Bernedoodle Owner’s Guide

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Have you always wondered what the Bernedoodle is? This is an adorable and goofy crossbreed that a lot of families love. This is a combination of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle. Often, they are referred to as a designer breed and can be called a Bernese Mountain Poo. If you are thinking about adopting a Bernedoodle, you will need to learn about their needs. So, let’s take a look at what this crossbreed needs.

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What Can I Expect from the Bernedoodle?

The Bernedoodle is a relatively new crossbreed and this means it can be difficult to know what they are going to look like. But they are classed as a medium to large dog, reaching a height of between 10 and 29 inches when they are an adult. They can also weigh anywhere from 10 to 90 pounds. Typically, a male Bernedoodle is going to be heavier and taller than a female. It is interesting to note that the Bernedoodle can have a long lifespan for a larger dog. This can be around 12 to 18 years when they are happy and healthy.

The Bernedoodle can have a straight or curly coat depending on the parents. Some common colors include black, brown, white and grey. Their fur is wavy or curly. If you have allergies, you will be pleased to hear that the Bernedoodle can be hypoallergenic. But this is something that you should check with the breeder first.

Do They have a Good Temperament?

Breeders first started creating Bernedoodle as a companion dog back in 2003. This means that you can look forward to having a furry friend that wants to spend time with you. Indeed, they are affectionate and love attention from their owners. The Bernedoodle is also highly intelligent. This can mean that they are easier to train than other breeds. They can also perform well when they are given a job since they like to stay active.

However, one thing that might affect training is that the Bernedoodle can be stubborn. This will ultimately be decided by breeding and the parents of your Bernedoodle. But if you try to keep training fun and rewarding for your furry friend, you can overcome this. They can also be wary of strangers. So, this is something that you might have to work on.

Do They Need a lot of Exercise?

If you are an active family then the Bernedoodle is going to fit right in. This is a crossbreed that has high energy levels, which means they need daily exercise. They will need at least one hour of exercise every day to be happy and healthy. Otherwise, they might become destructive in the home. So, aim to take your Bernedoodle for two walks a day. They will also enjoy playing fetch and bounding around off leash. Of course, ensure that your Bernedoodle is trained and has good recall before allowing this to happen. The Bernedoodle will benefit from having their own yard at home too.

Since this furry friend is intelligent, you will need to challenge their brain during the day too. You can do this with toys and puzzles, as well as regular training sessions. They are going to find this very rewarding and be happy to learn this way.

Do They Need a lot of Grooming?

When you adopt a Bernedoodle, there is going to be some grooming involved. Namely, this is going to be brushing your furry friend every day. This is going to ensure that your canine does not get any tangles or matted fur. When this happens, it can be uncomfortable for your pup. So, brushing your Bernedoodle and bathing them often is going to stop this from happening.

A lot of Bernedoodle owners choose to have their beloved companion groomed on a regular basis. This can ensure that fur does not affect their vision. It can also make your life a lot easier and improve the appearance of your pooch. If you do want to have your Bernedoodle groomed, it is recommended to see a professional every six to eight weeks.

Do not forget to clean your dog’s ears regularly. This is going to avoid infections. It is also advised to trim their nails on a monthly basis. This is beneficial for the comfort of your canine when they are walking. Just like you need to brush your teeth every day, you should also do this for your Bernedoodle. This will ensure that their teeth are healthy and do not develop tartar and decay. It can also help if your furry friend has bad breath.

How Do I Find a Bernedoodle?

When you want to adopt a Bernedoodle, the best place to start is at your local animal shelter. It can be a rewarding experience to give a home to a dog without an owner. You can also benefit from an affordable way of getting a Bernedoodle, as well as the dog having some basic training and socialization. The animal shelter may also be able to tell you more about the canine’s history. While the Bernedoodle might be hard to find at your local animal shelter, it will not be impossible. Designer dogs can also end up being rehomed.

You can also choose to buy a Bernedoodle puppy from a breeder. This can be a more expensive way to get a pooch but some people like to train their pup from an early age. This can be a good way to socialize your furry friend, particularly if you already have dogs. But you will have a lot of responsibility when it comes to finding a breeder. You will have to do a lot of research and ensure you choose one that is responsible and has experience. Unfortunately, there are a lot of puppy mills offering designer dogs to make money. You want to ensure that you do not support this industry. Instead, find a breeder that cares about their dogs and is open to answering all of your questions.

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