Red Heeler Owner’s Guide

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Have you always wanted to learn more about the Red Heeler? This is a working canine that can also be a family pet in an active household. The Red Heeler is a pooch that has unique needs and it is important to learn about them before you adopt one.

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What is a Red Heeler?

The Red Heeler, commonly referred to as the Australian Cattle Dog, has been around for many years. In fact, this popular pooch was created in 1840 by George Elliott. The pooch was created by combining Collies, herding dogs and native Dingoes. Together, this created the Red Heeler that owners love today.

This canine can weigh around 35 to 45 pounds, as well as reaching a height of 17 to 20 inches. You will find that a male Red Heeler is going to be heavier and taller than a female. They are known to have muscular legs, as well as having a solid body. In addition, most Red Heelers will have pointy ears. Of course, just as the name suggests, the Red Heeler normally has red speckles on their coat, as well as dark markings. In addition, the coat is weather resistant and they can cope well in all weather conditions.

Do They have a Good Temperament?

Often, the Red Heeler is used as a working dog. In particular, ranchers, sports enthusiasts and hunters like this pooch. This is due to their high energy levels and intelligence. They are always ready to work and love to be active. Thus, it is important to remember that if you want to adopt a Red Heeler, you need to have the same energy to match. They also have a herding instinct and they can excel in this role. But if they are going to be a family dog, they might require some training to avoid this becoming a negative trait. For example, they could begin to nip if it is not controlled.

You will find that a Red Heeler likes to spend time with their owners. But they are also independent dogs. This means that they will also need some space and they will not be a typical lap dog. In addition, due to their working mind and high energy, they are going to need a lot of open space. For example, they will benefit from a yard that they can bound around in.

Do They Need a lot of Exercise?

If you are looking for a lazy dog, this is not going to be the Red Heeler. It is not a breed that likes to take a relaxing walk around the block. Instead, this is a pooch that needs to run and burn their energy. Indeed, they are working dogs and this is how they like to be every day. They must be active and have a purpose. Therefore, the Red Heeler is suited for a working farm or an active family that likes to be outdoors.

The Red Heeler will need three to four walks a day. This should be for at least 90 minutes. They will enjoy playing fetch, as well as being a great hiking or jogging companion. They will also perform well at canine sports and this can be a fun activity you can enjoy together. Try to offer your beloved companion toys and puzzles during the day. This can challenge their brain and avoid them from becoming destructive and disruptive in the house.

Do They Require a lot of Grooming?

If you have allergies to dogs, the Red Heeler is not going to be the best canine for you. This furry friend has an undercoat and you will notice that this sheds during the year. Namely, there is going to be a lot of fur lying around your home twice a year and you will need to vacuum regularly. It is recommended that you brush your canine every week. This helps to avoid matting that can become uncomfortable for your beloved companion. In addition, this can help with shedding.

Since the Red Heeler is an active canine and may be used for working, you may have to bath them on a regular basis. This is going to ensure that they do not smell. In addition, depending on where you live, it might be beneficial to have your dog treated to avoid ticks.

Where Can I Find a Red Heeler?

If you have a lot of time and you enjoy being outdoors, the Red Heeler is going to be the perfect companion for you. So, if you want to add this furry friend to your family, you will be wondering where you can find one. The first place you can start looking for your Red Heeler is at the local animal shelter. There are going to be a lot of different dog breeds here that are looking for their forever home. It might be difficult to find a Red Heeler at the animal shelter. But this is always the best place to start. You can also travel to other animal shelters in the area to see if they have a Red Heeler.

The next place you can go is the internet. There are a lot of rescue organizations out there that want to help dogs find their forever home. Indeed, they may be able to help you on your quest for a Red Heeler. You can contact them, as well as looking out for adverts from owners wanting to re-home their canine. Be sure to ask questions to find out the health, socialization and temperament of the dog first.

Another way you can find a Red Heeler is by researching and looking for a breeder. There are going to be several breeders offering Red Heeler puppies. This can be an expensive way to get a canine. However, some families like to train and socialize their canine when they are younger. The most important thing is to find a reputable breeder that has experience and puts their puppies before profit. You want to ensure that your Red Heeler puppy has all of the necessary health checks before you purchase one.

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