Chihuahua Terrier Mix Owner’s Guide

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If you are looking for a small dog, you may consider the Chihuahua Terrier Mix. This can be a small pooch that is full of personality and they can bring some sass and excitement to your home. Before adopting any type of canine, it is important to learn about their needs. This way, you can ensure your furry friend will be happy and healthy. So, let’s take a look at the Chihuahua Terrier Mix.

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What is a Chihuahua Terrier Mix?

Of course, the Chihuahua Terrier Mix is not a purebred dog. Instead, it is a hybrid breed that combines the chihuahua and one of the terrier breeds. Often, this is the Jack Russell Terrier. However, it can also include other canines. This can include:

Thus, it will be difficult to say what your furry friend is going to look like. Normally, they are going to be a small dog and they might be referred to as a designer pooch. As a crossbreed, the Chihuahua Terrier Mix is not recognized by the American Kennel Club. Again, it is difficult to say how big your pooch will get without knowing the Terrier mix. But, your pup is likely to be a small dog.

Do They Have a Good Temperament?

One thing that a lot of Chihuahua owners say is that their dogs have a lot of sass and personality! So, be prepared to have a canine that has a big personality and sometimes they will have a mind of their own. So, while you have a small dog, you will have a big responsibility to train your canine and ensure that they are social with other people and dogs. Towards their family, the Chihuahua Terrier Mix is a loving canine that adores attention.

It is important to remember that Terrier dogs will have a prey drive. This is due to their working history when they used to be used for hunting game and vermin. Therefore, training is going to be essential for your pup. This is true if you want to let your Chihuahua Terrier Mix off the leash in public spaces.

The Chihuahua Terrier Mix can get along with other dogs when they have gone through training. This is something that is very important for all dog breeds. From a young age, allow your Chihuahua Terrier Mix to socialize with other pups. This is a canine that is known for their big personality and they may bark and not have manners around other dogs if they are not trained.

Do They Need a lot of Exercise?

A lot of people assume that small dogs do not need a lot of exercise. Some are happy to laze around the house all day and just a 20-minute stroll outside. However, this is probably not going to be the case with the Chihuahua Terrier Mix. While they will not need hours of exercise, they will still require daily exercise to burn some of their energy. This also gives them the opportunity to explore the environment around them. The Chihuahua Terrier Mix can enjoy bursts of energy during the day. They will love to run around in the park and play with their ball.

It is likely that your Chihuahua Terrier Mix will have a prey drive. This means it will be important to do a lot of off leash training before you allow your canine to explore. This is going to ensure that your pooch does not run off and get lost.

What’s more, do not forget that the Chihuahua Terrier Mix can be an intelligent pup. This means that they will benefit from mental stimulation during the day. You can do this by providing toys and puzzles for your canine to enjoy. In addition, training is going to help you bond with your dog and it can be a good way to tire out your canine.

Do They Need a lot of Grooming?

The Chihuahua Terrier Mix is not going to be a breed that typically needs a lot of breeding. They often have short coats and this means that maintenance is easy. You can brush your canine a few times per week to look after their fur. In addition, they are going to benefit from regular bathing so that they do not smell. Due to their size, this is something that you can do yourself without a professional groomer.

It will also be important to look after your canine’s ears. In other words, it is recommended that you clean them on a regular basis. You will want to trim their nails too, as well as brush their teeth. All of these things are going to look after your pup’s health.

Where Can I Find a Chihuahua Terrier Mix?

Have you decided that you love the Chihuahua Terrier Mix and want to adopt this pooch? You can start your search at the local animal shelter. Unfortunately, there are a lot of canines that are looking for a new home. You may be able to find a Chihuahua Terrier Mix here and this can be an affordable way to get a dog. In addition, an adult pup can also have some basic training already, as well as social skills.

If you would prefer to have a puppy, there are going to be a lot of breeders offering the Chihuahua Terrier Mix. This can be a good way to start training your dog from an early age and introducing them to other canines. In particular, this can be beneficial if you already have dogs in the home. But just make sure that you do your research when it comes to finding a responsible and experienced breeder. There are some out there that are only interested in profit and this can jeopardize the health of the Chihuahua Terrier Mix puppies. Thus, ask also of questions and always request to see the parents of your Chihuahua Terrier Mix puppy before you buy them.

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