A Review of Chippin Dog Food & Treats

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Chippin dog food is not merely dedicated to your pet’s well-being, this company is equally dedicated to the survival of the species in the truest sense. The philosophy of the company can be summed up in its analysis of the carbon pawprint that planet Earth sustains in the production of meat-based protein for the U.S. ‘s 180 million pets. Research, unfortunately, has proven that the food fed to our beloved pets produces as much as two percent of all carbon dioxide emissions produced by industrialized countries and that if all these pets were a single country, they would be ranked fifth for the emissions globally. 

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So, they’ve embarked on creating environmentally sustainable dog food with the necessary protein and nutrients for your dog’s overall well-being while at the same time defending its natural habitat, Mother Earth. 


Can Pet Foods Be Eco-friendly?

Dogs are considered omnivores and derive nutrition from both meat and plant sources. There are, however, researchers and veterinary professors such as Dr. Wouter Hendriks of Utrecht University who believes that canines are more carnivores than omnivorous. 

If so, the data demonstrates that meat-based diets necessitate more land, energy, and water than plant-based diets. Is it possible that pet foods for dogs and cats can be ecologically friendly? Chippins believes so and has created a dog food recipe and treats with sustainable sources of protein that are good for our dogs and our planet.

Chippin’s Dog food uses fresh silver carp as its principal source of protein, while Chippin’s Dog Treats are formulated with hypoallergenic human-grade crickets making them not only sustainable but perfect for canines with food allergies or sensitive digestive tracts. 

Chippin’s Dog Food

Almost any manufacturer of dog food will, through marketing, tell you that they use high-quality ingredients, even when some ingredients are fillers or are not human grade. What distinguishes Chippin is that the company attributes the same importance to being environmentally conscientious, as it does to the quality of the ingredients. That’s a win-win formula. 

Chippin avoids using meat meals common to most dog food brands, opting instead for foods containing antioxidants and the probiotics so important to digestive tract health together with novel proteins. They not only employ protein sources that are excellent but also highly digestible.

The company currently only offers one dog food recipe, Wild-Caught Silver Carp Dog Food. This recipe has been formulated by veterinarians and veterinary nutritionists and complies with standards established for adult dogs by the AAFCO-Association of American Feed Control Officials.  

The silver carp option is a convincing healthy alternative in the panorama of commercial dog foods; however, the development of new flavor options should be the logical next step for the company.

The Importance of Eco-Sustainability for the Future of Pet Foods

Dogs, whether deemed to be omnivores or more carnivorous, nonetheless require meat in their diet. Sadly, meat for pet food is currently sourced using unsustainable farming methods that are unpleasant for the animals used and unhealthy for the environment. 

Chippen has selected to use silver carp, an overpopulated species that accounts for some 90% of the biological species found in sections of the Ohio and Illinois Rivers. By selecting to use this specific fish, they contribute to keeping the silver carp population limited to the benefit of the entire local ecosystem. 

The Recipe

Silver carp is a great source of protein for your canine BFF. It’s rich in omega oils and contains all ten of what are considered essential amino acids for healthy skin and a lustrous fur coat. Silver carp is also currently served in restaurants for human consumption. Other ingredients in the recipe include taurine for a healthy heart, dried chicory root for digestive tract health, and pumpkin for fiber and digestion.

Once the ingredients are blended, they are baked to form dry kibble that is crunchy in texture to the delight of the pooches that have tasted it. Kibble is available for purchase in bags of 3.5 lbs., 10.5 lbs., and 21 lbs. Furthermore, the folks at Chippin take their ecological commitment right through to the packaging by using recycled materials as well as carbon-neutral shipping. Silver carp do not accumulate heavy metals and toxins like other fish commonly consumed. 

Chippin Dog Treats

Chippin has developed six different dog treats and a Food Topper, most of which use cricket as an alternative source of protein. Cricket contains 3 times the protein found in comparable amounts of beef or chicken, is not only safe for your pooch but also very eco-friendly requiring about 80% less water to produce. 

In Conclusion

Chippen merits a trial because of its nutritional value. The company offers alternative novel protein that is more environmentally sustainable and it sources ingredients in the U.S. from small to medium local farms, further sustaining local agriculture. Typical canine allergens, like beef, dairy, lamb, and poultry are avoided, so if your pup is sensitive, this may be a terrific alternative.  

As a dry kibble with a good shelf life, Chippen is an interesting option, and if sustainability is important to you, Chippen is an, if not the industry leader.

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