Pet Cremation Costs 101: An Overview

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Pets are special members of the family. However, it’s unfortunate and saddening to know that their life is significantly shorter than their owners’. Inevitably, with a heavy heart, you’ll have to bid goodbye to your furry companion once they reach their time. 

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Being an irreplaceable companion, you can still express your endless love for your pet by ensuring that they’re properly taken care of in their final moments, thus the importance of looking after their remains. 

What Is Pet Cremation and Why Should You Consider One? 

After your furry friend’s passing, you have two primary options to memorialize and secure their precious remains: burial or cremation. In a burial, your pet’s remains will be caged in a small coffin and buried in your owned land or a pet cemetery. Meanwhile, with cremation, the remains will be cremated and kept in an urn.

Choosing from any of these two options is a personal decision. While the burial or cremation is entirely up to the owner’s call, pet cremation is an ideal pet disposition due to various reasons: 

Types Of Pet Cremation 

If you’ve decided to proceed with a pet cremation, it’s worth choosing the type as this will dictate the pet cremation costs you should prepare for.

Aside from having your pet cremated in certified pet crematoriums, many vet offices offer pet cremation assistance if your animal died in their clinics. They’re partnered with local cremation service providers and can take care of the remaining process. Your vet may charge a small transportation fee to transfer the remains from the clinic to the crematorium. 

More Accurate Pet Cremation Costs 

Pet cremation costs mainly depend on the type of pet cremation as discussed above, but you can dive deeper into more accurate pet cremation prices according to numerous factors, such as the pet’s size and breed, as well as additional costs involved in the cremation. 

Pet size or weight

As a rule of thumb, the bigger your pet’s size, the higher the costs of burning their carcass. Check out the table below for private cremation costs according to weight:

Dog’s AgeMale Average WeightFemale Average Weight
2 months19 lbs17 lbs
3 months 30 lbs26 lbs
4 months40 lbs34 lbs
5 months49 lbs43 lbs
6 months59 lbs50 lbs
7 months 65 lbs56 lbs
8 months 70 lbs60 lbs
9 months 75 lbs65 lbs
10 months79 lbs68 lbs
11 months 81 lbs70 lbs
12 months84 lbs72 lbs
13 months85 lbs74 lbs
14 months86 lbs74 lbs
15 months88 lbs75 lbs
16 months 88 lbs75 lbs
17 months88 lbs75 lbs
18+ months 88 lbs75 lbs

Urn costs 

To make your pet’s memorial more special, you can choose from several urns available in the crematorium. Some basic cedar wood boxes start at USD$50, while marble, glass, and stone containers reach up to USD$300. Depending on your chosen crematorium, you may have their name, date, pictures, and other ephemera engraved on the urn for free or a small fee. 

Also, take note that bigger urns are more expensive as they accommodate large dog breeds and other large animals. Generally, one pound of weight equates to one cubic inch of the urn. 


Pet owners have limited time to spend with their beloved pets. Although it’s difficult and upsetting to lose your furry companion, you must find ways to cope with your pet’s loss and move forward. During their last moments with you, make sure to make them feel special, even without their awareness, by arranging their meaningful disposition through pet cremation. 

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Connect with a verified veterinarian in minutes. Licensed vets are available 24/7 to answer your questions. No need to worry about your furry family member.


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