Black Mouth Cur Owner’s Guide

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Are you looking for a working dog? Perhaps you would like to learn more about the Black Mouth Cur. This might not be a breed that you have heard about before, but they have big personalities and they can be fun to be around. Indeed, they have been used as a working dog and have a lot of energy to offer. So, let’s take a look at the Black Mouth Cur and learn about their needs.

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What is a Black Mouth Cur?

The Black Mouth Cur is perhaps a dog that you are not familiar with. Indeed, you may not see them very often when you are at the dog park or perhaps you have seen them but have not been aware that it is a Black Mouth Cur. They have been used for farming and hunting over the years and farmers have enjoyed working with this pooch. In particular, they have been used to herd livestock, as well as track game.

The Black Mouth Cur will look slightly different depending on breeding. But there are some common colors you can see this pooch enjoying. This can include yellow, brown and black. Of course, as you can guess from their name, this dog has a black muzzle, which can also be around their eyes. They can also have patches of white appearing on their body, such as on the chest and legs.

Therefore, the Black Mouth Cur is a working dog. They can live from between 12 to 18 years old when they are happy and healthy. They are usually around 16 to 25 inches in height, as well as weighing between 40 to 95 pounds. Normally, a male Black Mouth Cur is going to be heavier and larger than a female.

Do They Have a Good Temperament?

Due to the origins of the Black Mouth Cur, they remain a canine that is brave and courageous. In the American south, they should be guard dogs that would keep away wild animals, such as bears and wildcats. They are also very intelligent pups, which means that you will need to entertain them and ensure that they have things to keep them occupied during the day. They are classed as a high-energy breed too.

Most of the time, the Black Mouth Cur is going to make other furry friends. Of course, like any other breed, you have to make sure that you socialize your canine from an early age. This allows them to build their confidence and know how to interact with other pups. The only time when they may become aggressive towards other canines is if they feel their family is under threat. The same principle applies to strangers. The Black Mouth Cur is a protective dog and this can make them good at guarding the home. Something you should also know is that they do have a high prey drive. This can mean that they might not be able to live with other animals.

All dogs will benefit from training and this is true for the Black Mouth Cur. However, they can be a stubborn breed and this means that you will need to be consistent. If there is something good for training, such as tasty treats, the Black Mouth Cur will be more likely to participate and be eager to learn. Thus, keep the training sessions short and regular.

Do They Require a lot of Grooming?

Since the Black Mouth Cur has a short and fine coat, you may be wondering whether they require a lot of grooming. The good news is that this is a furry friend that does not need a lot of maintenance when it comes to their coat. You can brush your beloved companion once a week and this is going to be enough. They do not need any professional grooming during the year either. But it is best to regularly clean their ears and trim their nail. Occasional baths will also ensure that your canine does not smell.

The Black Mouth Cur sheds during the year. This is going to be during the summer and winter months. This means that this might not be the best breed to have in your home if you have allergies to dogs.

Do They Require a lot of Exercise?

If you are someone that is looking for a lazy lap dog, this is not going to be the Black Mouth Cur. This is a breed that is called high-energy, which means that you will have to ensure they get the exercise they need during the day. This is going to ensure that they are happy and remain calm. It will also avoid destructive behaviors in the home when they are bored or left alone. Therefore, ensure that your furry friend has at least two walks every day. Preferably, these are going to be challenging outings, such as jogging or hiking. They can also benefit from a sensory walk where they can explore with their nose.

Thus, the Black Mouth Cur used to be a working dog and they can be still used for this purpose. They are intelligent so you cannot forget to test their brain too. This can tire them out and allow them to relax. For example, playing games with them and using treat toys allows them to think and use their abilities. In addition, short and regular training sessions can be good for testing their brain and working on your bond.

How Can I Find a Black Mouth Cur?

There are a few ways you can welcome a Black Mouth Cur into your family. First of all, visit your local animal shelter. They may have this breed that is looking for a new home. But they might not be very common. In addition, there are rescue organizations online that might be able to help, as well as private owners looking to re-home their canine. Alternatively, you can look for a Black Mouth Cur breeder. This way, you can raise your canine from a puppy. But you will have to be prepared to pay the price.

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