Lagotto Romagnolo Owner’s Guide

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Have you heard of a Lagotto Romagnolo before? This is a canine that you do not see every day but they make fantastic companions. Before you consider adopting this furry friend, it is recommended that you learn about their needs. So, let’s take a look at the Lagotto Romagnolo.

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What Can I Expect from the Lagotto Romagnolo?

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an old dog breed and there are mentions of it as far back as the 1400s. In particular, the Lagotto Romagnolo is suggested to have originated in Romagna, Italy. Their job was as a water retrieval dog and they worked in the marshes of Romagna. Once these were drained, this was no longer their main duty. Instead, they became truffle dogs. They were very popular and good at their job.

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a medium-sized canine, weighing around 24 to 35 pounds and reaching a height of 16 to 19 inches. They can have a long life expectancy of around 15 to 17 years if they are happy and healthy. This pooch has a muscular build with triangular ears. The common coat colors for this canine include white, orange and brown.

Do They Have a Good Temperament?

The Lagotto Romagnolo is a sociable canine that can make a wonderful companion. They love to spend time with their family and are affectionate and playful. They will be able to live with kids and have some fun. One thing you should realize is that the Lagotto Romagnolo can develop separation anxiety if they have to live without their family for long periods of time. So, ensure that there is someone home most of the day for this canine.

The good thing about the Lagotto Romagnolo is that they are intelligent. This means that they enjoy learning and are eager to please. You can train them to do a lot of things and they will pick up on commands pretty quickly.

However, despite the Lagotto Romagnolo being a loving dog, they may become wary of strangers. This means that it will be important to socialize your canine from an early age. This is going to ensure that they can get along with everybody that comes into your home.

Do They Need a lot of Exercise?

As a working dog, you can expect the Lagotto Romagnolo to need a lot of exercise. They are a high-energy pooch and they are going to be suited for families that like to stay active. In particular, this pup is suited for hiking, running and exploring. They are also fantastic swimmers and this is a great form of exercise for them since it is gentle on their joints. Playing fetch will be a good way to allow them to run since they are going to have more energy to burn than you. Just make sure that they are trained and socialized so that you can have fun outings with your pooch.

It will be essential for your Lagotto Romagnolo to get the exercise they need during the day. Without this, they may become disruptive to destructive in the house. This can include barking and chewing on your furniture. Therefore, always make sure that you can match the energy of the Lagotto Romagnolo, as well as providing them with toys and activities in the house. They are an intelligent breed and this means that they can become bored in the home very easily.

Are They High Maintenance When It Comes to Grooming?

This furry friend is known for their thick double coat. It is waterproof and going to keep them warm. Often, they have a curly coat and you will find that this canine does not shed a lot like other breeds. This is why this pooch is classed as a hypoallergenic dog. This may be a good thing if you have allergies to pups.

Another great thing about the Lagotto Romagnolo is that they are referred to as low maintenance dogs. Since they do not shed a lot of hair, they do not leave a lot of mess around your home. The curls of their coat also mean that brushing their coat a couple of times a week is all that is needed. This is going to ensure that it is not going to become tangled and matted, which can be uncomfortable for your pooch.

Your Lagotto Romagnolo may require some coat trims during the year. This is particularly true around the ears and eyes. You can do this yourself or take your furry friend to a professional groomer.

Where Can I Find a Lagotto Romagnolo?

After reading all about the Lagotto Romagnolo, you may have decided that this is the best breed for your family. Indeed, they make wonderful companions. So, the next question you are going to have is where you can find this furry friend. There are a number of ways you can add a Lagotto Romagnolo to your household. Some of them are going to easier and more affordable than others.

First of all, you can check your local animal shelter for a Lagotto Romagnolo. This is not a common breed that you often find in shelters. But it is worth taking a look as there are a lot of dogs here that are searching for their forever home. What’s more, this can be an affordable and rewarding way to find a dog.

You can also search online for a new companion. There are charities and rescues that might be able to help you find a Lagotto Romagnolo. In addition, there can be owners trying to rehome their Lagotto Romagnolo. This might be for free or there may be a price. Always ask questions and make sure that you know about the dog before agreeing to adopt them.

There are going to be Lagotto Romagnolo breeders across the country that allow you to purchase a pooch. This can be an expensive way to welcome this canine into your home. But it can be preferable if you want to start their training and socialization from an early age.

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