The Best Dog Wound Boot or Cast You Can Find Online

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It’s always a sad day when your dog injures their paw, but this shouldn’t stop you from taking them out for a walk. Providing the injury isn’t too severe, walking will be good exercise and should help the wound heal faster. However, it’s important to dress the wound to stop infections, which are particularly easy to pick up if your dog loves running in mud or going swimming.

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Easily the best way to protect an injured paw is to use a wound boot or a cast. A wound boot should be waterproof and secure so that your dog can’t pull it off while you’re out walking. The type of wound boot you decide to buy will depend on how bad the wound is, and where you plan on walking your dog. For example, if you’re just taking them for a walk on the pavement, then gauze should be fine, but if you’re planning on walking off-road, then you’ll want to choose a boot for the extra protection. This list contains some of the best wound boots available to help you make the right choice.

1. VetGood Extreme Waterproof Oversized Dog Boot

One of the best features about this boot is that it’s much longer than others, so will be much better at keeping a wound dry, even if your dog goes splashing in the water. It’s designed to come most of the way up their leg, which will also help keep it in place. The boot is completely waterproof, but is still breathable, making it ideal for putting over bandages and dressings. There are several adjustable straps and a drawstring to help keep the boot in place while your dog is running around.

The boot has a flexible rubber sole with grip pattern, meaning your dog will still have plenty of traction, but it also provides a durable surface for walking on different surfaces. The boot is machine washable, making it very easy to keep clean, which is obviously very important if it’s going anywhere near a wound. It comes in several different sizes that will fit most dogs, but make sure you consult a sizing chart before ordering to make sure you get the right size.

2. Mr Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes

These dog boots have an amazing rugged sole that will protect your dog’s paw from sharp objects, and will give them plenty of grip on a range of surfaces. They’re ideal for using at any time of the year because they provide extra warmth, but are still breathable. The boot itself is completely waterproof, which is perfect for protecting a wound on your dog’s foot. All of the components are sewn together rather than glued, and this makes these boots much more durable than some others on the market.

Each boot has an adjustable Velcro strap to keep them in place. The strap is reflective too, making your dog more visible in low light conditions. The straps make the boots difficult to get off, but they’re really easy for you to slip on and off your dog. The boots have a split seam down the back, which means they open up very wide for convenience. These boots come in 8 different sizes, so you have plenty of choice and should be able to find a great fit for your dog. Just make sure you check the size chart before ordering.

3. Nooby’s Waterproof Dog Boots

If you’re looking for something a bit less rugged than the other boots on this list, then these from Nooby’s will be a good choice. They’re designed more like bandage covers than wound boots, but are still waterproof. This design wouldn’t be too suitable for walking off-road, but would be fine if you just want to take your dog for a walk down the park. Unlike other boots that are made from fabric, these are essentially made from plastic, but are recyclable and reusable. If you only need a temporary solution for short walks, these would be ideal.

Each pack comes with 8 boots in it, and you should reuse them a few times before disposing. However, seeing as you get 8 in a pack, these are quite good value for money. The pack comes with several ties to secure the boots in place, although because of the material they are more prone to slipping off than fabric boots. There is a wide range of sizes available, so these make a good choice if you just want a temporary measure.

4. Pro-Active Waterproof Dog Wound Boot

This boot is designed to be large enough to fit over casts, but still snug enough to protect and stop water from getting in. However, if your dog doesn’t have a dressing on their paw, it’s worth putting a sock underneath the boot to take up the extra room. The boot is completely waterproof but is still breathable, which is perfect for keeping a wound clean and dry. The seams of the boot are taped on the inside, meaning there’s no chance water will be able to seep in. However, as this boot is shorter than some others, be careful letting your dog go near deeper water.

The boot is made from waterproof nylon that’s quite stretchy, and it has a leather sole. The leather sole provides protection against a range of floor surfaces, but is still flexible enough to accommodate your dog’s natural movement. There are several adjustable Velcro straps on each boot to help keep it in place, and these also mean you have a bit more flexibility with how tight the boot is. The manufacturers produce it in a number of sizes, so make sure you pick the right one for your dog.

5. Kruuse Buster Dog Boot

Unlike many other boots on this list that are designed to be flexible, this one is more similar to a cast than a boot. This means it would be good if your dog is recovering from a broken bone, or they have some injury that prevents them from bending their paw too much. However, the boot isn’t large enough to fit over a cast, and if your dog is still wearing one you’d probably be better with a cloth boot instead.

The boot is made from rigid plastic and does have some degree of flexibility. It also has a hard sole, so is better if you plan on walking on hard surfaces, or in places where there might be sharp objects. There are three Velcro straps down the leg of the boot that do a good job of keeping it in place, but it’s worth noting that this boot isn’t waterproof. If this is something you think you’ll need, then you’ll have to look elsewhere for a more suitable boot.

6. Sacrow Leg Brace for Dogs

Perhaps your dog hasn’t actually injured their paw, and it’s their leg that needs extra support while walking. In that case, this would be the perfect product for you. It works exactly like a human leg brace, but is shaped for a dog’s leg. However, it is worth noting that this brace is only designed for a dog’s rear leg, and so if you need one for their front leg then you’ll need to look elsewhere.

The brace has quite a rigid structure, but still allows for some flexibility when your dog is walking. It’s held in place by several straps that aid support, but it should be removed every few hours to give your dog’s leg a chance to rest. That said, if they only need to wear it while you’re out walking then this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. The leg brace comes in several sizes, so you should be able to find one that fits your dog well.

7. Ultra Paws Dog Wound Boots

These boots are ideal if your dog has a paw injury because they provide comfort and protection thanks to their intelligent design. The fabric is durable but padded, so your dog can walk comfortably on most surfaces. The boots also have a rubber sole for added traction and protection, which will be suitable for walking off-road. However, these boots aren’t waterproof, so be careful going near wet ground or open water.

Each boot has an adjustable strap around the ankle for added security, and this makes them really easy for you to get on and off, but difficult for your dog. Because these boots have added padding, they’re definitely more suitable for colder climates, so if you live somewhere warm consider looking for a different brand. Each pack comes with 4 boots, making them good value for money, and they’re available in a range of sizes.

8. Walkabout Dog Wound Boot

While these boots aren’t very rigid, they’re perfect for protecting strains and soft tissue injuries on your dog’s paw. They’re also sturdy enough to prevent further injury while out walking, so will be fine if your dog’s injuries aren’t too bad. If you need to cover a cast or dressing though, you’d be better looking elsewhere. These boots are made from neoprene, so are nice and flexible, but they’re not waterproof, so bear this in mind when ordering.

The boot has a rubber sole that extends over the toe section of the boot, providing great protection against sharp objects. This does make them slightly harder to get on though, and the material means they’re meant to fit quite tight, which might not be the best for putting over an injury. Each boot has an adjustable strap to hold them in place, giving them extra security while walking. This boot is fine if you just want to protect a minor injury, but look for a different brand if your dog has a more severe injury.

9. Paw Control Waterproof Adjustable Protective Dog Boots

While some wound boots on this list are very sturdy, you might not feel it necessary to buy such a permanent product for the sake of a few weeks. If that’s the case, then consider an alternative such as these disposable paw protection boots. They’re made from rubber, so are still waterproof, and offer enough protection if all you’re looking for is a barrier between your dog’s paw and the ground. However, unlike other products on this list, they won’t provide extra support or padding.

Although they’re made from rubber, you shouldn’t worry too much about the environmental impact because they’re biodegradable. The boots are really easy to get on and off because they open up very wide, and are then held in place using the secure ties. The rubber also means that they provide your dog with extra traction when walking on slippery surfaces. This is obviously really helpful if your dog already has an injury, but be careful using them on off-road surfaces. While they do provide grip, they’re not particularly sturdy, and could be prone to ripping.

10. Ultra Paws Breathable Wound Boot

This wound boot from Ultra Paws is made of breathable polyester and mesh, meaning that you can keep your dog’s injury happy while out walking. Although the boot itself isn’t waterproof, the manufacturers include a pack of boot covers that can be worn over it. These are completely waterproof, and it’s really easy to buy refill packs online if you run out. The boot has a rubber sole for extra protection and traction, and should be fine for wearing on most surfaces.

The leg of the boot is made of spandex, which gives a nice tight fit and should stop the boot from slipping down while walking. The boot also has a Velcro strap around the ankle for extra security. The mesh side panels allow air to flow around the wound, which helps speed up healing time. There are several different sizes available, so be sure to check the sizing chart before ordering.

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