The 10 Top-Rated Cat Harnesses

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Pet owners love taking their dogs for walks, but many have never considered taking their cat for a walk. If you’ve got a house cat that doesn’t usually go outside, it can be nice to take them out, ideally without fear of them running away. After all, house cats aren’t used to the outdoors, and so you need some method of keeping them safe.

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This is where cat harnesses come in. A cat harness is very similar to a dog harness, and does exactly the same job. A harness is a great way of keeping your cat safe because it means you can take them out for a nice walk without any fear of them running away. However, there are hundreds of cat harnesses on the market, and some will be more suitable for a pet’s needs than others. To help you make the right decision, here is a list of some of the best currently available online.

1. Eagloo Escape Proof Cat Harness

One of the biggest dangers of a cat harness is the fact that cats are much better escape artists than dogs, and it can be really easy for them to wriggle free from a harness. Luckily, Eagloo have designed this cat harness to be escape proof. They’ve done this by adding in more straps that are much more secure than on a standard harness. This means you can be confident knowing your cat won’t be able to pull out of the harness while out walking.

The harness is really easy to put on your cat, and has two adjustable quick snap clips, and four adjustable straps. The harness itself is made from mesh, which is breathable and stretchy, making it really comfortable for your cat. This also prevents them from overheating, which shouldn’t be a massive concern, but it’s always worth having that extra security. It has a D-ring on the back that can be used to attach a lead, and several reflective strips, which improve visibility. Overall, this is a great cat harness, particularly if your fur baby is a known escape artist.

2. Pupteck Adjustable Cat Harness

This cat harness from Pupteck is a slightly more basic model, but it still does a great job. It consists of a neck and belly strap that are held together with a strap across the back. Each strap is made of durable nylon that is very hardwearing. Both straps are adjustable, with the neck strap ranging between 7 and 10”, and the chest strap between 10 and 17”. This makes it suitable for almost any size cat, but always be sure to measure first to make sure it’ll fit.

The harness secures in place with a couple of plastic snap clips, which do keep it in place, but the H-shaped design of the harness makes it easy for your cat to wriggle free. This might not be a concern for every cat owner, but if you know you have an escape artist on your hands, then look for a more secure model. The harness comes with a lead, which can be attached using the metal D-ring on the back. It comes in a wide range of colors, meaning it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that matches your look.

3. Best Pet Supplies Soft Harness for Cats

Best Pet Supplies do a great range of pet products, and this harness is no exception. It’s a standard harness design that your cat steps into, and is then fastened across the back using a secure plastic clip. This design is great for pets that might struggle while putting on a pullover harness, but the single clip means it’s not as secure as some other models. However, the clip is adjustable, so you can get it quite secure if it’s pulled tightly.

The harness itself is made from corduroy fabric on the outside, and this is lined with a soft fleece material. This means it’s super comfortable at all times, which is always nice for your cat. The fleece lining also helps to keep them warm in cold weather, which is another big plus. There are several reflective strips on each side to improve visibility, and 2 D-rings on the back for the leash. The 2 D-rings help keep the harness secure because it means the leash is attached to both sides. The harness comes in a wide range of sizes and colors, but doesn’t come with a leash.

4. Yizhi Miaow Escape Proof Cat Harness

This harness is another escape proof design, and achieves this through using rip-tape strips instead of plastic clips. This means the harness holds in place much more securely, and can be fastened slightly tighter than clips. The rip-tape also gives you a much greater range of adjustability, which can be helpful if you’re buying this for a young cat and want to continue using it once they’re fully grown. There are 2 rip-tape straps, one across the neck and the other across the chest, which make it very secure.

The harness is made from soft fabric with a mesh under layer, which helps to improve breathability. This is always useful if you’re going to be walking your cat in warmer climates. The harness is also padded to ensure comfort for your cat. It comes in several different fun designs and a range of different sizes. The size chart is done by weight, so make sure you have this information to hand before ordering. This harness is a great choice for those needing something more secure for their cat.

5. Petsafe Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash

Petsafe have designed a harness that’s really quick and simple to put on, meaning you don’t have to spend ages messing around with different buckles and straps. It’s a H-shaped harness with chest and neck straps, both of which have a plastic clip buckle. While this harness is really easy to put on, its design means it’s not as secure as some other models, so if you have a wriggly cat, consider looking elsewhere for a different harness.

Both straps are adjustable and so fit a range of different sizes. Also, the harness comes in 3 different sizes anyway, so there’s plenty of choice to help you get the right fit. The harness is made from durable nylon fabric, and each one comes with a bungee leash. The leash is great because it’s stretchy, which gives your cat more room for playing while still being secure. It also comes in a range of colors, so the most difficult bit will be choosing your favorite.

6. Invenho Mesh Harness with Padded Vest

This harness has been designed with your kitty’s comfort as the primary focus. It consists of a mesh vest with plenty of padding around the body, meaning your cat will be super comfortable while out exploring the world. The mesh helps keep the harness nice and breathable, while the padding also allows air to circulate under the harness. It’s a pullover design wit a single plastic clip around the stomach. While this design might not be suitable for every cat, as some don’t like things being pulled over their heads, it does help make it much more secure.

There are different sizes of this harness available, and it’s worth knowing that only the stomach strap is adjustable. This means you have slightly less range of sizing than on some other models, but providing you find one that fits well around the neck, this will be a good choice. It has a metal D-ring on top to attach a leash, and reflective strips down the side for extra visibility. The harness also comes in several colors, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one you love.

7. Kooltail Escape Proof Cat Harness and Leash

One of the best features of this cat harness is that it has Velcro straps across the neck and stomach, which help keep it in place much better than plastic clips. It also means that you have much more adjustability when it comes to how securely you fasten it. This is ideal for cats that might want to try and escape, and also makes it really easy to put on and take off. All you have to do is put it on their back and do up the straps, and that’s it!

The harness has a suede top layer, which has mesh underneath for extra ventilation. There’s also plenty of padding between the two layers, meaning your cat should be nice and comfy while out walking. The padding also helps to keep them warm on cold days, but the harness is still breathable enough to be used in warm weather. It has 2 D-rings on the back for extra security, and the harness comes with a leash. Overall, this is a great choice, and one of the best harnesses included on this list.

8. Dexil Luxury Cat Harness

Dexil have designed this cat harness to be secure and really comfortable. It’s got plenty of padding, making it suitable for cold weather, and the top layer is also water resistant. This is a useful feature if you plan on taking your cat out in the rain, although you’ll probably find that to be a big struggle anyway. However, it’s always a useful feature because it also means the harness is really easy to clean.

The harness has 2 D-rings, one on the chest and one on the back, meaning you have two options for how to attach a leash. It’s a pullover design that has an adjustable stomach strap. This secures in place with a plastic clip, which isn’t the most effective method but will be fine if your cat isn’t a known wriggler. It wouldn’t be too difficult for your cat to pull free from this harness, so look elsewhere if that’s a concern. However, this is a good all-round harness that comes in several sizes and a wide range of colors.

9. Sciroko Cat Harness with Leash

This is another harness designed to be escape proof, and is easily one of the most secure on this list. It has a large Velcro strap across the stomach, which does a great job of holding it in place, and another large strap across the neck. These give you great adjustability and mean you shouldn’t be concerned about your cat managing to wriggle free. The neck strap also has an extra plastic clip for even more security. This harness is an ideal choice if you have a particularly naughty cat.

The harness itself is made from an ultra-soft, breathable mesh that also has plenty of padding. All of the edges are padded for extra comfort, so your cat should love wearing it. The neck and chest adjust from 10-13” and 14-16” respectively, and there are other sizes available. The harness has 2 metal D-rings on the back to attach a leash, which comes included in the set. Overall, this is a great choice if you’re looking for an ultra secure cat harness.

10. Kzhareen Adjustable Cat Harness

If you’re looking for a cat harness with a slightly more fun design, then this is the one for you. It has a fun and interesting pattern, and is available in two different colors. The harness is an escape proof design, and so has Velcro straps on the chest and neck, and an extra plastic clips on both straps. All of these straps are adjustable, meaning you should be able to get a perfect fit every time.

It has a breathable mesh layer under the fabric, which should help keep your cat nice and cool in warm weather. However, the harness doesn’t have any padding, like other designs, and so won’t be suitable for colder weather. This also might impact your cat’s comfort, so be aware of this. It has a metal D-ring on the back to attach a leash, and best of all, the harness is really easy to take on and off.

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