Can Your Dog Be Part Of Your Wedding?

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A recent survey by WeddingWire shows that 38% of all pet owners include their furry friend in their engagement or wedding celebrations. The statistics make sense when you consider that almost 70% of them feel that marrying a fellow pet lover is a must, and most consider pets part of the family. If you are getting married and you wish to find the perfect role for your dog, you need to know their personality well so you can ensure they’re happy and comfortable throughout the main events of your big day.

What’s Your Dog’s Pawsanality?

Research by Michigan State University researchers shows that dogs do have personalities, and that these can change over time for the good when their owners take them out for long walks, take extra time scratching their bellies, or take time to train them. In general, dogs usually have one or more of the following traits: trainability, sociability, confidence and shyness. However, even if your dog was very introverted when you first brought him home from a shelter or other pace in which he may have felt uncomfortable, with love and care, he can soon transform into a confident, trainable, happy dog that loves to be around people.
There are many popular roles for dogs at weddings. These include those of ring bearer, best man, bridesmaid, and guest of honor. Some brides have even had their dogs walk them down the aisle. It all makes for cute photographs, and is a delightful way to entertain guests. However, the role you choose for your dog should, above all, be compatible with your dog’s personality. An energetic but highly trainable dog, for instance, might enjoy entertaining guests at an outdoor wedding with a dance, training exhibition, or agility feat. A dog who loves people and knows how to greet them calmly, on the other hand, might like to simply stand by the reception entryway, greeting guests as they arrive. Whatever role you choose for Fido, make sure he is confident and ready to give his best by training him beforehand under similar conditions. If your dog is easily stressed, the kindest thing may be to allow him to rest at home instead of putting him under the spotlight.

Comfort And Safety Matter

Your dog should ideally perform a short role at your wedding, since he may get tired or overwhelmed by the lights, attention, and length of your celebration. The best way to keep your pooch protected is to have a trusted carer at the event to transport your pooch from area to area, take him for a walk, and take him home after he has fulfilled his role. The carer should keep your dog on leash so as to prevent him from running away if he is scared by loud noises such as fireworks or music.
If you’re planning a wedding, you may be one of the many pet owners who would love for your dog to be part of it. There are many ways to achieve this – the simplest of which may simply be to have your dog pose for photos with the newlyweds. Dogs can also take a more active role depending on their personality. They can walk the bride or groom down the aisle, serve as best pooch, or simply be guest of honor at your special event.
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