PAWAii Caremi Smart Pet Water Fountain Review

Reviewed By Tom •  Updated: 03/19/23 •  8 min read
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Do you have a cat that’s very persnickety about her water? Will she only drink running water from the faucet? If so, you may want to read our review of the PAWAii Caremi Smart Pet Fountain!

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In this article, we’ll share the features of the PAWAii Pet Fountain and offer our own review of the fountain. Let’s get started!

PAWAii Caremi Smart Pet Water Fountain Review

Image Source: Instagram @karinabbingham

Why is Proper Hydration Essential for Cats?

Some cats are very particular about the water they drink. A kitty may not want to drink water out of their dish. Instead, she may prefer to drink water from the faucet. The cat may even beg for water from the tap each time she’s thirsty! That means several (or more) trips to the faucet you need to make every day. But what are cats so funny about their water?

One interesting note is that in the wild, cats are also very picky about their water. For instance, they will not drink from a water source near their kill (food). Smelling food next to their water may indicate that the water source has been contaminated. So, as cats evolved, they developed a preference for fresh, running water that’s away from their food. Our fur babies understand their water is safer to drink if there’s no smell of food nearby.

So, if your cat prefers running drinking water, that could be why. Her wild ancestors have passed on the knowledge and preference that running water is safer and healthier for her!

Image Source: Instagram @purrfectly.amber

Image Source: Instagram @purrfectly.amber

The Problem with Faucet Water & Cat Health

One of the main issues with your cat relying on the faucet water is that you never know how much water she’s drinking. Cats need to stay hydrated in order to be healthy. This is especially true if your cat is on a dry cat food diet. She needs more water to ensure her system runs correctly.

Cats can develop several health issues if they don’t drink enough water daily. They can develop feline lower urinary tract disease, kidney disease, cystitis, tumors, ruptured bladder, and develop kidney/bladder stones without the proper hydration.

What’s the Solution to a Cat Drinking from the Faucet?

One of the best solutions to your cat drinking water from the faucet is a cat water fountain. So, read on to learn more about the PAWAii Caremi Smart Pet Fountain and why this is a better solution for your cat’s hydration.

What is the PAWAii Caremi Pet Fountain — Features

The PAWAii Caremi Pet Fountain is a mobile smart pet water fountain. The water fountain for cats includes a water tank, external water pump, base, NSF-certified filter, and a power cord (USB type-C cable). This is a water fountain that not only supplies your fur baby with fresh drinking water but also monitors your cat’s water intake.

Image Source: Instagram @karinabbingham

Image Source: Instagram @karinabbingham

The Caremi Mobile Smart Pet Water Fountain includes a broad range of features and functionalities. Unlike regular cat water fountains, this model uses a proprietary app that monitors the cat’s water intake using a smart weighing module combined with a free app for your smartphone or another mobile device. You’ll never have to guess how much water your cat’s really getting when using this water fountain. Not only that, but the app also shows how often your feline companion drinks each day. You’ll have the data on your cats’ drinking whether you’re at home or work. What a great way to track your cat’s health.

The fountain also uses an NSF-certified filter combined with 5-stage deep filtration and UV sterilization. The filtering process improves water quality and kills 99.99% of bacteria. So, your cat has a fresh drink of clean water every time.

Another valuable function of the PAWAii Caremi Pet Fountain is that it also has a 5,000 mAh battery built-in. You can run the water fountain with a power cord or rely on the included battery. The battery keeps the fountain running for up to 7 days! This makes the cat water fountain easy to use in any room or even outside!

The cat water fountain also has a stable base that’s almost impossible to tip over. So you won’t have to worry about your cat knocking the fountain over and having no access to water.

What’s more, the unit is easy to clean.

Image Source: Instagram @purrfectly.amber

Image Source: Instagram @purrfectly.amber

Our Review of the PAWAii Caremi Pet Fountain

We used the PAWAii Caremi Pet Fountain with our resident cat, Pete. He can be pretty fussy about the water he drinks, so he was a perfect candidate to test this cat water fountain.

Click to learn more about PAWAii Caremi Pet Fountain.

First, the PAWAii Caremi Pet Fountain is easy to assemble. It takes only 15 seconds to put it all together. And you don’t have to be a techy person, either. Assembling the unit is intuitive, so you’ll have no problem putting it together.

We also found the unit easy to take apart for cleaning. The fountain must be washed about once a week to ensure cleanliness. In addition, the filter must be replaced about once a month to ensure your cat’s water is always clean.

Stable, Sturdy, & Long-lasting

Next, we found the PAWAii Caremi Pet Fountain to be sturdy, stable, and long-lasting. Pete, being a rather large male cat, has the strength to knock over regular water fountains for cats. However, he was not able to knock over the PAWAii Caremi Pet Fountain. The fountain offers a sturdy base that seems to survive the attempts of a strong cat to knock it over.

Did Our Cat Like the Water?

As with any new thing, our cat was a little standoffish with the fountain at first. We just set it in the kitchen and allowed it to run. Pete eventually became curious about it and went over to check it out. He first tried putting his paw in the water, licking the water off. After this, he started to drink from the fountain!

Pete loves to drink from the faucet (any faucet, such as the kitchen or bathroom). Because he prefers running water, Pete is happy to use the PAWAii Caremi Pet Fountain several times daily! He now prefers to drink from the cat water fountain rather than the faucet. This has made our lives easier, too. We’re not always running when Pete meows, indicating he’s thirsty!

Image Source: Instagram @karinabbingham

Image Source: Instagram @karinabbingham

Monitoring Pete’s Water Intake

We also downloaded and installed the PAWAii Caremi Pet Fountain’s free app. The app is available in Apple’s App Store and in the Google Play Store, so whether you use an iPhone or an Android device, you’re in luck.

We installed the app on an Android smartphone. On the Android app, the device first shows a circle that displays “Drink for Today.” Here, the app shows how many times your cat drank during the day and how much he’s had to drink in ml. You’ll also find the total amount of water your fur baby drank the day before.

The app also shows how many days are left on the current filter, a graph with the “Drink for Today,” “Water Intake,” “Drinking Times” (what time your cat drank), and more. We found the app intuitive and easy to use. It was easy to track the amount of water Pete drank each day.

Easy to Clean

The PAWAii Caremi Pet Fountain is also easy to take apart and clean. The fountain needs to be washed at least once a week, and the filter needs to be changed every 30 days. That’s all you need to do! It requires little maintenance.

Our Overall Impression of the PAWAii Caremi Pet Fountain

Along with our cat, Pete, we have to say the PAWAii Caremi Pet Fountain is an excellent water fountain for cats. Pete loves it! This is a cat who has not taken to other water fountains. He’s very picky about his water.

We love the fact that the app makes it easy to monitor Pete’s water intake each day. He is drinking enough water to stay hydrated every day. We also love that the cat water fountain is easy to assemble and maintain.

The result is that we highly recommend the PAWAii Caremi Pet Fountain and believe this is one of the best choices for a cat water fountain on the market today. This cat water fountain seems to work well for cats who are very choosy about their drinking water.

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