DIY Dog Playgrounds

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DIY Dog Playgrounds

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Do you have an active dog that easily becomes bored in the backyard? Some dogs and certain dog breeds need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. A regular backyard may not have everything your dog needs to stay happy and active!

Most dogs love to play, jump, slide, and climb (yes, even climb)! And they seem to love playgrounds just like kids! So, you may want to consider installing a playground in the backyard for your canine companion.

The good news is that you don’t have to order an expensive doggie playground online. Instead, you can build your own! Don’t worry; you don’t have to make anything too complex. In fact, we’ve put together some ideas that you can easily build for your dog! Let’s get started!

1. Easy to Make Play Equipment for Dogs by Pets.theNest

Here’s a great idea—easy to make play equipment for your dog! On this site, you’ll find instructions to make various items for your dog’s playground. For instance, the “Ropes, Socks, and Towels” idea says to make tug toys out of things you already have at home! You can thread an old sock through an old tennis ball, creating throwing and chewing toys that can be used inside.

The site also recommends building your dog a doggie sandbox! This is a place where your dog can enjoy digging as much as he likes. It’s a great way for him to get his exercise. However, if you bury some toys and treats in the sand, you’ll provide him with more motivation to dig and have fun!

They also suggest building an agility course for your dog in the backyard. Here, again, it’s not necessary to buy expensive equipment. Instead, build your own! It’s not hard to build ramps, weave poles, and more. You can use PVC pipes and joints, along with other great things you may already have. Or you can purchase the materials for much cheaper than buying a set at the store!

2. Dog Playground in 5 Hours by Hometalk

Hometalk walks you through building an easy obstacle course for your dog. The playground offers your dog ramps to run up, jump over, and even a tire tunnel to run through! This is a great way to ensure your dog is mentally stimulated and gets all the exercise he needs.

This playground is easy to build from leftovers that you may already have. It’s a low-cost and easy playground to build for your fur baby.

Another idea is to add a pool to the backyard near the playground. That way, when your dog gets hot from playing, he can run and play in the pool to cool off! You can buy a special pool that’s durable and made for dogs or buy a hard-sided kiddy pool. Either way, your dog is sure to enjoy this backyard setup!

3. Dog Agility A-Frame by Instructables

You can spend a ton of money on an A-frame for your dog’s agility practice. But why not save some bucks and build your own for a fraction of the cost? Your dog will love it and have fun no matter how inexpensive the A-frame is!

The plans are for an 8ft A-frame; however, the regulation frames are for 9ft. Even so, this is a great way to get your canine companion used to practicing his agility moves. This site offers instruction videos to make it easy for you to build this A-frame. You’ll also find a list of everything you need right here!

So, be sure to check out how to build this A-frame for your dog’s backyard!

4. DIY Backyard Playground for Your Dog by Leatherman

Here are some great DIY ideas for a backyard playground for your fur baby! You’ll find a list of everything needed for this project, along with easy-to-follow instructions. The site offers instructions for building a standard jump, a crawl tunnel, doggie sandbox, weave poles, teeterboard, and a tire jump. Your dog will have the best dog playground in the neighborhood!

Everything is made from PVC pipes and wood. From what we could tell, each piece of equipment is easy to build. There are no instructions, but the site offers pictures of each piece of the dog playground. So, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

The end result will be a happy, active dog that loves his backyard! Don’t be surprised if your canine companion invites all his friends over to have some fun!

5. How to Build a DIY Dog Agility Course by This Old House

Here’s another great easy-to-build agility course you can build for your dog! The skill level is set to easy, and the cost at the time of posting was about $175. Even if the cost has gone up a bit, this is still going to be cheaper to build than to buy. And they say it takes about five hours to build it all. What a great project for the entire family to enjoy!

The instructions here are easy to understand, and they offer some schematics to help, too. They also offer a list of everything needed for this DIY dog agility course. So, you can easily make a list of everything you may need to buy at the store.

Your dog is sure to love practicing his agility moves with this dog playground!

6. Elaborate Backyard Dog Playground from Dodo

Who knew you could find great instructions for a dog playground on The Dodo site! This s a project that takes more skill and time to build. However, it’s a beautiful dog playground your dog is sure to love.

The pet parent in this article has four dogs that needed some activity, so the guy turned his deck and backyard into a 3-story playhouse for the dogs! It features a pirate-themed pool, running water, lights, and lots of activities for the dogs. We’re pretty sure if you have kids, they will also be playing on this dog playground!

This is an excellent project for anyone who loves to work with wood!

7. PVC Puppy Play Gym by PVC Fittings Online

Puppies need plenty of activity and mental stimulation, too! And here’s an adorable PVC puppy p lay gym they’re sure to love!

The entire gym is made from PVC pipes and fittings to create a form. Once the form is completed, you can then hang safe puppy toys from the form. Then the puppies can play with the toys that are hanging from safe PVC chains. What an adorable activity for puppies, and it’s a great way for them to learn, too.

You’ll find a list of everything needed to build this adorable puppy gym. While there are no instructions, you can easily use the picture to build this toy for puppies!

Summing It Up

So, there you have it! We’ve put together a list of great dog and puppy playgrounds you can easily build! These don’t cost much to build (aside from the larger playground with the doggie pool!), and they’re easy to build.

Why not build your dog a great DIY dog playground in the backyard? Your fur baby will be happier, smarter, and have the mental stimulation and exercise he needs! But he won’t realize that—he’ll be focused on having fun with his new playground!

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