Pitpat 2 Activity Monitor Review

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Have you always wondered how much exercise your furry friend gets? We all know that dogs need regular and daily exercise to keep them fit, healthy and happy. If you are interested in learning all about your dog’s fitness, you may have heard about the Pitpat Activity Monitor. This has become a popular way to monitor your pooch’s activity. It works the same way as an activity monitor or step counter for humans. But is it really worth the money? Or is it just the latest trend that will grow old?

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We have conducted a review for 2021 on the Pitpat Activity Monitor so that you can find out. We are going to dive in and take a look at this device’s design, performance and much more. Let’s take a look at this device and whether it is worth the investment or find out if there is a better pet tracker out there.

The Pitpat 2 Activity Monitor and What it Can Do

The Pitpat Activity Monitor was created and released for the first time in 2015. This was by the founder, Andy Nowell. His aim was to help owners look after their beloved pets and create a strong bond between man and dog. Every pooch should be able to enjoy exercise and through this simple yet functional tracker, you can gain a fantastic insight into their activities each day. It was also designed to be affordable for everyone to enjoy.

Of course, the Pitpat Activity Monitor was designed for you; the dog owner. But they are a great device to have if your furry friends go to doggy day care or a dog walker during the week. This way, you can monitor their exercise and activities to ensure they are getting good care when you are on vacation or at work. It can be very rewarding to see the progress your pup is making. This is particularly true if you are trying to improve the fitness of your dog or if they have to lose weight under vet orders.

Ultimately, the Pitpat Activity monitor is the way to measure all of your dog’s exercise, including any walking, running and playtime. It can also monitor their calorie intake and their rest periods. The tracker combines with an application or app on your mobile device so that you can review all of the results. There are even recommendations for your dog’s breed provided on the app. This can help you keep them fit and active.

The Battery

What we like about this activity monitor is you do not have to charge the battery. This happens with a lot of other activity monitors on the market. They depend on you to charge the battery every week. This can become a hassle and it is the number one reason why people get bored with using activity monitors. Eventually, you end up getting fed up and give up if you have to do too much.

Instead, the Pitpat Activity Monitor comes with a one-year replacement battery pre-installed and ready to go. This means you do not have to worry about the tracker running out of juice when you are out exploring. Power consumption is minimal so we expect that it will last a long time as it is advertised.

There is no hassle; you can just enjoy tracking your dog’s activities without you having to do anything. With no maintenance involved, you can enjoy everything this device has to offer.

The App

The app is easy to download and free for iOS devices and Android devices. This means that anyone can use the app; you do not have to be tech-savvy and there are clear headlines and pages to view. There are on-screen instructions so that you can create an account for your pooch. This will include creating a profile for your furry friend so that you can view all of their stats. Of course, if you have more than one dog, you can create different profiles and view them all on the same app. You will tell the app all about your dog’s breed, weight and age. This is going to recommend to you how much exercise your pup needs to be healthy. The tracker pairs to your mobile device through Bluetooth. It is easy to pair by pressing the button on the tracker and finding the device on your mobile.

In order to update the data about your canine, you need to be near them. Of course, this is how Bluetooth works. This means that you should be together when this is done, rather than at a different location. So, if your dog is with a walker or at doggy day care, you will not be able to sync the device. Instead, just wait for your furry friend to get home and you can sync and view the data from their latest solo adventure.

The design

When you unbox the Pitpat Activity Monitor, there is minimal waste. It comes in a small plastic case. There are also instructions so that you can use to learn how to use your dog’s new tracker. The design of the Pitpat Activity Monitor is simple yet stylish. It is black with an orange paw print design. This has a circular light and this will illuminate when it is pressed and when it syncs with the app.

The great thing about this activity monitor is that it is fully waterproof. This means that rain or shine, you can be out exploring with your pooch. The rain or muddy areas should not affect the device. The battery is protected by the black casing for a robust and trustworthy design. In fact, this device as IP-67 rating. This means you can submerge it in 1 meter of water for around 30 minutes before any water gets through the housing. Plus, the plastic housing means that dust, dirt and gravel should not get through to affect the battery.

The Pitpat Activity Monitor should attach to any style of collar. All you have to do is use the piece of Velcro that is supplied with the tracker. It is simple and easy. Plus, it stays on securely so that you do not have to worry about losing it when you are out on an adventure. It is known as parachute grade Velcro, which is very reliable. It only weighs around 2.9 ounces, so it is lightweight for any size and breed of dog. They will hardly notice it attached to their collar.

The Performance

The activity monitor is able to capture data using the three-axis accelerometer. There are over 200 breeds on the device, which means it can understand the motion and track activity. The device is also able to measure quality sleep. This is through movement and it will be recorded on the app.

The app and the activity monitor sync very quickly; you do not have to wait long to see how much exercise your beloved companion has done. On the app, the details are easy to read and display data for each day of the week. This includes the walking, running and playing your pooch has completed. You can see this collated into miles and total calories burned, just like you would for your own activity tracker. You can have a pre-set goal to achieve every day and you will be able to see if you have completed it.

Is your dog trying to lose weight? The app lets you manually track the weight of your pooch. Of course, you will need to input the information. But it is a good way to monitor your canine’s weight. We like how you can earn badges on the app. This can be fun and exciting, as well as motivating. You can have something to aim for every week with your furry friend. It is also able to track up to 10 days of data. This means you only have to update it once a week and the app will store the data indefinitely. Overall, the app is easy to use and the bright colors make it quick to see the information you need. There are headings and images to make everything enjoyable and easy to interpret at a glance.

GPS Tracking

A lot of dog owners hope that activity monitors can also track their dog. This means that if they go missing, the GPS tracking will be able to pinpoint their location. While there may be some activity monitors out there that offer this function, this is not included with the Pitpat Activity Monitor.

This device is solely for tracking your dog’s activities. While it will record the distances they have covered and how much exercise they have done, there is no way to see their location. It is important to know this in case your dog does go missing.

Monthly Subscription

Something we have noticed is that a lot of activity monitors want you to do is sign up and pay for a monthly subscription. We can happily say that the Pitpat Activity Monitor does not require this. There should be no extra money to pay. Once you have purchased the tracker, that should be you and your pup ready to go. With no subscription, you get the app for free, as well as be able to manage their exercise, rest and calories. There are also personalized exercise recommendations for your pooch.

But you can access more rewards and extra features if you sign up for Pitpat Life. This will be your decision and it is not necessary; it is an extra bonus for you to enjoy. It is a monthly subscription that is available if you are interested in getting more out of your Pitpat Activity Monitor.

Pitpat Life offers you a lot of cool perks that you can enjoy. This includes discounts and offers. In addition, you can collect Pitpat Points for simply walking your dog and interacting with the app. With these points, you are in with the chance of winning prizes. This can be a great incentive to get outdoors. Prizes can be anything from a calendar and dog toys to slower feeders and a caricature of your beloved companion.

Pitpat Activity Monitor – The Verdict

Despite being a relatively new device to the market, the Pitpat Activity Monitor is impressive. It really can let you know more about your dog’s activities, such as the distance they cover and how many steps they take during the day. This allows you to step up your fitness if your dog is not getting the exercise they need. It is also a great way to monitor their diet and sleep too. We love that all of this is easily accessible on a fun app that you can view anywhere on your mobile device.

A standout specification on this activity monitor is the battery. You can remove all of the hassle of charging the device. With the one-year battery, you can forget about it and just enjoy using the device with your pooch. You can go out exploring and know it will capture all of the data. We also like how easy the app was to use. It pairs using the Bluetooth on your mobile device and on the device. With just the touch of a button, you can transfer the data and view your dog’s stats on your mobile device.

The device itself is simple and stylish. It is not huge or unsightly on your dog’s collar and it is lightweight. It seems to fit securely and since it is waterproof, nowhere is out of pounds for your canine. The data seems to be as accurate as it can be with a three-axis accelerometer. Since the device can detect your dog’s breed, this makes it even better and we love the personal recommendations for health.

Unfortunately, there is no GPS tracking with the Pitpat Activity Monitor. But this is not something that a lot of devices offer. It is perhaps a trade-off for the fact that you have a better activity monitor. This is always something that you can purchase separately if you really want this. In addition, it is your choice whether you choose to subscribe to Pitpat Life.

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