Malchi – Maltese & Chihuahua Mix

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Have you heard of the Malchi dog breed? If not, then you’re in for a treat! We’ve put together information about these adorable dogs! Read on to learn more about this dog breed with its wonderful name!

What is a Malchi?

The Malchi, also commonly called Maltechi or Malachi, is a hybrid dog breed that is a combination of a Chihuahua with a Maltese. You might say this is a designer dog breed. The result is a cute, small dog known for its huge heart and loud bark!

The History of the Malchi

Malchis are a relatively new crossbreed, so there’s not much history to learn about yet. However, when it comes to the Malchi’s parents, here we can provide some information!

These dogs were known in Greek and Roman times. They were originally from Malta and, from there, went on to become extremely popular small dogs. They were traded across the known world and were often used as an accessory for wealthy women. You can even find these small dogs in portraits over the centuries. They’re even mentioned in poetry!

Over time, the Maltese made their way to Europe, where the breed was renowned for being healers. Healers would lay the little down on the pillows of the sick. The thought was that the gentle spirit of the dog would heal the ill person.

By the late 1800s, the Maltese made it to America, where the AKC recognized the breed in 1888.

The Chihuahua also has a fascinating history! These dogs originally came from Mexico. There, they were sometimes used as spirit guides who protected the souls traveling through the underworld. Even so, there’s no firm evidence of how long these small dogs have been around. However, they’ve always had their playful, loyal, loving personality.

Chihuahuas take their name from the Mexican state of the same name. The reason was that in the 1800s, American tourists first saw the dog there. Chihuahuas were first recognized by the AKC in 1904.

While the Maltese have a short history, it’s thought they first made an appearance around 2000.

What is a Maltese?

One side of the Malchi is the Maltese. A Maltese is a small dog that has a very long history. They’re known for their friendliness, energy, and for being extremely intelligent.

What is a Chihuahua?

A Chihuahua is another type of small dog, which is also very lively and full of energy. These dogs are known for their loyalty, which makes them very popular companion dogs.

Maltese & Chihuahua = Malchi!

When you put the Maltese and the Chihuahua together, the result is the beautiful Malchi! These designer dogs are known for being loving and loyal. They have a loud bark compared to their diminutive size. They’re also not very social with people outside of their family.

Malchi Statistics

You can count on the fact that a Malchi is small! They usually weigh between 5-15 lbs and stand between 12-14 inches.

When it comes to the dog’s lifespan, a Malchi has an average life span of 12-15 years.

The Malchi Appearance

Malchis can vary in appearance since this hybrid breed is a cross between a Chihuahua and Maltese. Even puppies in the same litter can vary greatly. The dog’s body is small, with a round head. The Malchi has brown eyes, and some have tall ears, though others may have long, folded ears that resemble a Maltese. Malchis always have a black nose.

Their coat colors vary, but the most common colors are tan or white. You may also find a cream or fawn-colored Malchi, though these are not as common. The breed’s fur can be short or long, with medium density. This breed’s coat is usually silky, soft, and wavy. The Malchi’s hair is easy to maintain.

What’s the Temperament of a Malchi?

Malchis have the personalities of their parents, the Chihuahua and the Maltese. You can expect a silly, affectionate, gentle, playful dog! Another thing to understand about the Malchi is that they also take after their parents in another way. They tend to believe they’re a larger dog. This means the Malchi may sometimes be aggressive and spirited. These hybrid dogs are also very protective of their families.

These diminutive fur babies also make very loving, affectionate, loyal companions. However, they’re really not good around young kids. These dogs have little tolerance for young children. So, if you have young kids, you may want to consider another dog breed. If your heart is set on a Malchi and you have young children, then you’ll need to keep your kids and canine companion supervised at all times. Malchis have a tendency to be snappy and snarl when annoyed or irritated.

Ensuring your dog is socialized can help reduce these issues. However, these little dogs are not good for families with kids or even other pets. Malchis are best for single owners who don’t have other pets. They’re also great with older adults.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Malchis have a tendency to bark and “talk” a lot! And they have a very large, loud bark! Malchis tend to bark at pretty much everything, too.

When it comes to training, the Malchi tends to be more stubborn, like his Chihuahua parent. However, the Maltese side also makes the Malchi eager to please.

What’s more, you can expect your Malchi to always be happy to see you and spend time snuggling in your lap! You’ll always have a loving, small, happy companion if you choose a Malchi!

Malchi Intelligence

Malchis are very intelligent dogs, as both the Maltese and Chihuahua are smart dog breeds. Malchis are very clever, too. But as we mentioned earlier, if Malchi has more Chihuahua in him, then there’s a good chance he’ll have more of a stubborn streak, just like his Chihuahua parent!

Malchis usually like to cuddle, so they’re usually a good choice for families with small children. Malchis also like to go on walks, so they’re a good choice for families with active kids.

Malchis are very clever and independent. They love to cuddle and will do anything to please their owners. They are also very loving and loyal dogs, but can be stubborn if they feel like they have to prove themselves to you. If you want a dog that is easy going, Malchis are the best dogs for you.

However, separation anxiety is a big problem with Malchis. It is recommended that you get a dog trainer for your Malchi if you want to be able to train him to not get so upset when you leave.

Like all Maltese, Malchis love being indoors, but they also love being outdoors. They can be an excellent guard dog as well, so it’s good to keep them on a leash when you’re in public.

Malchi Care

When it comes to taking care of a Malchi, expect to spend some time on his coat. Malchis with lighter coats tend to show stains, and it can be difficult to keep them clean. For this reason, a Malchi usually needs to be bathed on a regular basis.

Malchis’ faces need special care, especially around the mouth and under the eyes, to keep the fur from staining. After bathing, it’s essential to make sure your Malchi’s ears are thoroughly dried, too. This is especially true for dogs that have folded over ears. Water or moisture can stay trapped in the ear, leading to an infection. Ear infections are a common problem in Malchis.

The good news is that your Malchi’s fur will only need to be brushed about three times a week. These small dogs do shed moderately, which is why they need to be brushed so often. Brushing removes debris in the fur and keeps the coat from becoming tangled and matted (only in Malchis with long fur).

Finally, Malchis need their nails trimmed every few weeks to keep their feet healthy. Trimming nails also keep the dog from scratching you or other people if the dog happens to jump!

Are Malchis Hypoallergenic?

Some people believe Malchis are hypoallergenic; however, no dog is truly hypoallergenic. The allergic reaction you may have is related to the specific proteins that are carried in the Malchi’s dander and saliva.

Some who are allergic to dogs may be OK with a Malchi; however, others who are allergic to dogs may have a large allergic reaction. It just depends on each person’s unique immune system and how sensitive they are to dog allergens.

One more note, it is possible to cut down the number of dog allergens in your home. This can be done by keeping your dog clean. You can use a combination of baths and dog wipes. These work to remove allergens from your dog’s skin and fur.

Keeping your home clean also cuts down on the number of dog allergens in the environment. Regular dusting, vacuuming, and damp mopping can do wonders for a person allergic to dogs.

Malchi Diet

Because Malchis are so small, they don’t require huge amounts of food. Because they tend to suffer from indigestion, breeders and vets recommend keeping a Malchi on dry kibble that’s high in fiber.

Your Malichi will only need about 1 cup of kibble every day, which should be divided into two meals. The cost of feeding a Malchi each month can run between $25 to $30. 

Common Health Issues in Malchis

As with other designer dog breeds, Malchis are prone to different health problems. The most common health issues in Malchis includes:

Some dogs may also suffer from these health issues, though these conditions are not as common in Malchis:

Keep in mind that not all Malchis will develop these conditions. Some of these conditions can be avoided by keeping your Malchi happy and healthy. Be sure to give him plenty of exercise every day, feed him high-quality food, and take your fur baby to the vet for regular checkups.

You may also want to consider pet health insurance, which can help cover the cost of veterinary care.

Malchi Exercise

What do Malchis love to do? They do have a lot of energy; however, they only need to be exercised about 30 minutes of exercise a day. You and your canine companion can do a 15 walk in the morning and another one in the evening.  These small dogs will love taking a short, brisk walk. They also love to run and play, as well as participate in short training sessions.

Even so, your Malchi will still want to be a lap dog most of the time!

Because these small dogs are so intelligent, you’ll also need to ensure your fur baby has plenty of mental stimulation. This can include training sessions, interactive dog toys, and puzzles. The main thing is to keep your dog mentally stimulated so he doesn’t become bored. A bored Malchi can make his own entertainment, which may include chewing up your favorite living room pillows, shoes, and so much more!

What About Training a Malchi?

Malchis are highly intelligent, which means the dogs are trainable. However, keep in mind they can be somewhat stubborn, like their Chihuahua parent breeds!

These little dogs thrive on firm, positive reinforcement training methods. Be sure to keep training sessions short for your Malchi. And never hit or scold him.

Early socialization is very important for your Malchi, too. This is a dog that needs to learn how to live with other dogs and people. Early training and socialization will help to reduce Malchi’s fearfulness.

With a high energy levels, the trainability of Malchi is not too bad. It can learn new tricks and commands, but it takes some effort on your part. And the Chihuahua in him means that he will not sit still for long periods of time.

However, Malchi’s tiny size means that he is not too heavy to carry around when you want to go for a walk or jog with him.

This means that Malchi is a good dog for small apartments, and can also be a great dog for apartment living. He can be active indoors, but will require some exercise. Malchi needs daily walks to stay healthy and happy.

Another interesting thing about Malchis is that they are extremely people-oriented. They love the attention and love to please their people. They do tend to be slightly aloof, though, and don’t really like it when other dogs try to play with them.

Malchis are not usually great with cats. And you can also expect some mischief from your Malchi if he is allowed to roam freely outside.

Giving enough playtime and training sessions to your Malchi is key to a healthy, happy dog. Your Malchi is also a bit of a talker. This can be good, or it can be bad, depending on the training you do with him.

Your Malchi needs plenty of mental stimulation. This means playing games and games of all kinds. A daily walk around the neighborhood is also a great way to give your Malchi mental stimulation and exercise.

Malchis are also great at learning tricks and doing tricks for treats! They’re even fairly easy to train in obedience classes!

Malchis make wonderful family dogs for those who want a loyal companion who loves being with people, but isn’t too needy or clingy. These dogs are affectionate but not overly demanding about attention. And they are intelligent and trainable enough that they don’t need much in the way of training from you, either!

Are Malchi Puppies Expensive?

Healthy Malchi puppies may cost between $500 and $1000; however, you may be able to find a cute little Malchi for about $300. If you buy from a breeder, the price depends on the puppy’s parentage.

Remember that your Malchi fur baby will also require food, grooming (at home or at the groomer’s), regular vet checkups, vaccinations, and more. He’ll also need a dog bed, toys, and water & food bowls. These are the ongoing costs associated with having a dog. This is a long commitment, too, since Malchis can live between 12-15 years.

When buying a Malchi, or any other dog, always choose a reputable breeder. Reputable breeders follow strict guidelines about how the dogs are bred, which includes health checks for certain genetic problems in the puppies.

Dog owners may also find a Malchi at a dog rescue waiting to be adopted. Remember these little fur babies are as deserving of a home as a dog from a breeder. You won’t know their history, but these lovely canine companions are waiting for their fur ever home. So, check out your local shelter or rescue—they may have a beautiful Malchi waiting for you!

Summing It Up

Malchis are a hybrid dog breed, which is relatively new. If you’re looking for a loving, loyal, fun little companion, then this dog may right for you! However, remember these little dogs don’t do well with small kids and other pets.

Otherwise, these small dogs make lovely companion dogs! You’ll have a cute, adorable companion for years to come if you choose a Malchi!

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