Teacup Yorkie Owner’s Guide

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When you are thinking about introducing a new dog to your household, it is essential that you learn about the breed first. For example, a popular breed right now for a lot of families is the Teacup Yorkie. This is a sweet and tiny dog that is a wanted toy breed, particularly because they are so adorable. But you need to learn more about Teacup Yorkies to ensure that you can meet their needs. So, let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from this breed.

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What is a Teacup Yorkie?

A Teacup Yorkie is simply a miniature version of the Yorkshire Terrier. Since they are so small and cute, they are becoming popular with families that are looking for a toy breed. The Yorkshire Terrier was originally used for hunting rodents in England. They have been around since the 1870s, making them an established breed and one that has a purpose in factories and other industrial areas. Over the years, they have become a companion dog and in the 1880s, this breed came to the United States. While the Yorkshire Terrier is recognised by the American Kennel Club, a Teacup Yorkie is not.

A Teacup Yorkie weighs around 7 pounds and they have a height of up to 7 inches. This makes them very fragile and small. They have a short muzzle, with short legs and have plenty of hair. They always look alert and ready to play.

What is Their Personality Like?

A Teacup Yorkie is such an adorable and tiny dog. But do not be fooled; this a pooch with a huge personality! They can be surprisingly bold and confident for their size, as well as protective over their family. In fact, some owners have even described them as a handful.  They are a lot of fun to be around and will keep you busy. But they can also have separation anxiety and it will be important to set boundaries from the start. This might not be the best breed for your family if you are going to be at work all day.

Since this pooch can think that they are bigger than they actually are, it will be important to socialize them with other small dogs when they are puppies. This will allow them to learn how to be sociable. In addition, they can become yappy dogs and they will have to be trained to be quiet if somebody is visiting the home.

Do They Need a lot of Exercise?

Of course, a Teacup Yorkie is very small and this does mean that they do not require the same amount of exercise as bigger dogs. But they do have a lot of energy for a tiny pooch, which means that they want to be entertained during the day. For example, this should include around 20 to 30 minutes of exercise every day. They are energetic and will love to play with you. Just make sure that they are careful since they are small and have fragile bones.

In addition, when you are exercise your pup during the winter, do not forget to get them a coat to wear. They will get cold if they are used to warmer temperatures and this is going to allow them to enjoy time outside during the winter.

Do They Need a lot of Grooming?

A Teacup Yorkie will not need excessive grooming. But they will require their long straight coat trimmed. In particular, their fur will grow around their eyes and need to be trimmed so that they can see properly.

The good news is that a Teacup Yorkie does not shed a lot during the year. Even the hair they do shed, since they are so small, you will not have a lot to deal with. Just make sure that you brush your furry friend’s coat regularly. This is going to keep it soft and shiny, preventing matting and tangling.

Do They Have Health Issues?

It is always best to be aware of any health issues before you choose a dog breed. Indeed, there are some problems that you should be aware of with the Teacup Yorkie.  A lot of these pooches suffer from hypoglycemia. If their blood sugar drops too low, this can be fatal. It will be essential to do your research and seek advice about their diet to control this.

In addition, a Teacup Yorkie can suffer from a collapsed trachea. The reduced airflow can mean that the furry friend is left coughing and suffering from other respiratory issues.

Do not forget that a Teacup Yorkie is very fragile. This means that you will need to be careful with your pooch as they can be prone to fractures. For example, what is a small accident to us can be bad for them. Something as simple as falling off the sofa or a windowsill can lead to broken bones.

Where Can I Find a Teacup Yorkie?

Since the Teacup Yorkie is a relatively new crossbreed and they are a popular toy breed, they can be difficult to find in a local animal shelter. But it is always worth checking when you are searching for a new furry friend. There may be people online that are looking to have their Teacup Yorkie adopted too.

If you are buying a Teacup Yorkie, you can expect this designer dog to cost a lot of money from a breeder. The price will range between $1,200 to $2,000. Of course, the exact price is going to vary depending on the breeder.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of unreliable breeders out there. They are only in the business for the money. This means that you have got to do your research for purchasing a Teacup Yorkie. This will include finding out the details of the breeder and visiting the premises. It is best to ask to see the parents and ask for health certificates. You also want to ask them plenty of questions about how they have been socializing and raising the puppies.

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