50 Czech Dog Names and Their Meaning

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Have you ever visited the beautiful country called the Czech Republic? Or do you have Czech heritage? Have you adopted a fur baby that comes from a Czech dog breed? Whatever your interest may be in things Czech, then you’ve come to the right place!

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Czech Dog Breeds

There’s plenty to see and do in this beautiful country! But did you know there are also some dog breeds that originate in the Czech Republic? Here’s a quick look at some dogs that originate from the Czech lands:

Pražský krysařík (Prague Ratter): this is a small dog that’s filled with lots of love and spirit. They are especially smart, friendly, and alert dogs. They were originally bred to be rat catchers, but now they are family companions.

Český fousek (Bohemian Wire-haired Pointing Griffon, Rough-coated Bohemian Pointer): these dogs are prized for their hunting abilities and for being extremely loyal. This is an older dog breed that was first noted in books around the 14th century. They were named for the beard they have on their chins!

Český horský pes (Czech Mountain Dog): while these are not really popular dogs in the Czech Republic, they are wonderful mountain dogs and make great companions. One of the reason they’re not too popular is because these dogs grow to be very large, and most people live in small apartments or homes that just don’t have the room for these dogs. These dogs are very friendly and are also good with kids and other pets.

There are others, but you get a feel for the type of dogs in this country. They were mostly bred to be working dogs. However, the funny thing these days is that most dogs don’t work. In fact, they are considered beloved family members by many Czech families.

Many people here have dogs. They love their dogs so much that the dogs accompany their pet parents almost everywhere from restaurants and grocery stores and beyond!

OK—now let’s get started with some Czech dog names!

Czech Republic Female Dog Names

Here are some great Czech girl dog names—maybe one of these will be a great fit for your lady dog!

1). Božena: this is the name of a famous woman author, Božena Němcová. Many Czechs love her book Babička (Grandmother), which tells the story of a lovely, old-fashioned grandmother and her granddaughter. This is also a very popular woman’s name in Czechia.

2). Petra: this is the name of a famous Czech model & actress, Petra Němcová. This might be a great name for a lanky Irish Setter!

3). Eva: this is another popular Czech woman’s name, which comes from another Czech model & actress named Eva Herzigová.

4). Pavla: this is the feminine form of the name Paul in Czech. This could be a pretty, short name for a lady dog who is a medium-sized dog who enjoys hiking in the forest! Perhaps she can even help you fnid some eatable mushrooms there!

5). Ivana: this is a name that means “gift from God” or “gift from the heavens.” All dogs are a gift from above, so this would make a very pretty name for your lady dog!

6). Adéla: in English this is the name Adele, which means “good humor” or “of the nobility.” Does your girl dog have a noble bearing? Then this might be the best name for her!

7). Anděla: this name in Czech means “messenger,” much like an angel. In fact, the Czech word for angel is “anděl.” If your fur baby has the personality and spirit of an angel, then why not choose this name for her?

8). Barbora: this Czech name means “foreign.” While that might seem like a strange name to give a dog, it is a pretty name. Perhaps it would make a great name for a dog that originates from a foreign country, such as the Czech Republic!

9). Berta: this name has an equivalent in English, which is Bertha. This name means “bright.” If your fur baby has bright colored fur (such as red), then this might be an apt name for her!

10). Karolína: this name means “free woman”, “warrior,” or “army.” We’d like to go with “free woman” on this one! This could be a great name for a lady dog who has a mind of her own!

11). Kateřina: this is another name that has an equivalent in English, which is Catherine. This name means “pure” and could be a great choice for a purebred dog, or one who has a very pure, loving spirit.

12). Dana: this is another very popular lady’s name in the Czech Republic. This name may originate from the Celts, who once lived in the Czech Republic. This was the name of the Celtic fertility goddess.

13). Eliška: this is the Czech version of the name Elizabeth, which means “oath of God.” This could be a pretty name for a lady dog who is loyal and loving, but who also likes to have fun!

14). Jana: you’ll find many women in the Czech Republic with this name, which means “God is glorious.” This is a short, sweet name that may be a good fit for a small dog who is loving, but maybe a little mischievous.

15). Jitka: this name in English is Judith, which means “He will be praised,” or “woman of Judea.” This sounds like the perfect name for a small dog who likes to have some fun!

16). Markéta: this name means “pearl,” which could be a great name for a lady dog with light-colored fur, or one who is brown, such as a Chocolate Lab.

17). Marta: this name is English is “Martha,” which means “the lady.” If your dog is a real lady and very classy, this would be the perfect name for her!

18). Miroslava: this is a pretty Czech name that means “peace.” While it’s a bit long, you could shorten it to “miro” or even “slava.” These would be a cute version of this pretty name.

19). Monika: this name means “unique” or “advisor.” Is your canine companion a unique dog or does she have a unique personality? Does she seem to offer you advice or listen when you need someone to talk to?

20). Nela: this name means “horn,” which could be a cute name for a dog who has a cowlick of hair on her head or around her ears! Or if you just like the name, it’s pretty cute and unique!

21). Rút: this is the Czech version of the name Ruth, which means “companion, or friend.” If you have a very loyal girl dog, then you could choose this name for her!

22). Růžena: this name, in Czech, means “rose.” What a pretty name! If your dog has red hair, or you happen to love roses, this would be the perfect name for your dog!

23). Sabina: this Czech name means “woman,” which would be the perfect name for a lady dog!

24). Žofie: this is the Czech version of Sofia, which means “wisdom.” Do you have a wise, intelligent lady dog? Then you might choose this name for her!

25). Justýna: this is the Czech version of the name Justine, which means “fair or just.” In Czech, names have diminutives, which are shorter versions of the formal name. These are used between family members and close friends. This name can be shortened to “Justinka,” which is pretty cute!

Czech Boy Dog Names

Here are some Czech Republic male dog names and Prague dog names!

26). Václav: this is another common name you’ll hear often in the Czech Republic. It is the Czech form of the name Wenceslas, which means “more glory” or “wreath of glory.”

27). Mikoláš: this is the Czech version of the name Nicholas, which means “people’s victory.”

28). Miloš: this very Czech name means “gracious or dear.” If you truly love your fur baby and he’s very loving, then what better name could you choose?

29). Tomáš: this Czech name can mean “twin” or “leader.” So, if your fur baby is a twin or a leader, then this could be a great name for him!

30). Jan: this is another common name in the Czech Republic, which in English is John. This name means “Yahweh is gracious.”

31). Ivan: this name means “God is gracious” and is a very Slavic name. It’s also nice and short, easy to pronounce, which can make it a great name for any boy dog!

32). Karel: this Czech name means “free man,” and is the equivalent of the English name Carl. There was a famous Czech singer with this name, Karel Gott. If your dog has a tendency to howl, this could be just the right name for him!

33). Milan: this is a very common Czech name, which means “kind.” If your male dog is loving and kind, then what better name could you choose for him?

34). Emil: this Czech male name means “rival.” This is a nice short, easy name for any boy dog!

35). Lukáš: in English this name is Lucas, which means “from Lucania” or “bright.” If you have a very intelligent dog, then this could be a great name for him!

36). Matouš: this is the Czech form of the name Matthew, which means “Gift of God.”

39). Bohdan: this name means “proud ruler,” and would be a great name for a dog with a very regal bearing.

40). Ondřej: in Czech, this name is the same as the English name Andrew, which means “man, warrior.” We’ll go with the “man” meaning, which is perfect for a boy dog!

41). Ladislav: this name means “glorious ruler,” which could be perfect for a dog who believes he’s in charge. You can also use the Czech diminutive form of this name which is “Lad’a” (Lad-ya).

42). Jiří: this is the Czech version of the name George, which means “earth worker.” If you have a dog that just loves to dig, such as a Border Terrier, then this would be a great name for him!

43). Izák: is the Czech form of the name Isaac, which means “laughter.” Does your dog make you laugh and have a good time? Then this would be the perfect name for him!

44). Marek: this name means “warlike.” We hope your fur baby isn’t warlike; however, this is a really cute name. It’s short and easy to say, which makes the perfect name for a male dog!

45). Michal: this is the Czech version of Michael, which means “Who is like God?” This would be a cute name for any boy dog, and you could even shorten the name to “Mike.”

46). Petr: this is the Czech name for Peter, which means “rock” or “stone.” If your fur baby is the rock of your life, then this will make a great name for him!

47). Teodor: this name means “God-given,” and is another way to say your canine companion is a gift from heaven! Plus, you can shorten this name to “Teo,” which would be a cute and unique name!

48). Viktor: you can probably guess the meaning of this name! If not, this name means “victor” or “conqueror.” If your boy dog participates in competitions and wins, this would be a great name for him!

49). Honza: this name means “Jehovah’s gift” or “Jehovah’s grace.”

50). Bohumil: in Czech, this name means “beloved of God,” which could be a great name if you believe your fur baby is a gift from above!

The Czech Republic – The Heart of Europe

Just in case you’re not familiar with this name, the country used to be called Czechoslovakia. This was name of the country when the Czechs and Slovaks were combined into one country after WWII. The two countries separated peacefully in 1993, in what was called the “Velvet Divorce.” At that time, the Czechs chose to go with the name “Czech Republic.”

The Czech Republic is a small country that is most often thought of as being Eastern European. However, if you talk with a Czech, they will almost always correct you and say they are in Central Europe and they are not Eastern Europeans. They take this quite seriously! Even during occupation years, when the Russians were in control, they had a more “western” view than any of the other occupied countries.

Beyond politics, this is a beautiful country set in the heart of Europe. You’ll varied environments—from forests and mountains, to plains and marshes. It’s one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

The Czechs are known for making fine beers and wines, you’ll find many vineyards scattered across Sothern Bohemia. Each year, the Czechs have festivals when it’s time to gather in the grapes, and then when the wine is finished.

Another thing that Czechs love are mushrooms! Because this country gets a lot of rain in some areas, mushrooms sprout up. Czechs love to visit the forest when the mushrooms are out. Everyone goes out as a family and picks mushrooms, seeing who can find the biggest and best! It’s really a lot of fun!

The Czech lands are also famous for their many beautiful castles and chateaus. You’ll also find plenty of medieval architecture all over the country. If you visit the Old Town Square in Prague (Praha), the capital of the Czech Republic, you’ll be surrounded by authentic medieval buildings. These buildings are still used and lived in today!

Czechia, another name for this beautiful country, is also filled with legends and myths from ancient times. There are some places in the country, such as in the Sumava Forest (in Southwestern Bohemia), that fill with mist when it gets cooler. It’s a bit cloudy, too, making for a moody, mysterious atmosphere at those times. You just can’t help yourself but imagine some of the Czech mythical figures charging out of the forest on a large horse!

Czech Language

The Czech language is Slavic and has some words that are also found in Russian and other Slavic languages. However, the Czech language uses the same alphabet as the English but includes several other special letters and diacritical marks.

The language is beautiful when you hear it spoken—it sounds a bit musical. However, if you try to learn the language, it can be challenging. It’s a complicated language that’s very beautiful.
So, there you have it! We hope you’ve enjoyed this short visit to the beautiful country of the Czech Republic!  And we hope you’ve been able to find the perfect name for your dog here!

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