The Best Dog Subscription Boxes in 2021

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Have you thought about signing up for a dog subscription box? They are the latest trend and it is a great way to spoil your beloved companion and keep them amused during the day. Essentially, a dog subscription box gets delivered straight to your door on a regular basis and it contains everything from toys and accessories to tasty treats. There are some fantastic dog subscription boxes out there. We are going to tell you about some of the best subscription boxes in 2020 for your furry friend.

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1. BarkBox

First on our list is BarkBox. This is an exciting subscription box that takes on a different theme every month. They provide you with at least two toys, two treats and a chew. Every box is unique and fun for your pooch. Not only will your furry friend look forward to receiving it, but you also will too! To get started, you tell BarkBox a little about your pet online. This allows them to customize the box to suit your pooch. For example, if your dog has allergies, you can mark this on their profile. The good thing is that all treats are made and sourced in the USA. You can rely on their quality. On their website, you can peek inside each box to see what you can expect. If your dog is a tough chewer, there is a special Super Chewer box available. This will ensure that you get toys that are suitable for your pup.

We think that this dog subscription box is affordable and worth the money. You can look forward to receiving unique toys that are exclusive to BarkBox and know that the treats are allergy friendly. What’s more, 10 percent of their profits go to charity.

2. Surprise My Pet

We like Surprise My Pet because they are a family business. They operate in Jeffersonville and they see dogs as part of the family. They want to provide a subscription box that is fun for pups and owners to enjoy together. They personally select toys and treats every month to make sure that this happens with your subscription box. To receive your Surprise My Pet box, all you have to do is choose your pet and their size. This will enable to team to choose items your pooch will love. You can expect a mixture of toys and treats. Any bones or snacks included in this subscription box are all-natural and made in the USA. This makes sure they are healthy and safe for your beloved companion to enjoy. This is going to be an awesome surprise for your dog every month with all new items to investigate, eat and play with. We love that Surprise My Pet work with a number of animal charities. A portion of your money goes towards good causes in the animal world.

3. PupJoy

Next up is PupJoy. This is an awesome dog subscription box that is highly customizable. This is not something that is common in this market, which is why we have chosen this company. Dog owners will love to choose the items that they want for their furry friend. You fill out a profile and recommendations will be shared with you. You will be able to select the items you like for your canine.

There are a lot of premium products that are exclusive to PupJoy. This includes items from some of the most popular brands. We also like that the packaging is eco-friendly, made from recycled materials. When it comes to treats, there are lots of options too. For example, if your dog is sensitive to certain ingredients or you want them to enjoy all-natural foods, there are options available. In total, you choose between five to seven items, including chews, treats and toys. You can also decide whether you want to receive a box every month, bi-monthly or quarterly.

4. Pet Treater

One of the most affordable dog subscription boxes on our list is Pet Treater. This is a lot cheaper than other subscription boxes but still offers you the opportunity to receive quality items. You can receive between three and four items each month, which can include toys, treats, grooming products and clothing. You can select a plan that fits your budget and be sent a box that suits your pet.

One thing that this dog subscription box brand insists on is that they do not include ‘made in China’ treats. Instead, they provide treats that are made in the USA or Canada in their boxes. This is a way to ensure quality. If your dog has allergies, this can be accommodated for. You can also choose how often you want to receive a box. For example, they have a ‘try it out’ option where you can receive a box and see what you think about it.

5. Bullymake Box

Is your beloved companion a tough chewer? Do they rip and destroy their toys within a few minutes of receiving them? This can be frustrating when you have spent a lot of money trying to play with your pooch. But there is some good news. You can choose the Bullymake Box. This is a dog subscription box that is recommended for heavy chewers and energetic pups. Included in Bullymake Box is between five to six toys and treats each month. In particular, they source very tough and high-quality toys so that they do not get destroyed. In fact, they are so confident that this will be the case that they offer a 14-day guarantee. So, if your pup manages to destroy the toy within this time, you will be sent a new item free of charge. This sounds like a great deal!

Each box is customized for you every month and delivered to your door. You can tell them all about your pet, including toy preferences and any allergies they have. This allows the perfect box to be sent to you.

All of the toys and treats are made in the USA. There is even a toy only box if you would prefer to skip the treats.

6. PupBox

Do you have a cute and fluffy puppy? Perhaps you do not think there is a dog subscription box suitable for your little pup right now. But you do not have to wait until they get older. Instead, you can choose the PupBox. This is a subscription box that is specially designed to help you as your puppy grows. We think this is a fantastic choice if you are looking for support through training. In the PupBox, you will receive a combination of different toys, treats and accessories. You will also be sent training guides, which can be very helpful if you are a first-time dog owner or are new to raising puppies. You can customize the box based on your dog’s age, as well as your puppy’s personality.

You can expect around five to seven items. This is a good amount to receive every month. There is also a full training guide. All of the treats and chews that you are sent are sourced in the USA to ensure quality. The training guide is written by a celebrity dog trainer who has lots of experience. It can make your training sessions fun. In addition, if your dog has allergies, you can tell PupBox and they will adjust your box accordingly. You will never be sent treats that they cannot have. While the price is slightly higher than some other subscription boxes, we like that it is adapted for a young puppy. But there are adult dog subscription boxes available if you want to stick with the company as your pooch gets older.

7. VetPet Box

Does your dog have anxiety issues? Are they older and suffer from arthritis? The good thing about the VetPet Box is that it is designed by veterinarians and it can help your pooch if they have any ailments. It is a monthly subscription box that you can customize. You can tell them about their health conditions, age, allergies and playing style. They will deliver a box specially for your pooch. It does not matter what age they are, the subscription box will be adapted to their needs. We like that you can enjoy a mixture of items in your VetPet Box. This includes two toys, treats, accessories and healthcare items. This can include anything from supplements to shampoo. In addition, each box will include some useful information that can help your pup live a long and healthy life.

The price is higher for their subscription box. But this can be a good trade-off for receiving quality items that are suitable for your pooch. Plus, all of their treats are made in the USA and Canada. If you want to make sure your pup receives healthy and safe items, this is a good one to choose for peace of mind. After all, vets know best!

8. Dapper Dog Box

Next up on our list is Dapper Dog Box. This is a subscription box that wants to stand out from the crowd and this is why they offer you unique accessories and pet products that you will not be able to find at a pet store. Every box will include five unique items and takes on a different theme for you and your pooch to enjoy. Inside the Dapper Dog Box, you will find toys and treats, as well as a bandana. They are soft and high-quality bandanas that are sized for your dog and feature limited edition designs. Nobody will have the same one as your furry friend! In particular, Dapper Dog Box say that they like to include items that are made in the USA by small businesses. They stress that no products come from China or other countries where they cannot guarantee quality.

To get started, all you have to do is choose the size of your dog from the dropdown list. They will do all of the other details for you. If you want to try a box first before you sign up for the subscription, you are able to do this. If you like the box, you can then take on a subscription plan that suits your budget. Delivery is free within the USA. 

9. Pooch Perks

Another great dog subscription box on our list is Pooch Perks. This allows you to receive a fantastic selection of toys, treats and accessories every month. You will get five to six items every month and there are customizable options available. You can expect around three toys, treats and chews, as well as an accessory. Pooch Perks focuses on premium toys for your furry friend and made in the USA treats. If your dog is a tough chewer, you can customize your box so they receive toys that can last. But if your dog loves plush toys, you can opt for them instead. We find this dog subscription box an affordable option if you are on a budget. You can sign up to receive a monthly box and there are two options that you can choose for your needs.

10. Rescue Box

Last on our list, but definitely not least, is Rescue Box. This is a fantastic dog subscription box that lets your pooch enjoy some new toys and treats, as well as giving you the opportunity to help a shelter pup. The company say that every Rescue Box subscription will feed and vaccinate animals in shelters. Does that not sound great? This is still an affordable choice of dog subscription box. Every box that you receive will contain items that are valued at over $40. You can expect to receive a variety of toys, treats and chew that your pooch will love. There are three different size dog boxes that you can select.

The company say that most of their treats and chews are from the USA and Canada so they can guarantee quality. But some select chews are sourced from South America, as long as they are made in USDA facilities.

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