Beagle Weight Chart

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Beagle Weight Chart

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Have you just adopted a Beagle puppy? Congratulations! There’s nothing more wonderful than bringing home your new fur baby! During his first year, your puppy will grow and change into an adult dog. But do you know how fast your Beagle puppy should grow?

Many pet parents aren’t really sure what the normal growth rate is for their puppies. And there are issues to watch for, such as whether your puppy is growing too slowly or if he’s too large for his age and more. Knowing the puppy’s ideal weight for each stage of puppyhood can help you feel better about your fur baby’s growth!

We’ve put together some information about Beagles and have included weight charts for both male and female puppies (males and females grow at slightly different rates). Let’s get started!

What is a Beagle?

Beagles are friendly, energetic dogs that are highly intelligent and playful. They have one of the best noses around, too! That’s why the dogs are sometimes used for hunting, though their noses can help with other kinds of work, too.

The dogs were originally bred in England, where they were used for hunting. However, it’s thought the breed may even date to ancient times. A Greek document from 400 BC describes a dog that sounds similar to a Beagle.

Today, Beagles are family companions and still have work to do, aside from hunting. The dogs are happy and have adorable faces. You can’t look at a Beagle and be unhappy! The dogs are also outgoing and loving. The dogs are known for being gentle. And they need at least an hour of exercise each day.

Beagles usually stand between 13 to 15 inches tall and weigh between 18 to 30 lbs. They have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years.

Beagle Growth & Weight Charts

We’ve put together two growth charts for male and female Beagles in this section. Just like human babies, Beagle puppies have different stages they grow through in their first 12 months of life. It’s helpful to know what the normal average growth rate is for your puppy.

If he seems to be a little above or below the average, that’s not usually anything to worry about. However, if the puppy seems to be well below or above the average, you’ll know it with a weight chart. When you see there’s an issue, then it’s time to call the vet.

Male Beagle Puppy Growth & Weight Chart

Age Height Range Weight Range
8 weeks 5-7 lbs 6”-8”
9 weeks 5.5-8 lbs 6”-8”
10 weeks 6-9 lbs 7”-9”
11 weeks 6.5-10 lbs 7”-9”
3 mos 7-11 lbs 8”-11”
4 mos 8-12 lbs 8”-11”
5 mos 10-14 lbs 9”-12”
6 mos 12-16 lbs 9”-12”
7 mos 14-18 lbs 10”-13”
8 mos 15-19 lbs 10”-13”
9 mos 17-21 lbs 11”-14”
10 mos 20-24 lbs 12”-15”
1 year 21-25 lbs 12”-15”
2 years 22-26 lbs 13”-16”

Female Beagle Puppy Growth & Weight Chart

Age Height Range Weight Range
8 weeks 4-5.6 lbs 5”-7”
9 weeks 5-7.5 lbs 5”-7”
10 weeks 5.5-8 lbs 6”-8”
11 weeks 6-9 lbs 6”-9”
3 mos 6.5-10 lbs 7”-10”
4 mos 7-11 lbs 7”-11”
5 mos 8.5-12 lbs 8”-11”
6 mos 10-14 lbs 8”-11”
7 mos 12-16 lbs 9”-12”
8 mos 13-17 lbs 9”-12”
9 mos 15-19 lbs 10”-13”
10 mos 17-21 lbs 10”- 13”
1 year 19-23 lbs 11”-14”
2 years 20-24 lbs 12”-15”


Remember, these are the average growth rate figures for Beagle puppies, both males and females. Puppies grow at their own rate. So, if your puppy is a little above or below average, that’s not usually a cause for concern. There could be an issue, however, if your fur baby is drastically above or below their average growth rate.

If you have any concerns about your puppy and his growth rate, be sure to call the vet. They will have the best information and guidance on what’s normal for your puppy.

Beagle Growth Stages

Here are some details on what you can expect during your puppy’s first year of life. We’ve broken the information into smaller sections based on the major milestones of a puppy’s first year.

8 Weeks Old (2 Months)

At about six weeks of age, your Beagle puppy will be ready to start eating puppy food. As he reaches 8 weeks of age, he will start to nip, play, run, and bark. They’re adorable at this age! This is when you can gently begin playing with your fur baby.

12 Weeks Old (3 Months)

By three months old, your Beagle puppy will start to look more like a young dog. He will have better coordination and learn what is safe or not. This is about the time when you should begin potty training your canine companion.

6 Months Old

Now, your Beagle puppy is about ½ his adult size! He’s really come a long way! Now, you can start talking your puppy out for short walks. Also, during this time, your puppy’s attention span will increase, so he’s better able to learn new commands. This is about the time your Beagle puppy will really get serious about sniffing things out with his powerful nose!

12 Months Old

By this time, your Beagle has reached full size and is no longer a puppy. He’s a young dog and will not be fully mature until he is about 18 months old. Your fur baby may grow a bit taller and heavier during this time.

When Do Beagles Stop Growing?

Beagles are mature by the time they’re about 18 months old. By this age, the dog’s bones have reached full maturity, and the dog’s weight should be steady. A male Beagle usually weighs about 25 lbs, while a female weighs about 22 lbs.

When they’re about 18 months old, Beagles are full of energy! It’s necessary to ensure they get at least an hour of exercise a day (though more may be better). At this time, your Beagle will eat between 1 to 1.5. cups of food day. These can be divided between two daily meals, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Summing it Up

So, there you have it! You’ve now learned the average weight for your Beagle through the first year or two of his life! If you’re ever worried about your dog’s growth or weight, it’s best to call the vet for advice. They may ask to see your fur baby just to make sure he’s coming along as he should!

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