aren’t an option. So, what treats are better to give a dog when he has a sensitive stomach?

In this article, we’ll take a look at what can cause a sensitive stomach in dogs, ingredients to avoid, and those that are better, and then we’ll share some of the best treats for dogs with sensitive tummies!

What Causes Sensitive Stomachs in Dogs?

Sometimes it’s difficult to determine what causes a dog to have a sensitive stomach. It may be as simple as an inherited issue, or it could be something in the dog’s diet. Here are some common causes of sensitive stomachs in dogs:

Ulcers: an ulcer in the stomach can be caused by inflammation, foreign bodies (if your dog tends to eat things he shouldn’t), or even too much exercise! Ulcers can also be caused by an infection.

Parasites: intestinal parasites can also cause a sensitive stomach in dogs. The most common intestinal parasites in dogs are tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms. They can cause problems by keeping essential nutrients from your dog’s system and more.

Allergies: this is one of the most common causes of sensitive tummies in dogs. Allergies vary from dog to dog but may include certain foods and ingredients in the dog’s diet.

Emotional issues: a dog that’s upset can have a sensitive stomach. Emotional issues can include fear, anxiety, stress, and more.

Overeating: dogs who overeat can also suffer from a sensitive stomach.

Eating anything & everything: dogs are famous for eating just about anything and everything! It’s no wonder a dog can develop a sensitive stomach after eating something out of the garbage, road kill, and worse!

Ingredients to Avoid for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

When you’re looking for the right treats to help your dog’s sensitive stomach, then here are some ingredients to avoid:

Fillers: can be a huge problem for some dogs. Fillers can include wheat, corn, and more. Avoid any dog treats that include fillers.

Chemicals & preservatives: these are also bad for sensitive tummies in dogs. These ingredients are usually included in treats and dog food to keep the food from spoiling.

Allergens: if your dog has a food allergy, this can also make his stomach sensitive. Food allergies can be caused by just about any type of food. It just depends on your dog’s specific allergies. If your dog has any known food allergies, then be sure to avoid these ingredients in his dog treats.

These ingredients are very hard for dogs to digest and can lead to digestive tract issues.

Symptoms of Sensitive Stomach in Dogs

You may notice these symptoms if your dog has developed a sensitive stomach:

Dogs who have these symptoms simply don’t feel good. How could they when they’re dealing with these types of issues?

This is why it’s imperative to avoid any dog treats that contain ingredients (such as those mentioned above) that make a dog more prone to stomach issues.

What’s more, these symptoms can also indicate your dog may have an underlying health problem such as inflammatory bowel disease.

If your fur baby develops these symptoms all of a sudden and you’re not able to pinpoint the cause, then it’s a good idea to call the vet. The vet will give your dog an exam and look for any conditions that could be causing these very unpleasant symptoms.

What Ingredients Are Best for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs?

If your dog has a sensitive tummy, then you can buy treats that include the following ingredients. These are usually well-tolerated in dogs who have stomach issues.

Protein: should be from a single source and be high quality. The protein can be from any animal; however, it must be the single source of protein and should be the first ingredient on the treat label. Duck, salmon, elk, chicken, and lamb are usually well tolerated.

Vegetables & fruits: dogs who have tummy trouble also benefit from natural sources of nutrients. These can be found in vegetables and fruits. But aren’t dogs mainly meat-eaters? Well, yes, but they also need other foods to help them have a balanced diet. Dogs are actually omnivores, which means they eat meat and plants.

Fiber: is one of the best ingredients for a dog who has stomach issues. The main reason is that fiber works to help your dog stay regular and keep his digestive tract healthy.

Carbohydrates: are also necessary, as they provide the energy your dog needs to have fun and be healthy!

Prebiotics & probiotics: are also beneficial for dogs with sensitive stomachs. These are friendly bacteria that help to keep your dog’s digestive tract healthy and working properly.

OK, now that you know what ingredients to avoid and those to look for in treats, let’s move on to our list of the best treats for a dog’s sensitive stomach!

Best Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs

We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to! Here’s our list of the best dog treats for your fur baby’s sensitive stomach!

1). Canidae Grain-Free Pure Heaven Biscuits

These dog treats, by Canidae, are very healthy for dogs. They contain no fillers, such as grains, which are known to cause digestive problems. What’s more, these treats contain healthy salmon and sweet potato, along with extra virgin olive oil. They also contain cinnamon, which is not toxic to dogs. Cinnamon is known to help soothe an irritated digestive tract, too.

What’s more, these biscuit dog treats have limited ingredients, which is precisely what makes them an excellent choice for sensitive tummies. Your fur baby is sure to enjoy this and the other flavors of these treats created by Canidae!

2). Blue Wilderness Trail Treats Grain-Free Biscuits

Blue Wilderness Trail treats are another grain-free option that your dog is sure to love. What makes these biscuits great for dogs with sensitive stomachs? To start with, these treats are 100% grain-free. They also contain real meat, which is the first thing listed on the ingredient list.

Your dog is sure to love these biscuits made with real duck. This is the right treat to help your dog’s stomach! They contain no fillers, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. They also contain no wheat, corn, or soy!

3). Full Moon All Natural Human Grade Dog Treats – Natural Cut Jerky Sliced Chicken

What could be better for your fur baby and his stomach than human-grade dog treats? These treats are made with ingredients that are great for us! So, why wouldn’t your dog enjoy these treats? They’re made to meet the USDA’s strict standards for human food.

In addition, these Full Moon dog treats are made with USDA-certified, all-natural cage-free raised chicken from the US. Each batch of chicken is slow-cooked to bring out the flavor your dog will love. These treats are also made with other ingredients healthy for dogs, including organic cane sugar, rosemary, and more.

You won’t have any to worry about any grains. This product contains no corn, wheat, or soy. They also don’t include fillers, artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, or other harmful ingredients.

These are great treats for dogs with sensitive tummies!

4). Merrick Power Bites Natural Grain-Free Dog Treats

Here’s a treat your dog will love to sink his teeth into! Merrick Power Bites are a chewy dog treat that’s perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs. This treat recipe contains real chicken, and it’s first on the ingredient list!

What’s more, the treats also include apples, blueberries, and sweet peas. All of these are healthy sources of carbs for dogs. They also contain healthy fatty acids, which help to keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy and shiny.

Plus, these treats are made in the US and are grain and gluten-free. They’re made only with natural ingredients.

5). Merrick Backcountry Grain-Free Natural Dog Treats

Here’s another treat by Merrick, which is very healthy for any dog, including one that has a sensitive stomach. These treats are only made with natural ingredients, and they’re completely grain-free. Merrick’s treats also contain no gluten, which makes them extremely easy to digest.

These treats are cooked in the USA, and you’ll find the first ingredient on the label is real, deboned duck! You can even use these treats when training your fur baby! He’ll love them, for sure!

6). Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Beef Heart Treats

Your dog is sure to love these beef heart treats! And they’re healthy for him and make great treats for pups that have a sensitive stomach. That’s because these treats contain one ingredient, which is 100% pure freeze-dried raw beef hearts! This is a product that’s made in the US!

This is a very healthy snack for dogs. In fact, we’re sure your fur baby will find this a high-value treat he’ll do almost anything to get! You’ll be happy to learn these beef heart treats are gluten-free, grain-free, and poultry-free. They’re great for dogs that have food sensitives and allergies. What’s more, they’re also great for dogs with digestive issues.

And if you’re looking for a treat that uses only responsibly sourced ingredients, then you’ve found it!

7). Merrick Power Bites Real Texas Beef Recipe

Here’s another healthy dog treat from Merrick made with real Texas beef! What dog can resist a treat like this? This product contains one ingredient, which is real, deboned beef. The treats are grain-free, gluten-free, and cooked in the USA. The treats contain no ingredients from China.

The only other ingredients in this formula are glucosamine (great for dogs with hip problems), omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, which help keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy!

8). Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Treats with Duck

Orijen’s dog treats are made with freeze-dried, free-run duck! What could be healthier for your dog? This product is made with 100% pure, free-run duck, making this a wonderful treat for dogs with sensitive stomachs. These treats are also grain-free and have plenty of flavor your dog is sure to love.

9). Nutro Crunchy Natural Biscuit Dog Treats

Here’s a dog treat that’s a little different yet completely natural and healthy for dogs! These dog treats, by Nutro, contain whole brown rice, oatmeal, chicken meal, cane molasses, sunflower, along with plenty of dried blueberries, cranberries, and cherries! What a healthy treat for your fur baby!

These crunchy dog treats are perfect for dogs who have sensitive stomachs. They’re also a great choice for dogs that need to watch how many calories they eat!

These treats are made in Joplin, MO!

10). Natural Balance LIT Brown Rice & Lamb Treats

Here’s the last treat on our list, by Natural Balance. These treats come in different flavors, including the brown rice & lamb. This treat contains only limited ingredients, which makes them a great choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

The treats contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives! These are a very healthy treat for just about any dog!

Summing It Up

Digestive problems are never pleasant. Imagine being a dog and experiencing the symptoms that go with a sensitive stomach! To help your dog feel better, be sure to avoid the ingredients listed earlier. These include all things artificial and more. Stick with dog treats that offer one or only a few simple, natural ingredients.

Another option may be to make your dog homemade treats. The recipes should include only a few ingredients, which are safe for dogs. Making DIY dog treats can be a fun activity for the entire family, too!

And if your dog’s symptoms don’t improve or they become worse, then be sure to make him an appointment with the vet. Your dog’s symptoms could be caused by an underlying health issue that needs proper diagnosis and treatment.

We’re sure that your dog will be happy and feel better by eating the treats on this list!

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