Bernedoodle Breeders In California

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A Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain dog and a poodle. These dogs are very cute and will make an excellent family companion any day. They are fluffy, as well as intelligent.

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For this reason, they are highly sought after, but you will need a good breeder to get the very best Bernedoodle puppies. It’s no surprise that Bernedoodles come at a high price, and California being an expensive place to live in, only means you may have to pay more for these adorable pups.

Speaking of Bernedoodle puppies in California, there are many of them out there. Unfortunately, not all of them are ethical breeders. Since these dog breeds are in high demand, there are a lot of quacks looking to cash-in on the popularity of this dog breed.

This means you need to be careful of the breeder you do business with, as a lot of them are not reputable. Not to worry, we understand what it means to own a healthy puppy, and that is why we have taken out the time to do some research on your behalf.

In this article, we will be recommending some of the top Bernedoodle breeders in California. You may be lucky enough to have one very close to your area of residence.

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1. Cedar Creek Bernedoodles

Cedar Creek Bernedoodles have been breeding Bernedoodles since 2007. Think of all the years of experience they have under their belt. This has helped them produce top-grade Bernedoodle puppies over the years and have left smiles on the faces of buyers.

They are based in Sierra Nevada, North California, and they make sure all their puppies are raised lovingly. The Bernedoodle pups here are taught how to socialize at a very young age, and this improves their adaptability when they are finally taken to their new homes.

They offer a two-year health guarantee on each of their puppies and all parent dogs have passed through adequate screening before breeding commences.

Note that puppies will need to be picked up or hand-delivered in person as they will not allow for unaccompanied flights.

They are located about 3 hours away from San Francisco, and about 1 and a half hours away from Sacramento.

Below are their contact details.

Breeder Location: These breeders are based in Paradise, California.

Breeder email address:

2. River Doodles

These breeders are family owned and operated, which is why you can be sure that any puppy you get from them will be as family-friendly as any puppy can be.

The pups are showered with maximum love and attention, and this helps them develop the most lovable personalities and temperaments.

They are allowed to play around with the children and other house pets, so they are well socialized, right from an early age.

Each of their breeding adults has been put through a genetic test, and they each have a Paw Print Test Medallion, along with full health screening.

Each of their pups is also covered by a two-year health guarantee, so you can be sure you are making a safe investment in the puppy you buy.

Besides Bernedoodles, they also breed Goldendoodles, and they have a ranch in Arizona.

They are 30 minutes away from Los Angeles, and 30 minutes away from Orange County.

Below are their contact details.

Breeder Location: These breeders are based in Brea.

Breeder email address:

3. Woodcreek Ranch Bernedoodles

They are among the most reputable breeders you can come across in California. They have been in the business for many years and they practice only the most ethical Bernedoodle breeding methods.

They are also very transparent, which is why you can trust them to give you all the desired information regarding the health status of each one of their puppies, as well as the parent dogs.

All their parent dogs have been hip and elbow certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. They have also been genetically tested for VWB and DM.

All their puppies have been hand-reared and raised under the same roof as the owners and their kids. This helps the puppies become more socialized so they will adapt quickly when they are taken to their new homes.

They are based in Wildomar, California, which is South of L.A. You can reach out to them via their contact details below.

Breeder Location: These breeders are based in Wildomar.

Breeder phone line: 1-951-805-8718

Breeder email address:

4. Teddy Bear Love Bernedoodles

There aren’t too many Bernedoodle breeders out there that can boast of over 25 years of experience. This is a very long time to be breeding such unique dogs. You can imagine how high they have set their standards over the years.

To say they are a well renowned Bernedoodle breeder is a huge understatement. They are so sure of the puppies they train, that they offer as high as a 5-year health guarantee on each of their puppies.

Below are their contact details.

Breeder Location: These breeders are based in San Jacinto Valley.

Breeder phone line: 1-951-903-4988

Breeder email address:

5. Blue Skye Bernedoodles

At Blue Skye Bernedoodles, they believe every puppy should be raised in a family home, under the watchful and caring eyes of the owners.

They are also of the philosophy that puppies be taught socialization skills before they are taken to their new homes. Doing this helps the puppies become used to having children and other adults around, and this will help them fit into their new homes when they leave.

They are also taught how to deal with different sight and sounds, including car horns, kids’ voices, other barking dogs, music, and more.

They are renowned for raising service and therapy dogs, and they are located in San Diego, which is ideal for Bernedoodle lovers in Southern California.

They are two hours away from Los Angeles and about an hour’s drive away from the South of Orange County.

Below are their contact details.

Breeder Location: These breeders are based in San Diego.

Breeder phone line: 951-240-1071

Breeder email address:

How To Find A Reputable Bernedoodle Breeder In California

A Bernedoodle puppy is a special dog breed that has grown in popularity over the years, and dog lovers in California aren’t left out of the rush.

Thanks to the high demand for Bernedoodle puppies, California has witnessed a surge in the number of unethical breeders. These unethical breeders have produced several Bernedoodle puppies that are not of sound mental or physical health.

This is because they fail to carry out the required physical health checks, neither do they bother about socializing the puppies with other house pets and humans.

Some even raise the puppies right inside kennels, and this causes them to have unattractive temperaments that the eventual owners would not like.

With so many quack breeders out here in California, how do you find one you can trust? Not to worry, we will be giving you tips on how you can find a trustworthy Bernedoodle breeder in California.

Ask A Close Friend Or Family Member

One of the quickest, most trusted means of finding the right Bernedoodle breeder in California is simply by asking a family member or a close colleague who lives in the same state.

If that person is a dog lover, then he/she may know a couple of breeders around. The good thing about asking for recommendations from a loved one is that they will most likely be honest enough about their dealings with any breeder they got their puppies from.

They wouldn’t want to lead you into getting a puppy from an unethical breeder so they will recommend only the best.

If they do not know any breeders, they may know someone who does.

Either way, asking a close friend or loved one is a sure path to meeting the right Bernedoodle breeder in California.

Search The Internet And Make Inquiries

If you do not have any close friends or family members around California, or they don’t know any reputable breeders and cannot recommend any to you, then you have to search on your own. Thankfully, we have the internet so finding one shouldn’t be too difficult.

Don’t jump up to celebrate yet, there is still a lot of work to be done, and that is asking the relevant questions and getting satisfactory answers.

When you come across a California-based breeder online, reach out to them and ask about all you need to know regarding the Bernedoodle puppies in their litter and the parent dogs.

Honest and ethical breeders will provide you with the right answers without a moment of hesitation. They will be very excited to hear you ask such questions, as it will tell them that you’re interested in the puppy’s welfare and will be a good parent to the puppy when you finally take it home.

An unethical breeder on the other hand will either be hesitant to answer certain questions, dodge them completely, or lie just to convince you to pay for the puppy.

Just in case you don’t know the right questions to ask, allow us to list out the major ones below.

When you come across a breeder online, be sure to ask the following questions –

When you ask questions like these, expect nothing less than honest and detailed answers. A reputable breeder will have no problems providing you with them.

Request For Proof

It would not come as a surprise if an unethical Bernedoodle breeder lies just to convince you to pay for a puppy. Hence, they may provide wrong information regarding the health status of the puppies in their care.

They could also lie about the health conditions of the parent dogs before breeding.

For these reasons, you must ask the breeder for proof to back up their claims of healthy parent dogs and puppies.

Such proof includes the results from the genetic testing of the parent dogs and their health certificates, as well as all other tests and medical results for the puppies.

If they are a registered breeder in the state of California, then there should be proof of that too.

If the breeder is legit, then they would have no problems providing all the proof you need to back up their claims. If the breeder you come across cannot prove their claims, then discontinue the conversation and look for another breeder.

Use Reviews

Customer reviews are one of the best means of confirming how good or bad a product or service is. As you would expect, a happy customer will have good things to say about a business, while a disappointed customer will equally express their displeasures.

This is the power of reviews, and this is why you should try to go through them before you pay the breeder for a Bernedoodle puppy.

To check for reviews, visit the breeder’s website to see what their past customers are saying about them. You can also visit their social media pages and read through the comments on their posts to read about people’s experiences with them.


Bernedoodles are fun-loving family pets and they are in high demand. They are also quite expensive, and California being an expensive state, means you may have to pay more for them.

Do not get your Bernedoodles from unethical breeders, they will sell unfavorable puppies to you.

Contact any of the Bernedoodle breeders in California listed here to get the process started.

We trust this article has been helpful.

Good luck!

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