Top 10 Best Floatable Dog Toys

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Most dogs love playing in the water, and swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for them. However, it can be difficult to play fetch in water with normal dog toys because most won’t float. Obviously fetch won’t be much fun if the toy sinks to the bottom every time it’s thrown. That’s where floatable dog toys come in. These are pretty self-explanatory and can make all the difference to your dog’s time in the water. Floatable dog toys come in a wide range of designs and materials, but as with normal toys, it’s important to make sure they’re made of animal-friendly materials.

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When choosing floatable dog toys you should use the same criteria you use for choosing normal dog toys. Make sure you go for something your dog will actually play with, for example rubber bones or balls if they like fetch, or toys on strings if they enjoy tugging. Whichever you decide to go for, here is a list of some of the best currently available to help you make your choice.

1. Bull Fit Floating Fetch Toy

This floating dog toy from Bull Fit is a good choice if you don’t want to go for a rubber or plastic toy. It’s made from the same material as fire hoses, so is much more durable than a normal rubber bone. It’s ideal for playing fetch in the water because it floats, but it’s also sturdy enough for your dog not to break it too easily. The toy measures 9.8” x 2.4”, so is a reasonable size.

While the toy is made from a durable material, one major downside is that it can’t withstand chewing. This will be an obvious problem for many owners, as one advantage of a rubber toy is that it can actually withstand being chewed. If you’re confident that your dog will just fetch it and give it back, then this is a great choice. However, if your dog is known to be possessive of its toys, and likes a chew, then look elsewhere.

2. ZippyPaws Outdoor Squeaker Toy

One of the best things about this toy is that it’s made with durability in mind. While it’s made of fabric, it’s still able to withstand chewing and has reinforced stitching on the seams for extra protection. Water wicks off the surface too so it won’t get soggy, even after being thrown in the water. The toy is a ring shape, making it ideal for games of tug, and this also means it’s really easy to throw.

What’s more, the toy floats, so your dog should have no problem finding it after it’s been thrown. Because of its waterproof outer layer, this toy is also a good choice for using in snow. It has a squeaker, which will keep your dog entertained for hours, and comes in a range of styles, including a duck, a shark, and a walrus. Overall this is a great choice for a floating dog toy.

3. ChuckIt! Amphibious Floating Fetch Toy

ChuckIt! have designed this floatable dog toy from memory foam, so it’s both lightweight and durable. This means they float, and it’ll be almost impossible for your dog to rip it apart. The toy simply bounces back to its original shape! The floating toy has a rope attached to the top, making it much easier to throw, and this is also perfect for games of tug. This is a versatile toy that’ll be great for playing in the water.

The toy comes in a range of bright colors, which really help with visibility, particularly if you’re playing in the sea. The exterior is made from rubber and nylon, so it’s really tough and easy to wipe clean if needed. It also comes in several sizes, and its sturdy design and easy use make it a great choice for almost any dog owner. What’s more, it should last even the most playful dog years.

4. Ruff Dawg Flying Fish

What’s a more appropriate shape for a floating dog toy than a fish? This toy is made from rubber, so it floats, and is also pretty durable. Your dog will be able to chew on this toy for hours before they manage to do any serious damage. The rubber used to make this toy is completely from recycled sources, and is FDA approved, so is free from latex, BPAs, and phthalates. This is exactly what you need in rubber dog toys, as it won’t harm your dog if any bits get eaten.

The color of the toy is random, but there’s an assortment of very bright neon colors, which is ideal for playing in the sea. Although it’s solid rubber it still floats, so both you and your dog should have little problem finding it. One downside to this toy is that it won’t be suitable for games of tug. However, it’ll be ideal if your dog loves to play fetch, as long as you don’t mind being seen throwing a fish in the water.

5. Bingpet Bumper Pool Toy

This floatable toy from Bingpet is modeled on the shape used to train retrieving animals, so you know it’ll be a good choice for playing fetch with. It’s a rubber bone attached to a long cord, which makes it really easy to throw, and also means it’s ideal for playing fetch too. The bone is also covered in small rubber lumps that make it easier to grip, and are also helpful for keeping your dog’s mouth clean.

However, one downside to this toy is that it’s not designed for dogs that love to chew. Even though the rubber is pretty durable, the bone is hollow, so if your dog chews on it for too long then they’ll easily puncture it. This toy will be ideal if your dog is happy to fetch the toy and bring it back to you, but choose a different one if you want something that can withstand chewing. It makes a great choice for playing fetch it open water, however, because it’s bright red and very easy to see.

6. West Paw Zogoflex Dog Play Toy

West Paw didn’t necessarily design this toy to be floatable, but it is by nature of its design. It’s made from a very stretchy and lightweight rubber that can stretch up to 2 times its original size. This makes it perfect for games of tug, and its Z-shape means it’s really easy to throw too. The rubber used in the toy is completely non-toxic and free from any bad chemicals, so it’s perfectly safe for your dog to play with.

This floatable dog toy comes in a range of sizes, so you should be able to find the right one for your dog, and is available in an assortment of bright colors. It’s also machine washable, which is really helpful. The construction is surprisingly durable considering its shape and the materials used, so this will be a good choice if your dog loves to chew.

7. ChuckIt! Ultra Ball Pack of 4

Sometimes, when it comes to a game of fetch, you can’t go too wrong with a good old fashioned ball. These ones are a great choice for using in the water because they’re made of waterproof materials. So where a normal tennis ball will get waterlogged and sink, these will continue to float all day long. Even better, they can be used in most standard tennis ball launchers, meaning you can still throw the ball really far for your dog.

The balls are made from rubber that’s lightweight but still really durable, and they bounce really high. The balls come in a range of bright colors, making for easier visibility when outdoors. Even though they’re made from sturdy rubber, they’re still very gentle if your dog tries to chew on them. It’ll take quite a lot of abuse before these balls start to break and your dog will get hours and hours of fun out of them. These specific balls are medium, but they come in a range of sizes.

8. EEToys Latex Squeaky Floating Dog Toy

This toy is a great choice for using in the water because it’s made of materials that are light enough to float, but durable enough to be chewed. The toys are made primarily from latex, which is spongy enough to be chewed without too much damage, and also means they’re completely waterproof. What’s more, latex is really easy to clean, and can just be wiped down with a damp cloth. This is really helpful after a long fetch session when it’ll probably be covered in dribble.

This floating toy squeaks, which is a great way to keep your dog engaged for hours. The fact that the squeaker is inside the latex means it’ll be really difficult for your dog to break it too, as many squeaker toys stop working within hours. These toys are around 4.75” long, so will be suitable for medium and large dogs. They come in a wide range of designs, so it won’t be hard to find the perfect one for your dog.

9. Scenereal Interactive Pool Toy for Dogs

Scenereal have made these toys from fabric, but they’re still really durable, and waterproof too. Even better, they don’t have any stuffing inside them, so there’s nothing to get soggy, or for your dog to throw everywhere if they rip it open. To stop this from even happening, though, all seams on the toy are reinforced for durability. The toy also floats, so is ideal for playing with in the pool or down the beach. The material used is nylon, so it’ll be able to withstand plenty of chewing and games of tug.

One downside to this toy, however, is that because it’s so light it’s actually quite hard to throw. There isn’t really any weight behind it, so even the strongest out there won’t be able to get it very far. However, if you’re looking for an easy game of fetch then this will be ideal. It comes in a range of bright colors for easy visibility, and measures 21” x 3”, so will be suitable for most medium and large sized dogs.

10. West Paw Zogoflex Dog Frisbee

Another classic design that doesn’t need much alteration for use in the water is the Frisbee. This one from West Paw is made with the same Zogoflex technology as their previous entry on this list, so you know it’s going to be really durable. The material used is completely phthalate and BPA free, so is perfectly safe even if your dog manages to chew parts off it (it’ll take them a while to do this). What’s more, it’s completely recyclable too. This is a bonus for those who don’t like the idea of buying more plastic products.

This Frisbee comes in a range of colors, and 2 sizes, so will be suitable for all but the smallest dogs. It’s naturally floatable by design, and the benefit of a Frisbee is that it can be thrown really far. Obviously, this design won’t be a great choice if your dog enjoys a game of tug, but is however durable enough for them to chew on. Overall this is a great choice, and shows sometimes you can’t do better than the old faithfuls.

11. ChuckIt! Amphibious Toys

This toy comes in 2 general designs, but the point of both is that it’s a self-righting shape, so is really easy to spot in the water. This also makes it a good choice if you want to train your dog for water retrieving because it’ll be a bit harder to find.

It’s made from high quality materials, and can withstand plenty of chewing. Another great feature is that it’s the right shape to be thrown from ball launchers. It also comes in a range of sizes, and all are brightly colored for easy visibility. Overall this is a great choice if you’re looking for something a bit more interesting than your average floatable dog toy.

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