Best Dog Pulling Harness (walking, sledding, and weight pulling)

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Best Dog pulling Harness

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Yay! It’s time to go for a walk with your dog. I bet you can tell that your dog is very excited when it’s time for regular walks. Apart from dogs, owners also benefit significantly by using the medium to exercise.

As interesting as walking a dog is, using the conventional leash can be harmful to dogs, especially the overly vibrant types. The common leash is usually stringed around the neck, and when the dog pulls too much, choking may result (you definitely don’t want that).

The recommended alternative is the use of a dog pulling harness. Dog pulling harness is designed to spread the pulling weight of your dog across different parts of the body that are strong. A harness can be used in different situation such as:


Walking a dog may seem easy and fun. Don’t get it wrong; it’s absolutely fun. But sometimes dogs get hyper, and you may need to keep pulling to maintain order. A harness is ideal for this purpose as it allows you to control the movement of your dog without causing any injury to the windpipe of your pet.


One of the fun of the winter season is sledding. Your dog can help you carry weighty objects across the smooth, crispy snow and also on grassy surfaces. A harness works as a jacket with straps that hold on to strong parts of a dog- legs, back, and more. The idea behind a harness is to spread the weight evenly such that not just the neck will bear all the weight.

Weight pulling

Training your dog to build muscle and bone strength requires a harness to prevent injuries. Harnesses are built to withstand extreme weight without compressing the legs of your dog. No pressure is put on the joints to ensure complete safety.

There are several harnesses available for purchase. With the overwhelming types and brands, knowing the best can be a bit difficult. However, we’ve researched the best five to help you narrow down the search.

Rabbitgoo dog harness

Rabbitgoo is synonymous with comfort and strength. One of the reasons why it’s a top pick is due to its no-choke pull style. The harness runs like a thick vest that covers the chest area for support and firmness. It further runs around the hind to ensure firmness without getting close to the neck.

The vest holding areas are well padded to provide cushioning such that when you pull even continuously, the holding areas don’t get sore and painful for your dog. Asides the cushioning, it’s breathable and gives a snug fit; no discomforts at all!

The strap is adjustable with a four-hold system for all-round fit. And the leash is designed with an anti-pulling front clip that auto turns your dog forward anytime it tries to pull. Then for walking, hiking, and jogging, there is a D-ring designated for that purpose.

Juxzh Truelove harness

Hey! Dog lovers! Show love to your dogs and get this top-quality harness with reflective nylon material that makes the harness useful not just during the daytime but at night as well.

For a good snug fit, there are adjustable buckles and straps. One of such is the O-ring made of stainless steel, which is attached to allow hooking a handle easy. And also a V-ring for rear attachment.

Padding is important to avoid soreness especially when training a dog. The Juxzh Truelove strap is well padded to reduce pull effect and remain comfortable. An added feature is the mesh lining found on the vest. It facilitates a good inflow of air for excellent breathability.

Bolus dog harness

With thousands of purchases over the years, Bolus dog harness is recognized as a top option for dog owners who love to hike with their dogs. The harness is adjustable to dogs of any size and very smart looking. As common with other reputable dog harnesses, the material is light-reflective for nighttime use.

Additionally, the straps are designed to give a snug fit.  And also a well-padded vest is present to provide adequate cushioning. The vest has a hook to attach a handle for guiding your pet. The handle is ergonomically built to be sturdy and durable for just about any activity.

PoyPet no-pull harness

PoyPet is one of the best harnesses for a dog. It’s easy to wear on your dog without going over the head. There are three buckles designed to hold the vest firmly around the foremost, and this also makes it easy to take it off. However, when buckled, it’s totally safe.

The vest, which runs over the chest and back, is well cushioned for comfortability and firmness. Also, it’s breathable with mesh pockets to slip in the name of your dog or other identification means. The PoyPet is a choke-free design with a strong handle to keep your dog in check.

Voyager step-in dog harness

Voyager is a top seller on the market. The premium quality of this harness makes it a trusted brand. It’s an all-weather harness designed for dogs of all ages and sizes. First is the lightweight material of the harness coupled with its reflective band for its night use.

There are useful securing features at the back and chest area to give a firm but comfortable fit. Dogs hate harnesses going over their head. Given this, the Voyager is designed to be worn from the back and also to be removed the same way (step in and step up).

Its good mesh lining allows air circulation. The padded parts of the vest are the center back and chest. So, when pulled, the harness is soft to the body of the dog, causing no soreness.


Now that you have seen good reasons to change those neck leashes to comfortable harnesses, choose from the recommended harnesses above.

As you enjoy a regular walk, hiking, sledding, and weight pulling with your dogs, do so with the safety and comfort of a good harness.


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