30 Best Dog and Cat Christmas Gifts – Best Pet Gift Ideas

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Christmas Pet Gifts

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It’s that time of the year when we start to shop for special Christmas gifts for family and friends. And if you’re like most pet parents, you’ll want to be sure to get something really special for your fur babies, too!

We’ve put together a list of gift ideas for the dogs and cats in your life. The gifts range from the less expensive to gifts that are a bit more luxurious. You’re sure to find just the right thing for your fur baby—be they dog or cat.

Cheap Dog Christmas Gifts

When it comes to buying a gift for your canine companion, it’s not difficult to find something that will make him happy. Here are some ideas for inexpensive doggie Christmas presents that could also be used as fun stocking stuffers!

1. ZippyPaws Holiday Squeakie Pad Reindeer Squeaky No Stuffing Plush Dog Toy 

This squeaky toy is perfect for those dogs that love stuffed animals; however, the reindeer contains no stuffing! If your dog loves to tear the stuffing out of his toys, then this will be a gift that also makes you happy. Now, we have to point out that this plush reindeer does contain super loud squeakers. If your dog drives you nuts with squeaking his toys, then you may want to pass on this toy. The plush reindeer toy is just the right size for small to medium dogs.

2. Chuckit! The Whistler Balls

This is a ball that most dogs should love! This high-bouncing ball, made from durable rubber, contains four sound holes that create a whistling sound when the ball’s thrown. What a great and fun way to enjoy exercise and playtime with your pup! These balls are easy to clean and come in various sizes (S, M, L), so you’ll find just the right size ball for your fur baby. The whistler balls come in packs of 2, for double the fun!

3. Scenereal Heavy Duty Dog Collars

What about a cute holiday-themed collar for your dog? We’ve found just the thing! Check out these dog collars by Scenereal. You’ll receive 2 dog collars, and can choose from S, M, or L sizes—you’re sure to find one that fits your fur baby! The collars are adjustable and made from soft fabric webbing, which is smooth and non-toxic making them safe for your dog. They also feature a quick-release buckle that makes it easy to get the collar on and off. The holiday designs of the collars may vary but will have a Christmas holiday theme.

4. Old Mother Hubbard Crunchy Classic Natural Dog Treats

Don’t forget a tasty treat when it comes to buying inexpensive gifts for your fur baby! We found these dog treats, which come in a variety of flavors. These crunchy natural dog treats are made with peanut butter, molasses, apples and carrots. You can use them as treats for every day, but they’re also great to use during training sessions. These all natural treats contain no artificial preservatives and are made in North America.

Luxury Christmas Gifts for Dogs

If your dog has champagne taste or has almost everything, then we’ve got some great luxury gifts he’ll enjoy!

5. Haoricu Puppy Clothes, Woolen Dog Coat Leopard Printed

Does your dog need a coat? Then he may enjoy the luxury look of this leopard print coat. The coat ranges in size from XS up to XL, so you’ll find the right size for your dog. Suitable for spring, summer, fall or winter wear, your pup’s sure to be the hit of the dog park in this leopard doggie coat.

6. Furbo Dog Camera

This treat-tossing pet camera works via WiFi so you and your pup can visit during the day. It’s also compatible with Alexa. Toss your dog a treat and check in to say and see how he’s doing, all with this one pet camera!

7. Deluxe Dog Blanket

The Best of Breed Deluxe Blanket is sure to give your pup a cozy place to nap, or maybe he’ll even share it with you! This blanket is made of soft, cozy fleece and is lightweight and comfortable. And it’s machine washable.

8. Lesypet Leather Dog Coats

These coats are so cute and perfect for dogs up to 20 lbs. This leather coat for your pup features snap-on button closure, making it easy to get on and off. The outer layer’s water resistant, while the under layer is warm and cozy. Just right to keep your dog warm and dry on those cold winter days!

9. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Lounge 

This luxe dog bed comes in a variety of sizes and colors—you’ll find a bed that fits your dog and your décor! The mattress is made of 4-inch memory foam that helps to reduce joint pain, while improving mobility and energy. The fabric is durable and washable!

10. Pet Squeak Alpine Lodge Raised Wooden Dog House Small

For the small dog who has everything, how about a new dog house? He’ll enjoy some sweet digs with this Alpine cabin dog house. It’s easy to assemble and is naturally water-resistant and made of non-toxic materials. And it has a raised floor to keep your pup off the cold ground (outside) or the floor (if used inside).

11. Wooly Snuffle Mat

Here’s a great way to get your dog to slow down when he eats! This feeding mat encourages natural foraging skills, making your fur baby use his nose and brain to find his food. The easy-to-fill matt is durable and machine washable. Great for dogs who tend to gulp down their food!

Dog Toy Gift Baskets

Another idea that’s become popular is dog gift baskets. You can create your own doggie gift basket or buy dog gift baskets that are already put together.

12. BarkBox and Super Chewer Grinch Holiday Limited Edition Gift Assortment

Here’s great Christmas idea for your dog—the BarkBox Grinch gift assortment! Now, this isn’t exactly a basket, but the idea’s still the same. The BarkBox special Grinch edition features all-natural treats and chews, plush toys, chew toys and a bonus holiday wearable. This is the perfect gift for small-medium sized dogs. All treats are grain-free, all natural lamb and duck treats, free of soy, wheat, and corn. Make your dog happy with this wonderful holiday BarkBox!

13. Customized Dog (or Cat) Gift Basket

These baskets are put together with love and contain handmade items. When ordering, specify if you’re ordering for a dog or cat, male or female and their size. The basket will come with toys and more for your fur baby!

14. Gourmet Dog Treat Gift Basket

Perfect for any pup, this basket contains original dog treats. You’ll receive Dogs Love Kale, Bubba Rose Special Reserve biscuits, and more!

15. Classic Dog Treat Gift Basket

If your dog loves classic treats, then look no further! He’ll love this gift basket! The basket includes Purina Beggin’ Strips, Snausages, and Canine Carry Outs Chicken Strips. Your dog will be drooling when he smells these treats under the tree!

16. DIY Basket

Creating your own dog gift basket’s another option. You can choose from a variety of baskets, such as the WarmHome Decorative Basket. This rectangular basket would make a great gift container and then a place to store your pup’s toys after the holidays! Here’s another option: the DII Bone Dry Basket. This basket is round and made from heavy-duty fabric, featuring a dog’s paw on the front. How cute is that? The basket comes in various colors and patterns, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits you and your pup.

For a DIY dog gift basket, just fill it with his favorite treats, a collar and some new toys. He’s sure to enjoy opening this gift!

Unique Gifts for Cats

Cats can be a little more finicky when it comes to their toys, food and more. So, maybe you’ll want to find some special gift ideas for your kitty. We’re here to help!

17. Three Way Tunnel for Cats by Petlike 

Does your cat love hiding in paper bags and boxes? Then she’ll love this fun tunnel for kitties! The three-way tunnel is great for kittens or adult cats. The tunnel’s made of heavy-duty, durable materials that will not come apart when clawed or scratched.

18. Earthtone Solutions Set of 5 Wool Felt Ball Toys for Cats & Kittens 

These 4 cm balls (about the size of a golf ball) are handmade from felted fabric, making them perfect for cats. The fabric is 100% natural and the balls come in various colors (colors will vary). The balls are made by artisan women in Nepal and don’t contain noisy bells or dangerous parts that could come off when chewed. Cats love to chase balls—these will make a wonderful, natural toy for your cat this Christmas!

19. Catit Fountain 

The perfect thing to keep your cat’s water fresh every day, all day. The cat drinking fountain has three different water flow settings and offers a 3L re-circulating system. The fountain takes up little floor room, making this an ideal gift even for cats living in a small home. It’s made of BPA-free materials.

20. The Natural Pet Company Cat Toys Collection Gift

At first glance, you may mistake these toys for fishing lures! However, these are natural toys for your feline fur baby. The box features a fun variety of kitty toys you cat’s sure to love. The toys are made of natural materials including wood, sisal, and feathers. They’re safe for you and your pets!

21. Catit Senses 2.0 Wellness Center

This isn’t a toy, but a spa for cats! The Catit wellness center offers 360 degrees of relaxation and grooming for your cat. Your kitty’s head, neck, face and body will enjoy a massage and it’s purfect for small or large cats. The kitty wellness center features self-grooming brushes that remove loose hairs and it contains a catnip container, sure to get your fur baby’s attention.

22. Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats

This stimulating cat toy will encourage your cat’s natural urge to dig, while keeping her away from plants, etc. Just put your kitty’s favorite treat in the cups and watch her “dig” them out. This toy’s easy to take apart and clean (hand washing is advised).

23. Easyology Amazing Roller Cat Toy

Here’s another interactive cat toy your fur baby will enjoy! This three-level track and balls will keep your cat entertained for quite a while. The interlocking levels contain three balls that your cat will try to get out. It can also be used with more than one cat at a time, so if you have a house full of cats, this toy will be fun entertainment for them all. Also safe for kittens!

24. PetDroid Boltz Robotic Moving Automatic Mouse Cat Toy

Does your cat enjoy a good chase after string, balls and more? Then she’s sure to love this robotic mouse cat toy. The robot mouse moves in unpredictable directions and it even makes mouse sounds sure to get your cat’s attention. This toy isn’t suitable for carpets but works great on hard flooring.

25. PetFusion Ambush Interactive Cat Toy

Here’s another toy that stimulates your cat’s hunting and chasing instincts! The PetFusion Ambush cat toy features feathers that randomly pop out of six holes in the toy’s disk. The disk also has LED lighting, for fun play during the day or at night. Mentally stimulate your cat and get her to exercise with this fun toy. The disk has anti-skid feet, making it safe for your kitty.

Luxury Gifts for Cats

If your cat loves luxury gifts, then we’ve got some ideas for you. These gifts are for cats that have everything!

26. Sphere Scratch Post Cat True

Does your cat need a new hide-away? Then the sphere scratch post cat tree will be just what she needs. This is actually a piece of furniture—a freestanding luxury kitty bed. The cat bed is made of engineered wood, wicker and banana leaf. The cat bed at the top is round, with 2 access holes and even includes a machine washable cushion.

27. Stylish Igloo Cat Cave Bed

This luxurious cat bed is made of ecological bamboo and is handmade.  This eco-friendly pod includes a washable cushion, making this a warm place for your kitty to snuggle up day or night. Not only that, but this cat bed is great for any type of décor, with a modern art feel.

28. FurHaven Pet Cat Furniture 

Tiger Tough Cat Tree: if your cat enjoys climbing, hiding away and just being up as high as possible, then she might enjoy this cat tree. This piece of cat furniture comes in a variety of fashionable colors sure to fit your home’s décor. It features a cozy spot (house) for your cat to curl up for a nap, and includes a perch at the top, giving your cat access to the height she enjoys. The cat tree also features a scratching post and toys. Easily assembles in only minutes.

Cat Gift Basket Ideas

Another popular option for pet parents is to give their fur babies gift baskets! Here are some suggestions for your feline companion.

29. Organic Cat Toys

Here’s a gift basket any cat will appreciate! It’s filled with six cat toys that are handmade and include catnip. You’ll receive a hemp catnip carrot, small cotton catnip mouse, fuzzy white catnip mouse, wooly ping pong, and wool dust bunnies. These toys are made by hand in Indiana and each basket is personally packaged.

30. Cat Toys—Holiday Gift Baskets

This basket features handmade toys including: catnip cake, catnip candy toy, fish stocking, catnip tin, catnip sardine and a catnip face all packaged in a holiday tray basket. All made in the US. Perfect for any cat—old or young!

31. DIY Cat Gift Basket

Another option is to create your own cat gift basket. Just buy a basket like the Tosnail 2 Pack Collapsible Jute Storage Bin Nursery Baskets. These are so cute—made with a paw print on one basket and the silhouette of a cat on the other basket. Just choose your cat’s favorite treats and toys she’ll enjoy and you’re set!

We hope this dog and cat gift guide will help you find just the right gifts for your fur babies! Wishing you and your fur babies a wonderful and happy holiday season!

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