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The Maltipoo dog breed is a very special kind, being that they are very intelligent. Add their good looks to a life expectancy of 12 to 16 years, then you’d be getting a friend who isn’t just good looking, but will keep your company for a very long time.

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If you live in Texas and you’d like to get a Maltipoo breed you can call your own, then keep reading. We have taken out the time to help you find the top Maltipoo breeders in Texas.

1. Vicky’s Toy Puppies

These breeders concentrate on breeding shed-free dogs like Maltipoos, Morkies, and YorkiePoos. Each of their Maltipoo puppies is bred and raised in rubber-coated cages where they have access to both heat and cooling.

Their comfort is taken into full consideration, which is why their home is made very comfortable, pending when they will be taken away by a new owner.

Vicky’s Toy Puppies are proud to say that they have bred dogs that grew to become seizure dogs, asthma dogs, and cancer-detecting dogs.

The puppies are raised right under their roof along with other members of the family, adults, children, and grandchildren inclusive. This is done so the dogs can become socialized with smaller kids before they go to their new homes.

As the pups become more mature, they are taken out on drives so they can become used to the roads, sounds of car horns, and more humans.

Here, you would require a budget of between $1,200 and $1,700 to get a Maltipoo puppy. An initial deposit is also required to book a slot on the waiting list.

Below are their contact details.

Breeder Location: They are located in Childress County. About 117 miles from Amarillo, Texas, and 140 miles from Lubbock.

Breeder phone line: 940-937 8392

Breeder email address:

2. Kathy’s Little Pups In Texas

Kathy’s Little Pups is a Texas-based Maltipoo breeder who breeds and raises Maltipoo puppies on their spacious 3-acre land.

The dogs under Kathy’s care live right in the home and are free to play around the land. Their mission is to connect healthy Maltipoo puppies to loving families who will love and care for them for the rest of their lives.

In a case the puppies become problematic, Kathy requests that the owner informs her of the situation so she can see how she can help. This is a much better option than having the dog taken to a dog shelter where they would be maltreated and uncared for.

Kathy’s puppies are sold between $1,500 and $2,000. The price is determined by gender, size, and color.

Kathy is a small scale Maltipoo breeder, so she has just a small litter. An initial deposit is required to reserve a slot on her waiting list.

Below are her contact details

Breeder Location: They are based in Tarrant County. Close to Dallas.

Breeder address: 803 Barbara Lane, Keller, Texas 76248

Breeder email address:

Breeder phone line: (817) 379-5712

3. ETX Doodles in Texas

These breeders are Texas-based and they focus exclusively on raising non-shedding dog breeds, the Maltipoo breed inclusive.

They enjoy breeding Maltipoos, which is why they constantly provide their puppies with the very best of healthcare, love, attention, and training.

These breeders are very concerned about placing their puppies in good, loving homes. This to them is far more important than making money off the dogs.

On average, you should expect to spend around $1,250 on a Maltipoo puppy. This is among the lowest Maltipoo puppy prices you can find in all of Texas. You will however be required to make an initial deposit of $250 to secure a position on the waiting list.

You will also have to wait for about 3 months to get your puppy.

They breed several litters of Maltipoos in a year, and each puppy is raised right there in their home with the other puppies, as well as their kids and other adults. This helps the pups socialize early in life and ready for life with a new loving owner.

Considering their prices, they are one of the cheapest Maltipoo breeders in Texas, so you can check them out if you are on a low budget.

As for their adult dogs, they are all tested for hereditary issues that could be transferred to their offspring. All their puppies are also checked by the vet before the new owner takes them home.

Upon purchase, the puppies are covered with a one-year health guarantee, a puppy pack filled with the puppy’s current food, a blanket covered with its siblings or parent’s scent, and 30-day pet insurance.

Below are their contact details.

Breeder Location: They are based in Bastrop & Travis Counties. Just outside of Austin, Texas. About 100 miles from San Antonio.

Breeder email address:

Breeder phone line: 512-924-3966

How To Choose A Maltipoo Breeder In Texas

Keep in mind that Maltipoo breeds are very special, so you have to be careful when choosing a breeder. Due to the special nature of these dogs, many would be keen to cash-in on the demand this dog breed has generated over the years.

Unfortunately, not all breeders are ethical, a lot of them take terrible short cuts to produce this dog breed. This leads to a litter of poorly trained Maltipoos that have close to zero socialization skills.

An unethical breeder may not have carried out proper genetic testing on the parent dogs before the breeding takes place. This can cause the puppies to be born with certain health issues.

These unethical breeders are usually not registered with any relevant bodies, both nationally or in Texas, hence do not abide by the guidelines required to breed and raise Maltipoos.

Keeping all this in mind, you may be confused as to how to find the right Maltipoo breeder in Texas.

Not to worry, we will be giving you some vital tips that will help you find a reputable Maltipoo breeder in Texas.

Follow the tips below.

Do Some Research

Before you make up your mind on which Maltipoo breeder to do business with, be sure to investigate them thoroughly first. Not all breeders follow best practices in raising their puppies, so you would want to be sure of their standards before agreeing to their terms and paying for the puppy.

One of the major aspects of your research should be asking the right questions. This is very important, as their ability to answer your questions would tell you if they are reputable breeders or not.

A trusted breeder would have no problems giving you the most honest answers. A shady breeder on the other hand would dodge many of your questions. Some may even go as far as lying, just to get you to deposit the Maltipoo puppy.

Below is a list of the most important questions you need to ask when looking for a trusted Maltipoo breeder in Texas.

Asking the breeder these questions and getting the right answers cannot be overlooked. The answers will give you a clear idea of the quality of puppies you will be getting.

If the breeder answers you without any hesitation, then you can proceed to discuss terms with them. However, if they become evasive, then keep your suspicions high, because they may be trying to sell you a less than favorable Maltipoo puppy.

Ask For Proof

When you are done asking the relevant questions, your investigation shouldn’t stop there. This is because a breeder who is strictly in it for the money can say anything just to get you to make a payment.

For this reason, you must ask for proof to back up their claims. If they say they are members of relevant bodies or have been certified by them, then ask for the relevant documents that will prove their authenticity.

You should also ask to see the genetic test results for the parent dogs, as well as their health certificates. All the relevant test results for the puppies should also be provided.

If the breeder produces adequate evidence that they are legitimate, then you can be more confident and start the process of getting your Maltipoo puppy. On the flip side, if the breeder cannot provide enough evidence to back up their claims, then doing business with them would be a big mistake.

Ask to be taken to the breeding centers if possible. Although many ethical breeders do not allow regular visits from outsiders. This is because they would want to keep their puppies safe from germs and infections that could be brought in by the visitors.

Nonetheless, you will need some evidence to be sure that what you’re being told about the Maltipoo puppies is true.

Look For Reviews

As you come across several breeders online, you would do yourself a favor by digging deeper for more information. This time, you would be looking for what others have to say about them.

You can get this from reviews!

Visit their website and go through as many reviews as you can find. It is a common practice for customers to tell everyone their experience with a particular service or product.

If the customers were satisfied, they wouldn’t mind saying one or two nice things about the breeder. But if they were disappointed with the quality of puppies they got, they would surely air out their frustrations.

Keep in mind that reviews found on websites may not all be completely honest unless they are coming from a neutral website. If the reviews you find are strictly on the breeder’s site, then they may have been fabricated.

The website admin of an unethical breeder could disallow unfavorable reviews. But don’t lose hope, there is another source for reviews, and that is the breeder’s social media page.

When you visit any of their social media platforms, go through their posts, and see what people are saying in the comment section. If the reviews are favorable, then you may have found the right breeder.

If they are not, then you could be dealing with an unethical Maltipoo breeder.

One more thing, if the comments have been deactivated, then it means the breeder wouldn’t like anyone leaving comments on their posts, and that is suspicious!

Ask Your Close Friends Or Family Members

Surely you’re not the only dog lover among your group of friends, colleagues, or family. If you have any loved one who is a dog lover, and that person lives in Texas, chances are they would know a reputable breeder.

Even if they don’t, they may know someone who does.

All you have to do is ask them and they will give you good recommendations if they have any.

Being that they are your loved ones, you would expect that they’ll be honest enough to give you only good recommendations. They would also give you details about their experience with the breeder they got their pups from.


If you live in Texas, then you can contact any one of the breeders listed in this article and make inquiries on how you can get a Maltipoo puppy from them.

Follow the tips provided here when searching for a Maltipoo breeder in Texas. Ask the right questions and do some extra research before you pay for a Maltipoo puppy.

We hope this article on Maltipoo breeders in Texas has been helpful.

Good luck!

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