How Much Exercise Does a Pitbull Need

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Have you recently adopted a Pitbull dog or puppy? If so, then congratulations! It’s an exciting time being a pet parent to such a wonderful dog!

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As you get to know your Pitbull, there are lots of things to learn about him. For example, you may want to learn more about the breed, and even what type and how much exercise your fur baby needs.

If you’d like to learn more about your dog, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together information about Pitbulls, as well as how much exercise they need. Let’s get started!

What is a Pitbull?

Pitbulls are extremely popular dogs; however, there is some controversy about these dogs. There even laws in some places that make it illegal to have a Pitbull. Even so, many people are pet parents to these beautiful dogs. Who couldn’t be pulled in by that huge smile and twinkling eyes?

The history of this dog is tragic. In England, Ireland, and Scotland, these dogs were bred to fight. A bulldog and a terrier were crossed to create a Pitbull. The mixed dogs were then trained to fight bulls and other large animals. However, this practice has been banned.

These dogs go by different names such as American Pitbull terrier, American bully, and other common terms. They’re sometimes mistaken for American Staffordshire terriers because the breeds so highly resemble one another in appearance.

These dogs are not recognized as a breed by the AKC (American Kennel Club); however, they are recognized as a specific breed by the United Kennel Club and the American Dog Breeders Associations.

Pitbulls are sturdy, strong dogs that have very wide faces. Their heads are also flat, with powerful jaws. A Pitbull’s ears are smaller, and they have a short, thin tail.

The Pitbull’s fur coat is fine and short, which makes it easy to care for. They don’t require much grooming; however, they can do quite a lot of shedding. And their coats come in a wide variety of colors. These dogs are very friendly and confident. While many people perceive these dogs as mean, they’re actually real people pleasers.

The typical size of a Pitbull is anywhere from 30-90 lbs, and they’re 17-19 inches high. The average life span of a Pitbull is between 12-14 years.

These dogs are extremely active and require plenty of exercise to wear of their energy. It’s recommended to have a fenced-in backyard where these dogs can run and play. And they’ll have even more fun if you play with them!

When it comes to pet parents, Pitbulls really need a pet parent is has a firm hand, but does not hit them or harm them in anyway. A pet parent needs to be confident and know how to handle this type of dog. Obedience training and proper socialization also go a long ways in helping these dogs follow their pet parent’s cues.

Otherwise, Pitbulls love being part of the family. They can be very gentle with kids, and love to play with them.

One way to keep a Pitbull happy is by training them from the time they are puppies and make sure the dog has plenty of ways to release his energy with lots of exercise. This is not a dog that does well being kept in a small place or alone too often. This can lead to destructive behaviors.

Types of Behavior Issues to Watch For

You may be able to tell that your canine companion isn’t getting enough activity by monitoring his actions. When a Pitbull dog is bored, they will get into all kinds of mischief!

Destructive Behavior

Your dog may like chewing on just about anything from shoes and purses, to furniture and more. He may also try getting into the garbage or other activities. This may be an indication he needs more exercise. However, in some cases, this type of behavior can come down to separation anxiety.


Has your Pitbull started “yodeling” and pacing through the house? This could be a sign that he’s stressed out. It can also mean he needs more exercise.

Being a Nuisance to You

Pitbulls love being with their pet parents and family; however, if he’s more clingy than normal it could be because he has too much energy. He’s letting you know he’d like to spend more time with you, wanting to do something fun.

OK, now let’s get on to information about Pitbulls and exercise!

How Much Exercise Do Pitbulls Need?

Well, you may have found a clue in the description of these dogs. They have lots of energy! So, these dogs require a lot of exercise. When you become the pet parent to a Pitbull, be sure you can really make the commitment to help your dog wear off all the energy he has stored up!

Be aware that these dogs have quite a bit of stamina. In fact, they can go all day long, and maybe even longer. Pitbulls are confident dogs who are highly spirited, too. Don’t be surprised if your fur baby has a mind of his own. Another thing, they may cause become troublemakers when bored.

A Pitbull needs at least one hour of exercise a day; however, 2 hours a day would be even better. At the same time, don’t overdo it with the exercise, either. That can be harmful to your dog.

What’s more, these dogs also need to have mental stimulation, along with meaningful activities. They will enjoy the fun for its own sake but definitely need the mental stimulation to keep boredom away.

One way to help your canine companion work off energy is by going for daily walks. These dogs love to walk. The walk could be 30-60 minutes long, or you could divide this time by walking in the morning and then again in the late afternoon or evening.

Activity with a Purpose

Some Pitbull dogs have been bred to work, and this is why your fur baby needs to have some purposeful activities to do.

Jogging & Biking

Pitbulls make wonderful jogging companions! However, be sure your dog is in good shape before you two start putting in the miles. You don’t want him to become hurt from overexercising, either.

So, consider your dog’s age, size, and health before starting a more strenuous exercise routine. In fact, it may be a good idea to take your dog for a physical at the vet’s just to make sure he can keep up!

Another thing that experts recommend when jogging or biking with your dog is to use a harness. Make sure to find one that’s the right size, too. The harness will be easier on your dog while giving you a little more control at the same time.


Your fur baby has quite a bit of stamina, and may possibly be able to out-walk you on a hike. What a great way to wear off energy, stimulate your dog’s mind, as well as bond together.

For a hiking trip, it’s important to take along things your dog will need. These include water and food/treats.

Do remember to not over-exercise your dog. This can lead to heat exhaustion and injuries.


This is another great way to have fun exercising with your Pitbull! If you enjoy rollerblading, your dog may also! The only problem that might develop here is if your dog pulls when they see other dogs, animals, and more.

For this activity, your Pitbull should be obedient as well as socialized to prevent pulling and potential accidents.

Frisbee Throwing

Many dogs enjoy playing with frisbees! You’ve probably seen those videos when the pet parent throws the disc and the dog runs and catches it in mid-air! Pitbulls also enjoy this game!

In fact, frisbee throwing not only wears off energy, but it helps stimulate your dog’s brain at the same time. You’ll have lots of fun training your canine companion to jump for the disc and hopefully bring it back to you!


While Pitbulls may not be famous for their swimming abilities, most of them really do love the water! So, you may want to see if your dog is one that enjoys swimming with you!


This is a very fun way for you and your dog to work off pent-up energy! For this activity, you’ll need a large space to play and a dog-safe rope toy.

Take your fur baby out in the yard and have a go at a few minutes of Tug-of-War. Who will be the winner?

Other Ways to Exercise Your Pitbull

Here are some additional ways you can help wear off your dog’s energy!

Obstacle Courses

You might consider creating an obstacle course for your Pitbull. You can make this DIY, or even buy a set to put together.

Keep in mind that you’ll probably have to train your dog to run the obstacle course. He’s very smart and wants to please, so he’ll probably learn it and enjoy it in no time.

Spring Poles

Many dogs love spring poles! This is a type of pole that has a toy rope on one end, which is connected to the pole with springs. The dog grabs the rope and has fun jumping and pulling. In other words, he’ll get a lot of exercise as he has fun pulling the rope!

You can try out the Durable Spring Pole for Pitbull, which includes the rope for free. However, the manufacturer does point out the rope is not an indestructible chew toy. So, be sure to monitor your dog as he plays.

Strength Training

Another great way to wear off energy in a Pitbull is to put him into strength training. This works to not only wear off energy but to also keep your dog at a healthy weight, while also improving his overall health.

Dog Sports

Have you ever considered dog sports for your Pitbull? This is another way to help your dog release pent-up energy, while also offering him stimulating challenges that have a purpose (being the winner).

For this type of activity, your dog needs to be in excellent shape. Also, make sure he’s the right age and is very active.

Do a Google search to find dog sports competitions in your area. You might both have a great time together!


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