Best Dog Christmas Sweaters for Holiday Season

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Christmas is a time of family get-togethers, eggnog, Christmas stockings and fun activities. It’s also a time when everyone loves to wear holiday sweaters! If you’re a pet parent to a dog, you might even consider getting a pretty (or ugly) sweater for him, too!

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Not only are they adorable, but sweaters also make good sense for many dogs!

Christmas Dog Sweater Crochet Pattern

If you crochet and you’d like a more unique sweater for your dog, then maybe you could crochet a doggie sweater for your canine friend! Here are some patterns to give you some ideas!

Free Easy Crochet Dog Sweater Pattern: this pattern features a red, white and black classic sweater design. If you changed the black with green, you’d have a Christmas and holiday doggie sweater in no time! This design was originally created for a 9lb Yorkshire Terrier and is quick and easy to crochet in time for the holidays!

Dog Santa Sweater and Hat Free Crochet Pattern: here’s another adorable crochet pattern for smaller dogs. The outfit features a crochet sweater and a matching hat done in red and white yarn. The finishing touches are some cute pompoms you make to decorate the hat and sweater! What a cute set to keep your small dog warm and decked out for the holidays!

Crochet dog sweater with legs: if you’re interested in a dog sweater pattern that includes legs, then be sure to check out this free ebook by Jenna Wingate. She’s created some adorable designs that can be adapted to a holiday theme just by changing the colors! And best of all, this free ebook offers several free sweater designs to choose from. Please be sure to note the update at the bottom of the page that includes directions for downloading this free ebook!

Large-XL Dog Sweater Crochet Pattern: here’s a crocheted sweater patterns for larger dogs that also includes a hat! Just change the colors to make this sweater look more like Christmas and you’re all set! Your large dog can be as festive as your smaller fur babies!

Ugly Christmas Sweater for Dogs

Here’s everybody’s favorite—the ugly Christmas sweater for dogs (and their people). Ugly Christmas sweaters have become a holiday tradition, one that almost everyone looks forward to each year. What constitutes an ugly holiday sweater? For one, they’re generally done in bright holiday colors, including red and green. You might say they’re a bit flashy, without having to use Christmas lights. They also typically feature reindeer, Christmas trees, gingerbread men (and women), appliques and more.

Ugly sweater parties and contests are even big for work and family gatherings! The contest is to see who can find and wear the ugliest sweater! The ugly Christmas sweater trend has been going for a while now and has even become popular for pets and their pet parents! If you’re looking for an ugly sweater for your canine companion, then be sure to check out these versions!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Penguin Dog Sweater

Here’s a dog sweater sure to be considered ugly. This particular sweater’s made for large dogs. Your pup is sure to enjoy this funny Christmas trend, too! He’ll be the hit of the party!

Rubies Costume Company Candy Striped Knit Pet Sweater

This sweater’s cute, but for the colors of the stripes! The colors are red, lime green, pink, baby blue and white. The nice part about this sweater is that it even includes a hood for those days when your pup just has to get out to go in the snow!

New York Dog Ugly Holiday Sweater for Pets

Here’s an adorable ugly sweater! It features a red-nosed reindeer on the back (who’s missing one tooth!), along with some off-white pompoms on Kelly green and lime green stripes. He’s sure to be the hit of the ugly Christmas sweater party in this little number!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Santa Suit Dog Sweater

This one’s also adorable and ugly—a Santa suit for your pup! Your dog can be the hit of the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest with this red, white and black sweater made to resemble Santa’s iconic suit!

Snowman Clothes Puppy Winter Sweater Costume

Adorable and ugly, what more could you want in an ugly holiday sweater for your dog? This cute sweater fits dogs from XS all the way up to XL, just be sure to measure your dog to get the right sweater size for him! This cute sweater features red and green stripes, with a cute snowman and snowflakes on the sweater’s back. Your dog will blend in with everyone with this cute ugly Christmas sweater!

Ugly Christmas Light Up Gingerbread Man Xmas Dog Pet Sweater

This cute sweater is sure to win your pup the ugliest Christmas sweater award! It’s done in dark brown with a red collar and features an ugly gingerbread man on the back! And the sweater even lights up! The lights are motion-activated, so every time your dog moves, the sweater will light up! Machine washable and made of cotton blends—it’s sure to be a hit!

Blueberry Pet Let It Snow Classic Ugly Christmas Holiday Snowflake Pullover Dog Sweater

You’ll find this ugly holiday doggie sweater features a whole in the back for the leash or harness and it’s made of easy to wash acrylic material. The obnoxious snowflake design is done in red and white all over! The rim of the hoodie is of polyester. This doggie pullover is sure to keep your pup warm and win the ugliest Christmas sweater contest! And it’s a great addition to your family’s holiday photos!

Azuza Vintage Classic Turtleneck Dogs Pullover Knit Fall Winter Warm Dog Sweater

This adorable, ugly sweater features a classic snowflake, reindeer design in red and white. The sweater even includes a hood with reindeer antlers! Not only will your dog enjoy this cute ugly sweater, but he’ll stay warm and look like one of Santa’s reindeer, too!

Matching Family and Dog Christmas Sweaters

If you’re more interested in buying a doggie Christmas sweater, then consider these options. Actually, these are matching sweaters for your dog and the whole family!

Blueberry Pet Holiday Festive Christmas Collections

Here’s a Nordic-style holiday sweater for the whole family! The design features blue reindeer, with red trees and alternating red or blue snowflakes on the chest of the sweater. Below that you’ll find a red background with white diamonds and a ribbon design along the bottom. The perfect sweater for your entire family—to fit your fur baby to you!

Blueberry Pet 5 Patterns Nordic Fair Isle Snowflake Dog Sweater or Unisex Sweater

Here’s another holiday sweater for your entire family! This is another Nordic design with snowflakes across the chest area, and along the bottom of the sweater and near the bottom of the sleeves (closer to the cuffs).

Christmas Sweater for Dog and Owner

Here are some cute sweater ideas for doggie pet parents and their fur babies! Matching your dog’s sweater is all the rage these days—then everyone can tell you’re together! Check out these sweet sweaters for you and your dog.

Blueberry Pet 20 Colors Wool Blend or Acrylic Classic Cable Knit Dog Sweater

The cable sweater is a timeless classic loved by pet parents and their dogs! This doggie sweater features a crewneck, with openings the leash and harness. This sweater is machine washable but be sure to dry it flat to avoid shrinking it. Your pup’s sure to stay warm with this beautiful sweater.

Women’s Casual Cable Knit V-Neck Side Slit Oversized Solid Pullover Sweater

This sweater comes from a different manufacturer, but completely matches the Blueberry dog cable knit sweater. This sweater also features the classic cable in a sweater that will keep you warm and toasty on those cold winter nights!

Blueberry Pet 5 Patterns Nordic Fair Isle Snowflake Dog or Unisex Sweater

Here’s another option for you and your dog! The sweater features a Nordic snowflake design done in pink, off-white and black, with black and red at the neck and end of the sweater. This might work for an ugly holiday sweater, but it is cute!

Why Your Dog Needs a Sweater

Sweaters are great for dogs, especially dogs that are smaller, have trouble staying warm during cooler (and colder) times of the year, and some dogs just enjoy wearing clothes! But seriously, some dogs really do need sweaters. For instance, senior dogs, just like their older humans, often have trouble staying warm. Their metabolism slows down and they just chill easier than in their younger days. A sweater can help your older fur baby stay comfortable and at just the right temperature.

Dogs who have short, thin fur or hair are also great candidates for sweaters. Dogs with certain chronic illnesses such as thyroid problems, arthritis, etc. can stay more comfortable with an extra layer. Even larger dogs with a ton of fur can use the extra protection a sweater provides, especially when outdoor temps dip to below zero. These are all serious reasons to get a sweater for your canine companion.

Things to Look for in a Doggie Sweater

When shopping for the right sweater for your dog, there are some things to keep in mind:

1. Washable wool/acrylic blend: you’ll need to look for a sweater that’s washable, that will keep your pup warm and dry. Look for sweaters made with yarn that’s a blend of wool and acrylic. These are both washable and comfortable for most dogs. However, do watch for a skin reaction as some dogs are sensitive to wool, just like their humans. Look for signs of irritation, biting, rash, and consider changing over to an all acrylic sweater.

2. Correct sizing: you’ll need to correctly measure your dog to ensure the sweater fits right! Measure his neck, chest and waist to get a sweater that won’t be too tight, drag on the ground, etc. The sweater should be snug on your dog, but not tight. If your fur baby has a thick coat of fur, make sure that the sweater doesn’t push his hair down to the skin. A sweater that’s too tight could actually make your dog cold. His fur is a natural layer of insulation—if the fur’s pushed down flat, your dog will lose body heat, as the fur won’t insulate and your pup will be too cold. Also make sure your dog’s lower belly (just before his tail end) is free, in order to make it easier for him to go potty.

3. Allows normal movement: be sure the sweater you choose for your pup allows him to move naturally. This includes going potty, running, walking, sitting, etc. You want him to feel good and comfortable in his sweater—not feel as if he’s wearing a straitjacket!

4. Avoid buttons, snaps, etc.: look for doggie sweaters that are easy to pull on and off without the use of buttons, snaps, etc. These parts can easily be gnawed off and then accidentally swallowed.

We hope this guide has given you some great ideas on Christmas and holiday sweaters for your dog, you and your family! We’d like to wish you all a wonderful, fun and safe holiday season!

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