DIY Dog Treadmills

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DIY Dog Treadmills

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Dogs, like their pet parents, need to have regular exercise to stay happy and healthy. But what happens if you can’t get outside often enough to exercise your dog? The weather or even living in an urban area that doesn’t have good sidewalks can make exercising your fur baby a challenge. But have you considered another option?

Why not build your dog a DIY dog treadmill? Of course, there are dog treadmills you can buy. But maybe you already have the materials and tools on hand to make one of your own!

We’ve put together some DIY dog treadmills you can try. Maybe one of these will work for your canine companion!

Our List of DIY Dog Treadmills

Here’s our list of DIY dog treadmills to consider for your dog. Each of these is accompanied by a video on YouTube, so you can see the materials needed and the process of how to build the treadmill.

1. How to Build a Carpet Treadmill by Molan Labe

Difficulty: Easy

This treadmill is one of the easiest to make on our list of DIY dog treadmills. It’s a simple design made from scrap 2×4 lumber. The design uses large PVC pipes as rollers and a length of carpet that’s stretched around the rollers to create a running surface.

The plywood base sits under the carpet and provides your fur baby with plenty of support to run on. The metal pole across the front is a great place to attach your dog’s harness as he runs.

2. DIY Carpet Treadmill Made Easy by Guard Haus Kennels

Difficulty: Moderate

Next on our list of DIY dog treadmills is the DIY carpet treadmill made easy by Guard Haus Kennels. They say this dog treadmill can be built in just a single afternoon.

The design is simple and is made of 2x4s and large PVC pipe rollers. Here, you’ll see they’ve used a chain to attach the dog to the treadmill; however, we would recommend a harness or another attachment you feel is most comfortable for your dog.

Make sure this design is built to fit your dog. You may notice in the video that this treadmill was made too short for the dog it was built for. The treadmill must fit your dog, or he could become injured while using it.

3. How to Build a Carpet Mill/Tread Mill For Your Dog by Thomas Lopez

Difficulty: Moderate

This video show another version of a DIY dog treadmill that is rated at a moderate difficulty level. This treadmill design uses lumber, PVC pipes, and some power tools to build. However, we have to say the result of this design is sturdy and pretty good. However, be sure to build this treadmill to fit your dog.

This design has an easy rolling operation that runs smoother than other designs. However, it is more involved to make and requires more skill to build.

4. How to Build Your Own Dog Treadmill by Exercise with Dogs

Difficulty: Moderate

This video is pretty good and shows you how to build a DIY dog treadmill. They also offer more information about dog treadmills and how to build one on their site. This design has you first measure your dog to make sure the DIY treadmill fits him.

While the design isn’t too hard, it results in a very effective doggie treadmill. It’s strong enough to hold a dog, even when he’s running full on! So, your fur baby will be able to exercise to his heart’s content, even if he’s living in a smaller space!

5. DIY Dog Carpet Mill by Be Still 46 10

This DIY dog treadmill has a very sturdy build—as you can see in the video, they’re exercising a Rottweiler! Your dog is sure to be able to run at full speed on this treadmill. It’s built to be strong, not shake, and uses carpet to keep it easy on your dog’s feet.

One difference we like in this design is that it uses anti-slip tape and duct tape to make it more comfortable for the dog. The tape provides a better surface for the dog to grip.

This treadmill design requires wood and power tools, resulting in a strong, durable DIY dog treadmill!

6. Homemade Dog Carpet Mill by Molan Labe

Difficulty: Advanced

Now, we’re into the more advanced DIY dog treadmills. This design works great for dogs who love to run. The carpet easily slides under the dog so he can run naturally and easily. That’s because the dog treadmill features tensioners that are built into the rollers.

This design is built to more professional standards and uses plywood sides to keep your dog in place and running/walking straight. The angle of this treadmill is also great for dogs to run or walk on.

7. How to Build a Treadmill for Dogs by the Nest

Difficulty: Advanced

We couldn’t find a video with this treadmill design; however, you can follow the link to their step-by-step instructions on how to build a DIY dog treadmill. The instructions are easy to follow and result in a treadmill that’s the right size for your canine companion.

You’ll need lumber, dowels, copper pipe, PVC pipe, a saw, a drill, and other tools to build this treadmill. However, it can be built in an afternoon, so your dog can enjoy using the treadmill as soon as you have it done!

8.How to Design a Treadmill for Dogs by Cuteness

Difficulty: Advanced

Here’s another more advanced DIY dog treadmill design to consider. There’s no video for this treadmill; however, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to build this design. Each step of the process is described and provides several ideas on how to build each piece of the treadmill.

This may be a great choice for you if you love a challenge!

Summing It Up

Each of this DIY dog treadmills offers a strong build for most dogs. The key is to ensure the treadmill is built for your dog’s size and strength. Otherwise, he could end up running right off the end of the treadmill and become injured!

So, choose the right DIY dog treadmill for your dog and for your skillset. The result will be a dog treadmill your dog loves to use, and it will help him stay fit, even on rainy days!

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