Mastador Owner’s Guide

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Do you love large dogs? Would you love to add an energetic and active pup to your household? We think that we have the perfect canine for you. Introducing the Mastador. This is a crossbreed, combining the best of the Mastiff and Labrador Retriever. Together, you can enjoy having a beloved companion that is going to guard and protect your family, as well as have a lot of fun with you. So, let’s learn more about the needs of the Mastador so that you can work out if this is the pooch for you.

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What Can I Expect from the Mastador?

Of course, it is important to acknowledge that the Mastador is a big canine. They can reach a height of 28 to 36 inches when they are a fully-grown adult, as well as weighing around 85 to 160 pounds. This means that you should have a large home for your furry friend, as well as a high-fenced big yard for them. The average lifespan of a Mastador is around 10 to 12 years.

Often, this is a crossbreed that enjoys having a Mastiff face, as well as typical Labrador Retriever colors. We are talking about black, yellow and brown coats. If you are allergic to dogs, this is not going to be the best pup for you. You will be better finding a canine that is described as hypoallergenic.

Do They have a Good Temperament?

Due to their size, some people can be apprehensive around the Mastador. However, this crossbreed is a very loving and sweet canine. They love people when they are trained and socialized properly from an early age, which is just like any other breed. The Mastador can be a great family pooch if you have children. But one thing to remember is that they are an active and large pup. This means that they can easily knock down a child without meaning to.

However, some Mastadors can be wary and suspicious of strangers. They are a protective dog, which can give you peace of mind when you are at home. But it does mean that you will have to be consistent with their training when you are meeting with people outside of your normal household.

When it comes to training, the Mastador should be able to learn commands and tricks fairly quickly. They are a smart pooch and like to follow their trainer’s lead. But you will need to ensure that you are the pack leader for your Mastador to take you seriously. Once you have a bond with your furry friend, this is going to make it a lot easier to train your canine. In addition, you can make your training sessions fun and rewarding for your Mastador.

The Mastador is not a dog that likes to spend a lot of time alone. They prefer to be with their pack. Being locked up at home all day while you are out at work might mean they get lonely and start to cause trouble around the house. So, this is not going to be a good breed for someone that leads a busy life. Instead, the perfect owner is someone that is active and home a lot.

Do They need a lot of Exercise?

When you own a Mastador you have to be prepared to provide them with the exercise they need. Typically, this is going to be at least one hour of exercise per day. We are not talking about a simple walk around the block. This is a pooch that needs some strenuous exercise so that they can expend their energy. In particular, this is something that they inherit from their Labrador Retriever parent. Therefore, you should take your Mastador jogging with you or allow them to enjoy hiking. These are great ways to get them moving, as well as enjoy being active. They may also enjoy playing fetch with their ball. Just ensure your canine has good training and socialize so that they can be let off the leash.

Do They need a lot of Grooming?

When it comes to grooming, the Mastador is a low maintenance canine. Due to their short fur, you will only have to brush your pooch once or twice per week. Make sure that you introduce the brush to your Mastador slowly over time. They might become wary of it if this is not done at a young age. Since they are a big canine, you may want to use a professional groomer for bathing. Again, training and socialization are going to be essential for your Mastador.

Do not forget other grooming you need to do with your pooch. This includes trimming their nails so that they can walk without any problems. In addition, you will need to brush their teeth on a regular basis and clean their ears.

Where can I find a Mastador?

If you have decided that the Mastador is the right canine for you, you will want to know how you can adopt this wonderful canine. One place you can go is your local animal shelter. There are going to be dogs here that are looking for a new home. It may be difficult to know for certain if a canine is a Mastador. But if you fall in love, you can always have your pooch DNA tested later on.

You can also contact a rescue organization to find a Mastador. They may be able to match you with the right pup. You may also find adverts online that have been posted by owners trying to re-home their canines. Again, you can be someone to offer that companion a new home.

If you would like to raise a Mastador puppy, there are going to breeders that you can approach. While this can be an expensive process, families like to the opportunity to train and socialize their canine from a young age. Just ensure you spend a lot of time researching a good breeder. This is going to avoid approaching a puppy mill for a Mastador.

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