Top 10 Best Cat Tunnels For Your Kitty To Play In

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Cats are naturally curious animals, and they love exploring. Whether you have a house cat or one that you let outdoors, you should always make sure there is plenty around to stimulate them. This is especially true when they’re young, as a bored cat can turn into a destructive cat. There are plenty of different toys available to keep a cat entertained, but one of the best is a cat tunnels.

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A cat tunnel is a reasonably self-explanatory piece of equipment. They’re essentially no different from children’s play tunnels, except they’re smaller. There are plenty of different styles on the market, but if you’re conscious of how much space they’ll take up in your house, make sure you look for a collapsible one. This will make them much easier to store, and means you only have them out when your cat wants to play. To help you make the right choice, here is a list of the best currently available online.

1. CO-Z Collapsible Cat Tunnel

This tunnel from CO-Z is a great first choice, and will tick the boxes of anyone looking for good value for money. It’s inexpensive, and has three entrances that form a T shape. Most importantly, the tunnel is collapsible, and folds down in seconds for incredibly easy storage. This is a great feature because it means you don’t have to have it sat around your house all the time, which is even more useful if you’re short of space.

The tunnel is made from incredibly durable polyester, which is wrapped around a sprung steel frame, meaning it opens from folded very quickly and keeps its shape while being played in. Each tunnel section measures 13.7 inches long, and is 10 inches tall, so should be fine for most cats. It also has various toys fitted inside the tunnel for even more entertainment for your cat. Overall this is a great choice if you’re looking for a basic but functional cat tunnel.

2. Prosper Pet Cat Tunnel

Prosper Pet have made a cat tunnel that offers great entertainment for your cat. It’s comprised of three tunnels that all join together via a central section that’s fitted with a peephole. There’s also crinkle paper, hanging balls, and bells, all of which should help keep your cat amused for hours. The tunnel is collapsible, and folds down very quickly. It also comes supplied with fastenings to keep it secure while folded, meaning it’s also surprisingly easy to transport.

The tunnel itself is made from very strong, rip-resistant polyester, which is fitted around a sprung steel frame. This means that not only is it really easy to fold up, it also springs open in seconds. Each tunnel section is 17 inches long and 10 inches high, which gives you over 50 inches of tunnel for your cat to play in. The tunnel comes in a wide range of colors, meaning you should find one that suits your style. This tunnel is great value for money, and will hopefully give your cat hours of fun.

3. PAWZ Road Cat Tunnel

Unlike the other entries on this list that are made of various sections, this tunnel is completely straight. While this might not seem as entertaining as the other models, it could also be used for joining up various other shapes to make one big cat tunnel. The tunnel itself is 51 inches long and 10 inches high, meaning you still get a similar sized product to the other ones on this list. The tunnel also has several peep holes fitted in the top, and easy to use toggles that are primarily for folding, but could also be used to attach several sections of tunnel together.

Much like other models, this tunnel is made of fabric stretched over a sprung steel frame. This means that it’s collapsible, and opens and folds down in seconds. This is perfect for storage, and also makes it really easy to transport if needed. The material is faux fur, with a leopard print, and has crinkly material sewn in for sensory stimulation. Although the material doesn’t look as durable as some other models, it can withstand quite a lot of play from even the most energetic cats.

4. EENK Collapsible Cat Tunnel All in One

If you’re looking for a cat tunnel with a bit more variety, then this is the model for you. It not only has a tunnel section, but it also has two little cubes that can be fitted on either end. What’s more, these cubes can be detached and used separately, meaning you can set up an interesting assault course for your cat. The sections fit together very easily, and this also means you could fit other sections of tunnel together if you want.

The tunnel is made from polyester with crinkle paper sewn in, giving you cat another thing to play with. The frame is sprung steel, so the tunnel collapses and pops up really quickly. This also makes it really durable when it comes to play time. You have quite a few customization options with the tunnel because the sections fit together with Velcro, which means you can easily fit other sections onto it. This is a great choice if you’re looking for a set with a bit more variety than the standard models.

5. Trixie Pet Products Cat Tunnel

This cat tunnel is made from plush fabric instead of polyester, and while this means it won’t be as durable overall, it does make it a bit more attractive. It also isn’t fully collapsible, but the tunnel section folds into the main house, meaning it can be stored away quite easily. However, if you are short on space in your house, then maybe consider one of the fully collapsible designs instead. The main houses are 14.75 inches long and 11.75 inches tall, which gives your cat plenty of room to play. The tunnel section is obviously smaller, but not by much.

The houses are covered with sisal, which gives your cat a scratching surface, and so should hopefully keep them away from your furniture. There are also various hanging toys fitted inside, and several peep holes in both the tunnel and the houses. One of the best things about this set is that it’s really easy to buy extra sections from the manufacturer, which gives you an extra level of customization over some of the collapsible models on this list. This is a good choice if you want a slightly more permanent structure, but remember it doesn’t fully collapse and so will take up more room.

6. PAWZ Road Collapsible Cat Tunnel

Another one from PAWZ Road, this tunnel is slightly smaller than others on the list, but should still accommodate most cats. The tunnel is 47 inches long and 9,9 inches high, and so might not be suitable for larger cats. One of the best features of this tunnel is the fact that it’s S-shaped, and so your cat will get more entertainment from it than a normal shaped tunnel. It also has several peepholes and is completely open at either end, making it really easy for your cat to enter and exit the tunnel.

The tunnel is made from tear-resistant polyester stretched over a sprung steel frame, and so can be folded up and opened very quickly. This also means it can take being jumped on without causing any damage to the structure. There are several handy ties at either end that make it much easier to fold up and store. This tunnel comes in several colors and is very good value for money. Also, it shouldn’t be too difficult to attach this section to other cat tunnels sold by the manufacturer.

7. PAWISE Pop Up Cat Tunnel

This tunnel set from PAWISE comes with both a tunnel and a detachable cube house, which can be used together or separately. This would also make a great starter set that could then be added to with other sections. The sections attach together using Velcro, which is really easy to set up anytime. The cube has openings on every side and the tunnel doesn’t have a peephole, but does have a sheer mesh section that your cat can see through.

The tunnel is quite long, measuring 35 inches, and is 10 inches high. It has openings of 8 inches at either end, which will make it slightly more interactive for your cat because they enjoy the feeling of squeezing into small spaces. The cube is slightly taller, at 15 inches high, which makes it a good little play spot for your cat. It would be really easy to fit toys inside too, or turn the cube into a small sleeping area. This set is quite easy to customize, which makes it a good starter set to be added to later.

8. Feline Ruff Premium 3 Way Cat Tunnel

One of the best features of this tunnel is that it’s quite a bit longer than the others on this list. The main section is 55 inches long, which give your cat plenty of space to play. It has three sections that join together in a T shape, and the smaller tunnel section is around 20 inches long. All sections have a diameter of 12 inches, which makes them quite spacious. This extra room means this tunnel set would be a good choice if you’ve got several cats that want to play together.

All sections of the tunnel are made from durable polyester that can take quite a beating from even the most aggressive cats. The sprung steel frame makes it really easy to collapse, and also means it opens in seconds. A good feature of this tunnel is that the strap for holding it together is removable, which takes away the danger of your cat getting caught on it. This is a feature that’s missing from many other tunnels on this list, and will give plenty of cat owners peace of mind when leaving their pet to play on their own.

9. PAWZ Road Cat Tunnel

One great feature about this tunnel is that it has toggles on either end and can be bent into a U shape, giving your cat a range of different ways to enjoy the tunnel. Also, unlike many others on this list that are made from polyester, this one is made from faux suede, and so is a much nicer texture and appearance. Granted, looks probably aren’t your main concern when choosing a cat tunnel, but it always helps if you can get one that looks nice.

The tunnel is 47 inches long and 10 inches high, which should accommodate most cats. It has several peepholes in the top and could easily be fitted with hanging toys or other ways to keep your cat entertained. The material is fitted over a sprung steel frame and so is really easy to put up and take down. What’s more, the toggles on the end would make it really easy to attach to other tunnel sections, meaning you could create a whole kitty kingdom.

10. Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel

What’s great about this cat tunnel is that it has a variety of uses. The set comes with a bed that can be set up in the middle of the tunnel. To make it even more cozy, the tunnel can be fixed together to make a doughnut shape around the bed. It also has a range of toys fitted in the tunnel and plenty of peepholes to keep your cat entertained.

The tunnel zips together, making it easy to do and secure while in use. The tunnel is 12.5 inches high and 39 inches long, making it quite a reasonable size. It’s collapsible, and made of durable polyester fabric. You can also buy the set with a range of different accessories, which makes this a great choice if you’re looking to spoil your cat with a new toy.

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