Real Service Dog Vest vs Fake

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Real Service Dog Vest vs Fake

A service dog vest is a simple piece of equipment that is worn by the handler of a service dog. It helps the handler alert people that the dog is there for assistance. Service dogs are trained to alert people when they are about to have an episode. This vest helps protect the dog from being bitten or harmed.

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Many people these days own service dogs. Unfortunately, some people are not aware of the differences between a real service dog vest and a fake one. The main difference is that the real ones are certified, whereas the fake ones are not. There are other things that can help distinguish between a real and fake service dog vest, but those will be discussed later in this article.

Why Some People Fake Their Pets as Service Dogs

There are a number of reasons why people might want to fake their pets as service dogs. The main reason is that some people want to be able to get around places that they cannot with their pets. Some people do this because they feel that it is a way for them to cut corners.

Service dogs are usually allowed to enter areas that would usually be off-limits for pets. This is because they’re protected under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), which protects people with disabilities so everyone has equal rights to enjoy life.

Unfortunately, ill-meaning people have instead begun to pretend that their regular pets are service dogs in order to enjoy these benefits. They may dress their pets in vests to fool people into thinking that they are service dogs. Some people will even go as far as to try to have their pets certified as service dogs, which is something that a fake service dog cannot do.

What Makes an Animal a Real Service Dog

A dog is more likely to be a legitimate service dog if:

ESA Certificate
Do You Qualify For An Emotional Support Animal?

We help people get the proper documentation to make their pet an official Emotional Support Animal. Online approval in minutes - Housing & Travel letters.

1. They do not get aggressive

The first thing that needs to be checked is whether the dog gets aggressive. This is especially important because service dogs are thoroughly trained to remain cool-headed and calm. This is because they’re meant to be a support system for their owner, and they should not be prone to anger towards random strangers. If you see a dog in a service dog vest but they’re behaving strangely aggressively, then they’re likely not a real service dog.

2. They do not get distracted easily

Service dogs are trained to remain focused on their owner at all times. They’re also trained to not get distracted easily, and this is because they need to be alert for the owner’s cues and signals. If a dog does not respond well to distractions, then they’re probably not a real service dog.

3. They don’t bark incessantly

The only way to tell if a dog is a real service dog is to see if they bark incessantly. A real service dog will be trained to alert their owner by barking. Usually, they only bark if they sense danger, or if they’re trying to notify others that their owner is in danger. However, if the dog is constantly barking at people and cars, then they’re not a real service dog.

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