Chihuahua Bite Force

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Chihuahua Bite Force

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Have you ever wondered about how much force is behind a Chihuahua’s bite? You may already know the answer, at least by feeling if you’ve been bitten by one of these small dogs! However, how strong is the bite of a Chihuahua?

If you’ve been asking this question, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at what science has said about the strong bite force of a Chihuahua and other Chihuahua bite statistics! Let’s get started!

What is a Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas are known for being very small dogs that have very large personalities! They’re one of the smallest dogs in the world, but you’d never know it. That’s because a Chihuahua tends to have a very large personality, and he thinks he’s as big as a Rottweiler!

These small dogs are very loving and busy. And they love to be next to their special person most of the time. They’ll follow their favorite pet parent around, almost like a shadow. They form a very close bond with a single person. And when their wants are not indulged, you can expect the Chihuahua will let you know, as they can become very demanding.

Chihuahuas are very affectionate dogs, and they’re highly intelligent. However, if they’re not socialized from a young age, these dogs can become a menace to visitors, children, and more. Chihuahuas are extremely distrustful of strangers and can become very aggressive with people they don’t know. They have been known to bite when they’re not friendly!

Chihuahua Bite Force PSI: How Strong is a Chihuahua’s Bite Force?

There’s a lot of misleading information online. For instance, there are research papers and articles that say a Chihuahua’s bite force is 3,900 PSI (Per Square Inch). However, that simply doesn’t measure up, especially when you compare the bite force of larger dogs and animals with a tiny Chihuahua.

First, consider the average bite force for a human is 126 PSI. The bite force of a tiger is 1,050 PSI. How on earth could a Chihuahua have a higher bite force than a tiger? It just doesn’t make sense.

Consider the bite force of these dog breeds:

Dog Breed Bite Force PSI
Kangal 743
Cane Corso 700
Dogue de Bordeaux 556
Tosa Inu 556
English Mastiff 552
Rottweiler 328
German Shepherd 238
Pit Bull 235
Boxer 230

When you look at the bite force of these dogs, it just doesn’t seem possible that a Chihuahua, which is much smaller, could have a bite force of 3,900 PSI.

According to some other sources, the average Chihuahua’s bite force is probably more like 100 PSI. That makes sense! If not, then who would want to be the pet parent of a Chihuahua and run the risk that the tiny dog could do so much damage with one dog bite?

While it’s true that a Chihuahua can have a fierce personality, they are tiny dogs. Their jaws and heads are also very small. There’s no question a Chihuahua can be aggressive; however, there’s simply no way a small dog could have a dog bite force that’s so strong.

Having said that, you will definitely notice it if a Chihuahua happens to bite you. There’s no question you’ll feel the bite and that a Chihuahua can do some damage.

Chihuahua Bite Statistics

There are plenty of statistics available about Chihuahua bites! In 2009, the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association and the Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs did a study of 188 dogs and their bites. Chihuahua were included in the study.

The study showed some interesting statistics about Chihuahua’s and biting:

In 2016, the Dognition company canvassed 4,000 dog owners to see which dog breeds were the most aggressive. The result? Chihuahuas were chosen as the most aggressive dog breed when compared with other dogs.

This study also found that Chihuahuas confronted by a larger dog will bite to defend/protect themselves. In other words, depending on the dog, it might be a case of bite first and ask questions later!

Wow! Who would have thought these tiny dogs could be such terrors?

Could a Chihuahua Bite Kill?

That’s a good question! It is conceivable that one of these tiny dogs could kill a human. Consider the dogs do have very sharp teeth and a bite force that could easily take off fingers or toes. It’s possible a bite (or bites) of this kind could result in excessive blood loss and death.

This would be a highly rare occurrence, but it’s good to know that a Chihuahua could cause enough damage to cause death.

We were able to find only two cases where a Chihuahua has killed a human between 2005 and 2020. In one case, the pet parent also had Pit Bulls, so it was difficult to tell whether or not the Chihuahua was truly responsible.

Is a Chihuahua Bite Worse than a Bite from a Pit Bull?

That’s another great question! There’s no question of whether or not a Pit Bull bite force is powerful and can kill a human. There are, unfortunately, statistics that prove this happens.

However, between 2005 and 2020, there were 284 Pit Bulls that killed humans, while only one death due to a Chihuahua. So, it’s probably safe to say that a bite from a Pit Bull is worse than that of a Chihuahua.

Different Breeds, Different Bite Strength

The strongest bite force among animals is attributed to the crocodile. A crocodile’s bite can be as strong as 3,700 PSI. This is based on some scientific studies done on the strength of a crocodile’s bite.

Cane Corso’s bite force is about 700 PSI, American Bulldog and Doberman is about 305 PSI, and the Siberian Husky is 320 PSI. These are just some of the breeds that are known to have a strong bite force. The bite fatalities that are attributed to these dogs are also impressive.

It is important to note that bigger dogs don’t always have a stronger bite force. In fact, smaller dogs are usually the ones that have the most powerful bites. A Chihuahua attack can be just as dangerous as a larger dog bite.

While the Bull Mastiff, German Shepherd, Kangal Shepherd Dog, American Bulldog, Chow Chow, Dogo Argentino, Tosa Inu, and many other breeds are all big dogs that often look intimidating, their temprament might be more mild. In fact, they are often calm dogs that tend to be friendly.

Early socialization and training is important in these dogs, so that they can have a calm demeanor and be a loving pet. If they don’t have this early socialization, it can often result in aggression problems later on.

So while the Chihuahua’s bite force might not be strong enough to cause a serious dog bite, the Chihuahua is still a very aggressive dog.

First time dog owners, who want to adopt a Chihuahua, should know that Chihuahuas can be prone to biting. Their feisty nature can make them dangerous.

How to Manage Chihuahua’s Aggressive Behavior

If you want to avoid being bitten by a Chihuahua, there are a few things you can do. Here are some tips on how to stop a Chihuahua from biting:

Get a Collar

A leash is a good idea for Chihuahua owners. They can easily get out of control if you don’t have something to hold them back. A leash is a good way to prevent Chihuahua bites. Chihuahua collars are a great way to keep your dog in check.

If you’re interested in a collar for your Chihuahua, there are a few things you should consider. You should choose a collar that fits properly and that’s made of a durable material. Also, make sure the collar is well-made and is adjustable.

When choosing a Chihuahua collar, you should also consider what you want the collar to do. Do you want the collar to be able to control your dog or do you want it to simply be a fashion accessory?

Regular Training

Chihuahua owners should consider training their dog from an early age. You should do this even if you have no intention of training your dog to be a guard dog. Training is always good, especially when it comes to dogs.

You should take your Chihuahua to a professional trainer and have him or her teach you how to properly train your dog. You should train your Chihuahua in several areas, including:

Socialization – You should teach your Chihuahua how to behave around other people and other dogs. For example, you should teach your Chihuahua not to bark at strangers. Barking is a big no-no! You should also teach your Chihuahua how to behave around children and other animals that are small enough for it to play with.

Guarding – If you want a Chihuahua that’s always on guard, then you’ll need to train it in this area as well. This will ensure that the dog will always be ready for anything and everything that comes its way. And yes, that can include another Chihuahua! Training is key here!

Generalization – Your dog will also need training in how to properly walk on a leash. Training is also important in teaching your Chihuahua how to sit, stay, and come.

Dogs are social creatures, so you should make sure your Chihuahua gets along with other dogs. If you have more than one Chihuahua, then you should also train them to play together.

If you want to avoid dog bites from your Chihuahua, then training is the best way to go. You should start as soon as possible so that your dog will be ready for any and everything that comes its way.

Use Chew Toys

If you’re looking for a way to stop a Chihuahua from biting, you can also use chew toys. Chihuahua’s are naturally curious. They love to chew and they love to play with their toys. If you want to stop your Chihuahua from biting, a chew toy is a great idea.

When choosing a chew toy for your Chihuahua, there are a few things you should consider. You should choose one that’s not too big and that doesn’t have any parts that could be swallowed. Also, the toy should be made of non-toxic materials and it should have no sharp edges or pieces that could hurt your dog.

Get a Pet Crate

Chihuahuas are small dogs and they can be a bit aggressive. If you want to stop your Chihuahua from biting, you should consider getting a pet crate. A pet crate is a great way to prevent Chihuahua bites.

A pet crate is also an excellent way to keep your dog in check. You can use the crate as a time-out area or simply place it in a place where your dog can’t access it. This will prevent them from becoming too excited and it will help you teach them that they shouldn’t bite people.

Use Positive Reinforcement

You can use positive reinforcement to train your Chihuahua. Positive reinforcement is a great way to encourage your dog. For example, you can use a treat as a reward when you’re trying to get your dog to sit or lay down. You can also use a treat as a reward when you’re trying to get your dog to stop barking.

Another way to encourage good behavior is through praise and treats. If you want your Chihuahua to be calm, praise him or her and give him or her treats when he or she does something right. Treats will help keep the Chihuahua happy and in line with what you want it to do.

What Happens If I Get Bitten by a Chihuahua?

There are several reasons why a Chihuahua bites. These include:

Fear: When a Chihuahua is frightened, it can go into “attack mode.” This can happen when the Chihuahua is startled or sees something that frightens it. The Chihuahua may not even know why it’s acting this way. It may just be acting on instinct and not knowing any better.

Curiosity: A Chihuahua may bite when it is curious about something in your hand. For example, if you have a piece of food or treat in your hand, the Chihuahua may bite to see what you have. The same can happen if you have a toy or a treat that looks interesting to the dog. The problem with this scenario is that it can result in the dog biting you again and again.

Dominance: A Chihuahua may bite when it is trying to show dominance over another dog or person. For example, if a person walks by and pets a Chihuahua, the dog may bite in order to make the person stop and leave it alone.

When a Chihuahua bites you, it’s not a pretty sight. In fact, you’ll probably start to feel pain and will notice blood loss immediately.

Because the Chihuahua is so small, the bite can go through your skin into your body tissue. It can also result in pain and bruising as well as potential infection. The longer the Chihuahua bites you, the more likely it is that damage will occur.

When a Chihuahua bites you, make sure you get medical attention right away. If you wait too long, the injury could become more severe. You may clean the wound yourself but you should always make sure to get medical attention.

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