White or Albino German Shepherd Owner’s Guide

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Have you always wanted a German Shepherd? This big pooch is a favorite breed with families and farmers since they are a loving companion, as well as being hardworking and intelligent. Once you have started to look into the breed, you may have noticed that you can get a White German Shepherd. Indeed, they are just as rewarding to own as their colored furry friends. So, let’s take more about this breed so that you can work out if it is the right canine for your lifestyle.

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What Can I Expect the White German Shepherd to Look Like?

It is believed that the White German Shepherd came from Europe before it came to the United States. This pooch is described as a medium-sized dog and they can be up to 26 inches in height. In addition, they can weigh from 77 to 85 pounds. Males are typically taller and heavier than females. The White German Shepherd is not a separate breed from the German Shepherd. They are the same pooch except for a recessive gene that causes their fur to be all white.

Their long coat and constant shedding throughout the year does mean that this is not a breed for anybody that has allergies. Being exposed to their coat and the pet dander is sure to aggravate your symptoms. You will also need to brush their fur every day to ensure that there is no matting. You will need to keep the vacuum at hand too!

Do They Have a Good Temperament?

A White German Shepherd can be a very loving companion. In particular, they are loyal and will do anything for their owner. Most of the time, they are happy and cheerful, being confident and fun in their everyday life.

One thing to realize about the White German Shepherd is that they are protective. Of course, this is a good thing if you are in a bad situation. But this can make them wary of strangers. Give them some time to open up and with some training, this can make sure that bad behaviors do not develop.

Do They Have A lot of Energy?

All German Shepherds need a lot of exercise. They have always been a working dog, which means they are naturally busy pups that like to be on the go and have a job to do. This means that this canine is well-suited for households that are active and like to go on an adventure most days. They will need long walks or hikes every day to be calm and relaxed in the home. They will also enjoy playing fetch with a ball and Frisbee and this can provide them with the exercise they need.

Without the right amount of daily exercise, a White German Shepherd will become hyper and bored. This is often the source of bad behavior, such as chewing furniture and your belongings. If you are not going to be home during the day, leaving a White German Shepherd in the yard will not be enough. They will need a dog walker to keep them occupied and provide them with exercise.

Let’s not forget that White German Shepherds are intelligent. They need to be mentally stimulated during the day to be happy and burn some energy. This will mean providing them with fun toys and puzzles. In addition, they will crave your attention and it is important to have time to spend with your pooch every day.

Do They Get on with Other Dogs?

The White German Shepherd has the ability to be social and make new furry friends. However, early socialization is going to be key for their breed. From a young age, they will need to be introduced to other canines in order to learn how to interact and have some fun. Otherwise, there is a high risk that they will become fearful or aggressive towards other dogs when you are out and about. Of course, this is the last thing that anybody wants. When they have had proper socialization, they will be able to enjoy the dog park and even live with other pooches.

Can They Live Outdoors?

If you have a White German Shepherd, you can choose whether they live indoors or outdoors. They are adaptable and will be able to live anywhere as long as they have their own space and comforts. Often, exercise and affection are key to happiness and not always where they sleep.

For example, they can be happy in a doghouse in the yard when they are an adult. Just make sure that it gives them enough space and it is comfortable for at night. In addition, provide them with fresh water. Alternatively, you can provide them with space in your home too. They will love to have their own bed and will thrive being part of the family.

If you do choose to keep your canine outdoors, make sure that you do not neglect them. Ensure you spend time with them every day, whether it is exercise, playing or giving them affection. They still need a lot of interaction even though they are outside.

Do They Have Health Issues?

There are some common health issues that White German Shepherds face. It is best to be aware of them before you adopt this breed so that you can get the help you need. For example, they are known to develop hip and elbow dysplasia. While the symptoms can develop at any time, they are often realized when your pooch is a senior. Often, these issues are hereditary.

Do They Make Good Working Dogs?

Absolutely! White German Shepherds can make fantastic working companions, especially if you are a farmer or rancher. They are going to love taking commands and they have awesome herding abilities. Their intelligence means that they are a breed that can be trained to take on any task. But they are particularly good at herding and they can also make good guard dogs too.

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