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Welcoming a new furry companion into your life can be quite thrilling. You just can’t help but get an “out of this world” feeling by simply thinking about all the happy moments you guys are going to have together. The fun, the thrill, the adventure, and you’re already wondering where and how to begin with your new kitten. Well, as a pet lover I’ll tell you this – kittens are naturally very playful creatures and playtimes are vital to their development.

With lots of energy to burn, getting fun and frisky toys for young cats will not only keep their mind occupied but will also create an invaluable opportunity to bond with the owner. Do you know that playing with your feline friend will help boost her natural behavior like stalking, pouncing, and attacking? So I guess it’s that obvious that you need to play with and take care of your kitten.

You’re probably aware of the countless number of cat toys out there. However, choosing a toy for your kitten is quite different from selecting toys for a full-grown cat so you’ll have to be cautious while making your pick. Carefully select safe kitten toys that are perfect for developing natural hunting skills to help them stay active and healthy. We have listed 10 of the best toys for young cats below to help you decide easily.

1. Balls

A ball is really one of the most amazing toys for young cats you can get for your furry companion. Imagine having your kitten running around, chasing and playing with a ball while allowing you to concentrate on other things – pretty amazing right? Cats simply love to play and will continuously chase the ball around for hours. Don’t forget to have them supervised though so they don’t harm their adorable selves. Who doesn’t love seeing their pet happy? I’ll do almost anything to see those gorgeous creatures happy. Balls with different and exciting features like jingle bells inside or catnip at the middle will definitely bring out the playful character in your feline friend. One of the cheapest kitten toys you can get to create memorable experiences!

2. Laser Pointer

You won’t believe how much kittens love the laser pointer. Watching your cute little kitten bounce around the house chasing the laser beam can be fun for you and her. Undoubtedly trying to figure out the mystery behind the little light coming from the laser pointer. They just can’t help but wonder how impossible it is to simply grasp that little light literally staring them in the face. Upon seeing the light, your kitten pounces on it only to see the same light shining somewhere else once she thinks she’s gotten hold of it. Be careful when you’re both playing so she doesn’t get hurt and also try not to point the light to her eyes.

3. Stick Toys

Stick toys usually brings unending pleasure and fun for cats. They simply can’t get enough of the dangling effect. Toys made from plastic long stick with stuffed animals, bells, or feathers at the end are perfect toys for your kitten. Simply dangling it in front of your young cat will get her all excited to start jumping in order to catch her new toy. A simple kitten toys diy toy you can easily make by tying a stuffed animal at the end of a stick. Cast it, allow it to dangle, and watch your feline friend have fun trying to catch it.

4. Cardboard Box

Playtime for your kitten doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Find new and exciting ways to play with your furry friend. All cats, both young and adult love hiding in boxes. This is one great toy your kitten would definitely love to be dragged around in. you should get a box with lower sides so it’s easy for your kitten to climb in and out. A cardboard box, cut to comfortably fit your young cat. You can leave the cover partly opened and hide other toys or treats there for your cat to find. Cardboard boxes are cheap kitten toys and easy kitten toys diy that are sure to make your kitten happy.

5. Scratching Toys

This is certainly the best option if you want to prevent coming back home to meet several claw marks on your furniture and personal things. Kittens need to scratch to keep their claws healthy and mark their territory. Your feline animal might still be young, but they do have sharp claws that could be destructive to your properties if not properly taken care of. These toys come in a variety of materials, designs and attractive colors for a richer experience. Giving her scratching toys to play with will be fun and will save you a lot of stress and money as well.

6. Mouse Toys

It’s so much fun to watch your kitten stalk mouse toys and pounce on them. While you can call her cute and adorable, your feline companion thinks herself to be a frightening predator capable of hunting down her prey anytime. Your furry animal will be so glad to have a toy she can play around with. While this toy will serve as prey for your cute little kitten, it’ll also encourage her natural stalking and pouncing instincts. I bet you she won’t be able to resist these mouse toys. Keep your kitten entertained all day long and witness first-hand how happy and content she is as she carries her prey around the house. The fun thing is that these mouse toys come in variety of colors that are sure to get your cat ready to pounce. Endeavor to check that they are safe before letting her play with it. Check for loose pieces that she could easily bite off and swallow.

7. Food Dispensing Toys

Keep your kitten entertained while feeding her at the same time. That’s literally killing two birds with one stone. Simply put some kibble into the compartments and allow her paw away. As she plays with her favorite toy, she makes use of her paws to bring out bits of her meal in small quantity. This will help stimulate your kitten’s natural hunting instincts. This special toy for young cats will keep her pretty much occupied for hours. You can also throw in one or two of her small toys and watch her continuously try to get them out. She should be supervised for this so she doesn’t end up swallowing her tiny toys which will choke her.

8. Paper Bags

You won’t believe how much those adorable little creatures love playing in paper bags. Place the paper bag sideways so your furry little friend can hide inside easily. You wouldn’t want a fun time for your kitten to turn out to become a tragic accident now would you? I’m guessing the answer to that is a big NO. If your house is filled with a lot of people, probably your relatives are spending a weekend or the holiday with you. You can prevent this by making sure the bag is kept in a safe place, a less busy area in the house where no one can mistakenly step on your kitten while she’s having her fun inside the bag. Also, it is important that you do not make use of plastic for this purpose as she might get sick as a result of swallowing this material. This is one of the cheap kitten toys and kitten toys diy you can make for your kitten with ease.

9. Catit Sense Play Circuit

The catit sense play circuit toy is a perfect way to occupy your kittens mind. It comes with an enclosed top with a peek-a-boo track design that allows your cat push the ball with her paws. As the ball moves along the track, your kitten tries to hunt the ball throughout the entire length of the tube. This is a great way to keep her engaged for hours as she keeps trying to find a way to get the ball out of the track. This will help stimulate your kitten’s sense of sound, sight, and touch. More so, it is safe for her as it doesn’t have any sharp edges that could cause any harm.

10. Puzzle Box

This is one toy your cat will really find interesting. It’s not just a play toy but an opportunity for your kitten to learn how to solve simple problems. You can simply make a puzzle box for your kitten with a box and plastic cups. You’ll also need balls for this game. The cat will have to strategize on how to fish the balls out of the puzzle box. Allow your playful feline have loads of fun figuring out ways of solving the puzzle and she’ll be happy to know that you care so much for her.

Just like your little boy at home, a furry friend needs fun and safe kitten toys to play with as well. When buying toys for your young cat, make sure you don’t buy the ones with small parts that she can swallow easily. To keep her interested, only bring out few toys at a time and hide the others for another playtime. It’s advisable not to allow your kitten play with household items that are tiny and easy to swallow like coins, paper clips, small balls, erasers, etc. Toys are great and all but in order for her to cultivate a healthy and good social behavior, you should allow your kitten play and interact with other kittens her age from time to time.

With the 10 different safe kitten toys listed above, your young cat is bound to have great fun and bonding time with you.


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